No, Sen. Graham, There Can Be No Compromise With An Illegitimate Presidency

They’re coming for you, folks. Don’t kid yourselves otherwise. – All talk by the Democrats of unifying the country that we saw during the campaign has now gone up in smoke, replaced very quickly by talk of taking lists of Trump supporters in order to punish them for their sins over the last four years. And – no surprise at all here – they are being ably assisted by the creeps in the #NeverTrump RINO crowd.

Keeping this kind of list of political enemies and using it to punish them is of course a favored tactic of all despots down through history, including Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro and Hugo Chavez. It is just another part of the Marxist/Nazi playbook that the Democrat Party is now adopting as its own.

And – no surprise here at all – the leader of the movement is of course Alexandria Ocasio Cortez:

Here’s supreme #NeverTrump nitwit Jennifer Rubin, one of the WaPo’s pet fake conservative writers, helping to lead the charge:

And here is the pathetic RINO Evan what’s-his-name desperately attempting to make himself relevant somehow, some way to someone:

“We should keep and publish a list” said every Marxist/Leninist/Nazi despot in world history.

That is your Democrat Party today. Do not doubt me on this, as Rush Limbaugh would say.

Also no surprise at all is that the Cheese-eating Surrender Monkey caucus in the U.S. Senate is already making noises about surrendering to a Biden/Harris stolen presidency. – Because of course they are, and guess who the leader of this move is?

That’s right: Lindsey Graham. Take a look:

No, Biden doesn’t “deserve” a cabinet. He doesn’t deserve a damn thing. He obviously, blatantly stole this election, and Republicans should not spend a moment of their time on a single day in the next four years treating him and his designated successor as if he/she is a legitimate president. He is a usurper, an enemy of the people and the state, and should be treated thusly. And when he steps down at some point a few months into his term and is replaced by Kamala Harris, she should be treated the very same way.

That is how the Democrats treated Donald Trump for four long years, and that and nothing more is what Biden/Harris deserve from the GOP. Rather than surrender and deliver them a cabinet of their choosing, the GOP Senate majority should vote down every damn nominee whose political views lie to the left of Winston Churchill, for the good of the country. The senate majority should vote down every policy proposal that comes their way, reject every nominee to the courts, reject every treaty sent for them to ratify.

The senate majority should, for the good and survival of this nation, forget about legislating and spend every moment of every waking day holding hearings investigating every move made by Biden/Harris, just as the Democrat House majority has spent its time over the past two years. No Republican worth having that designation next to his or her name should concede a shred of legitimacy to the atrocity the Democrat Party is seeking to perpetrate on our country.

The evidence is clear and overwhelming at this point that the Democrat Party has systematically stolen this election through massive fraud involving millions of mail-in ballots. The proof of outright fraud is everywhere, and no Republican should ever for a moment treat a Biden/Harris regime as being legitimate in any way, shape or form.

To his credit, Graham did say later that he is not conceding that Biden has “won” the election. But the very fact that he is even thinking about “reaching across the aisle” to compromise with a political party that is attempting to execute yet another coup d’etat on American soil is unacceptable, and those of us who love this country must make that crystal clear.

No compromise is acceptable, because compromise with usurpers is nothing but surrender.

If we are now in the list-keeping phase of American politics, let’s all keep lists of every Republican we see spending a second of time “reaching across the aisle” and compromising with an illegitimate junta, and vote them all out of office in 2022.

That is all.

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Liberty Writer

Npr. Mostly peaceful execution:
Communist shoots Trump supporter; 99 Communists cheer.


it’s not even official yet and graham can’t wait to work with the enemy. trump should start a new party and take all his supporters with him. the republican party would disappear. and screw graham


Agree completely Dave – see my comment on the Discussion Post – but if all the ballots stand we have effectively lost the election twice by reelecting the Grahams and Collins of the world.

The reality: the DNC will get every radical left-wing nut job in the cabinet they want if a president figurehead gets sworn in. McConnel at 78 years old and his boys might put on a show in order to save the brand and get the 2022 class of RINOs (Murkowski, Rubio, Toomey and others) reelected, but I see no real “loyal opposition”, do you? After all, Graham and a significant number of Republican senators did vote to confirm Soto-Mayor and Kagan, and many other Obama judges didn’t they? And the confirmation hearings were love-fests and a near mutual admiration society meeting, especially when compared to the hearings of the GOP nominees.


Recently I said the only way this election can be made right is if the Supreme Court were to order an entire election do-over. I believe that still to be the case and I don’t see that happening, but I could see an order for a total and open audit (and possible special election ordered) in the following Dem controlled cities and all the surrounding counties: Atlanta, Charlotte, Winston-Salem, and Raleigh-Durham, Richmond, NOVA and Tidewater, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Detroit, Madison and Milwaukee, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Phoenix and Tucson, and Las Vegas. For good measure we might as well ‘investigate’ and audit the cities and states where President Trump ‘won’ or ‘lost’ decisively such as Cleveland and Columbus, Chicago, Sr Louis and Kansas City, Memphis and Nashville, and every other Democratically controlled city of over 200,000 people to expose and prosecute this fraud once and for all.

If and when all the real and legitimate votes are counted and the results are changed in ALL races, get ready for the orchestrated and paid for riots to happen on cue. President Trump had better be ready to declare Marshal Law and put them down viciously and once and for all. Then he better get a real FBI Director and AG to investigate, charge and prosecute all the media for insurrection and aiding and abetting all the riots.

Many, many, MANY people need to assume room temperature and/or have their carbon footprint severely reduced forever through incarceration at GITMO or on an Aleutian Island.


Speaking of Wray’s FBI, isn’t it amazing how quickly a dozen or so agents can be deployed to investigate a garage door pull-down cord at a racetrack and a non-accident traffic incident, but, as far as I know, not one agent is investigating all of this alleged and actual and provable voter fraud all over America?

Yep, America in 2020 is simply amazing.

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