Discussion Post – 11.7.2020

One thing we can do to help the Trump camp in this fight for the nation’s survival is to keep pressuring Republicans in congress not to surrender. Here’s a great example of Lindsey Graham already making surrender noises:

No, he doesn’t. He doesn’t deserve a damn thing. He obviously, blatantly stole this election, and Republicans should not spend a moment of their time treating him as if he is a legitimate president. He is a usurper, an enemy of the people and the state, and should be treated thusly. And when he steps down at some point a few months into his term and is replaced by Kamala Harris, she should be treated the very same way.

That is how the Democrats treated Donald Trump for four long years, and that and nothing more is what Biden/Harris deserve from the GOP.

No surrender.

Discuss away.

That is all.

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Against the wind…

Wished I didn’t know now what I didn’t know then!

But, what I do know is a heck of a lot more people voted for our president than otherwise, and the truth is coming out. We need each of our supreme court justices administer justice and to live up to being called “your honor”.



Don’t give up the fight just yet… Thats what the enemy wants you to do. Now is the time to get back up, stand on the line and fight.


That is fantasy land stuff my friend. Each state prints its ballots. While I wish it were true, it’s just not possible. I think there would be a lot of reveals done by now if it were true. It’s headed for the SC. Gregg is pointing in the most likely direction we’re headed right now.

Just Me

And who controls those states exhibiting the incredulous numbers for Biden? And, it’s not who prints the ballots or who casts the ballots, it’s who counts the ballots.


You know, if we were/are going to lose this country via voter laziness, stupidity and outright voter fraud I wish that insufferable bastards like Lindsay, and “moderate” dingbats like Susan and all the other RINOs would have been beaten too.

Notice how they managed to “keep” their seats (rather comfortably) in supposedly ‘tight’ and ‘tough’ races. Yet Tillis, Perdue and Loeffler are in real risk of having their seats stolen.

You see America, Republicans CAN win elections after all; they just have to be a certain ‘kind’ of “Republican”.

Paging Barr, paging Bagpipe Barr, to report to your job STAT.

Warren Matha

For sure!

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