Time for Trump Supporters to Deal With Some Harsh Reality – **UPDATED**

I’m a big believer in dealing with things from a standpoint of reality, and this ongoing vote “counting” in which the President’s leads in several key states just continue to steadily disappear is no different. There are several items of reality we all must acknowledge and deal with.

So, let’s get started:

  • The first reality is that we all knew this was going to happen months ago, and so did everyone in the Republican Party. Yet, the GOP obviously had no plan whatsoever in place to deal with this reality as Election Day dawned, and frankly, neither did the Trump Campaign.
  • How is it possible that the Trump Camp appears to have been caught completely with its collective pants down as the election fraud machines in places like Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta and Phoenix inexorably create the number of votes needed to turn five states Trump legitimately won into five states that will illegitimately end up moving into the Biden column? The President himself has warned of this exact scenario taking place for most of this year, and yet apparently had no legal strategy in place to deal with it other than having Rudy Giuliani and Pam Bondi get with Eric Trump and Ric Grenell to hold a series of inflammatory press conferences. This is mind-bogglingly ineffective and destined to fail.
  • Oh, yeah, and the President has also been getting “help” from the increasingly pathetic figure, Steve Bannon, who yesterday advocated that Anthony Fauci and Christopher Wray should be be-headed as a means of intimidating deep state federal employees, and then couldn’t understand why he was banned from Twitter. Holy crap.
  • The reality here is that the President’s response to this has been ham-handed and inept. The truth is that the speech he gave yesterday at the White House sounded like something that had been patched together from a series of previous statements by Bondi and Giuliani. If that is the best he’s got at this point, then we might as well all toss in the towel and start trying to figure out how to protect ourselves from the Democrat/Marxist storm to come.
  • The Republican Party itself is worthless. Thus far we’ve seen a bunch of tweets from Ronna McDaniel and not much else.
  • Same with the Republicans in congress – a bunch of tweet monkeys who add nothing real to the situation. The one and only senator I’ve seen out there defending the President and calling out the massive vote fraud taking place is a single TV appearance last night by Lindsey Graham, who feels secure now that he’s been re-elected for another 6 years.
  • Where is John James, who has now seen his clear win in Michigan stolen from him? Nowhere to be found. Where is Thom Tillis, who is in danger of seeing the same thing happen to him? Where is David Perdue, who has had his clear victory in Georgia now turned into a runoff opportunity? Nowhere, nowhere, nowhere.
  • Where is Attorney General William Barr and the Department of Justice? Given the refusal of Democrats in PA to allow GOP observers to really do their jobs despite a legal court order, DOJ has every authority to intervene and even seize the entire process in order to protect the sanctity of the vote. Same in Michigan and Wisconsin, where enormous tranches of thousands of “votes” all in Biden’s name suddenly appeared in the dead of night to reverse clear Trump victories. But Barr has sat back and done literally nothing other than having Kerri Kupec issue pablum-filled press releases.

I’ll tell you where all these Republicans are: They’re all out there trying to figure out how to cut their own deals with the incoming barbarians at the gate, hoping against hope they can set themselves up for personal gain out of the situation. That’s where pretty much everyone in the DC GOP is right now.

Don Trump, Jr. wondered aloud on Twitter yesterday about where all the presidential candidates of the future for the GOP are in all of this? Where’s Nikki Haley, the establishment’s favorite? Nowhere. Where’s Marco Rubio? Tweeting, and nothing else. Where’s Ted Cruz? Also tweeting and maybe doing a podcast.

Ronna McDaniel and other top Republican honchos like Mitch McConnell have spent a great deal of time the past couple of days celebrating the GOP’s “victory” in holding onto its senate majority. But let’s talk about the new reality of that situation, shall we?

The loss of James’s clear win in Michigan takes that GOP majority down to just 52 senators. A loss of either Perdue or Kelly Loeffler in their runoff elections to come would take it to 51; the loss of both means the majority is gone and Kamala Harris gets to serve as the deciding vote until she is elevated to the presidency.

What makes anyone think that the Democrats’ voter fraud machine in Atlanta won’t steal those runoff elections just as it has stolen the presidency in the dead of the night?

But hey, let’s be optimistic and assume one of the two Republicans somehow wins their runoff. With a 51- seat majority, who really becomes the de facto Senate Majority Leader? Mitt Romney, that’s who. Or hey, he can even form up a tag team with Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski to take turns betraying America on crucial votes.

The Democrats want to pack the supreme court? Why, Susan Collins has problems with the language the Republicans have used in opposing it, and her conscience tells her she must vote in favor of doing it to ensure the ongoing abortions of 5 million babies every year. The Democrats want to turn Puerto Rico and Washington DC into states, thus ensuring a Democrat Senate majority for a generation or two? Why, Senator Romney has so much compassion for those Puerto Ricans, doesn’t he? Murkowski too, for that matter.

You can see where this is going, right? Right. The preservation of the legitimate wins by James and Perdue was an absolutely vital thing for the future of the GOP and the American Republic, and you did not see anyone in the establishment of the GOP lift a damn finger to do anything to stop the fraud.

This is in fact Donald Trump against the world, and the reality is that the world is almost certain to prevail.

The stark reality we all face this morning is that Georgia was flipped overnight and Pennsylvania is almost certain to flip today, and once these states flip, there is precious little chance they will be flipped back, especially when nobody in the GOP has anything resembling a real strategic plan to make that happen.

Damn them all for sitting back and doing nothing while this Republic burns. But hey, they are Republicans, so why would we have expected anything else? Silly us.

That is all.


Wonder of wonders, the RNC has actually taken some real, semi-aggressive action that was announced shortly after I published this piece:


It’s probably too little, too late, but we should at least give credit where credit is due.

Where are you, William Barr?



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Where is Bill Barr? Where he always is, in his study brushing up on his best Tom Bosley impersonation, that’s where.


Conservatives have got no elan. Full of blather, a stale joke. They’ve become experts at being pranked by the left who’ve proven successful at flying over, taking a dump on them. Please stand by.


They learned from the best of them… the National Review cuck RINOs of whom would sooner defecate into their Brooks Brothers suits than endure having a LibTard call them a racist, or any other kind of ist, ism, or phobe turd they might throw at them.


One of our core beliefs is that legitimate civil government REQUIRES the consent of those governed. When ballots fail, all that’s left is bullets. This could get REALLY ugly. The Dems, of course, could have stolen the election a bit more judiciously, but they wanted to be “in your face” as much as possible. They didn’t really try very hard to hide anything. “Ha ha! We stole the election! Whatcha gonna do about it??” And that, of course, is the question. What ARE we going to do about it? Because we’re on our own now. Trump and the Republicans are not going to be assets in the mess that’s coming. We thought we could trust them; apparently that was misplaced trust. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nv6GTQUE6nw – I don’t agree with all of this, but Trump’s flip-flopping on Hillary is epic.

Nice work, David. I’m sure that was painful for you to have to write.


it is my understanding that ballots can be tracked with blockchain. oh and watermarks. from a .gov website.

ziegler von strahn

You think the Republican party is on the side of Trump and his supporters?
No they arent. They never were. They want Trump to lose. Its why Ryan and so many repub’s retired going into 18. They wanted to lose control of the house to stop Trump.

They havent supported him or stood with him since he took the oath. Facts be known, many of them were in on the Russian Collusion plot to frame him and get him removed from office.

Their silence should be deafening to all Patriots and not surprising.

Just Me

Well, it don’t look good, Opey. Even if the GOP keeps its Senate majority and can blunt the excesses of the House certain to come and even if an unpacked SC can toss extreme actions by a Harris administration, the Executive can do grave damage by simply interpreting the law certain ways and implementing executive orders or simply not enforcing existing law, such as immigration. The wall can be dismantled and the border can become an open flood gate to swell the illegal population to set up an even bigger amnesty fait accompli in the future (or just have them vote illegally; however, with the unchecked ability to print ballots and fill them out en masse, who really needs illegals voting?) At some point it may come down to a physical civil war; particularly if they go for gun confiscation. We shall see. Then there’s the fate of the economy; much mischief to be had there.


I think the point Dave and others are making is the GOP at one point or another had a chance to really root out all this institutionalized and systemic (to use two of the left’s favorite words) voter fraud and did nothing to prosecute it or install real safeguards with the result that the typical Daily (Chicago) model machine politics not only survived but thrived for the last 100 plus years.

When Bush Jr won and had a GOP congress there was no reform
When NJ Gov Whitman won with an overwhelming GOP Legislature and she made five or six of the seven seats on the NJ State Supreme Court there was no reform.

Same to varying degrees in IL, GA, NC, NY, WI, and even in MD and MA and other traditionally Blue States.

Half of the GOP needs to be totally wiped out or purged of its RINO turds or this cycle will continue

I’ve said it before in 2016 and 2017, had Walking Eagle won, just like when ‘the One’ won, twice, I would politically shut down for awhile. Now that a btfsplk presidency is all but inevitable I will do the same. The fact that we didn’t get any effective leadership in the house with either Boner or R[INO]yan proved our caused was lost back then; we just didn’t realize it back then.

All president did was delay the inevitable “managed” decline of America by four years, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Thank you Mr. President!

A hundred years from now when history and if history is accurately recorded, Donald John Trump will go down as the greatest president in the history of the United States of America in a most difficult and turbulent time.

PS: My congressman, Scott DesJarlais, is talking about how close the house is going to be. BFD. You know Klink would be able to intimidate a couple of “Republicans” to vote her way just by saying she would flooding their district with campaign money.

Just Me

I get the shutting down politically. I would be irreconcilable if in this life only I had hope in Christ. However, His kingdom is not of this world and will never end. Best to be “12 waiting for and hastening the coming of the day of God, because of which the heavens will be set on fire and dissolved, and the heavenly bodies will melt as they burn! 13 But according to his promise we are waiting for new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells.” [2 Peter 3]

Peter H Ferris

I get the anger David, my wife and I have been through the wringer with this…I am not a fan of Graham’s but he did offer $500K towards Trumps fund…I am upset that his “supporters” are showing their true colors. Especially with Cruz, I expected more from him.


With all the warning and signs that this was going to happen, if Trump and the GOP had not already set up something to combat this fraud that we knew was going to take place then they deserve whatever happens. They should have set up their own vote manufacturing operations in all these cities to offset the democrat ones.

As usual in these things, it is the American people who will suffer. Even the ones celebrating this do not understand the pain that will eventually be happening.


What a crock of shit your article is David. Since when did Democrat corruption become the fault of the Republicans due to their lack of policing the count? Your take on it is terribly skewed and unfortunate from an American perspective. The issue is fraud that cannot be allowed to stand. Perhaps Greenwald is correct in his take on the American system of voting in his recent writings. If our system of voting is as dysfunctional as it apparently is, then we deserve to fail as a Nation. If any of the States elections are problematic, then the SCOTUS needs to remedy the issue in line with the way our Governmental system is designed to function. Void the election and vote again. If Biden carries the day due to fraud, we truly are an illusion of a free people. Justifying that fraud in any manner is unfortunate at best.


A couple of days ago Jimmy basically said Trump would be allowed to “play president” and the votes would be found for him if he did what was demanded of him by the DC ruling class. I don’t think Trump would ever make such a deal.

Besides, why would the left cut such a deal if they already had their puppet in place?

Others have speculated that Trump will not go away and will continue to be a force and perhaps acquire an alternative broadcast or social media platform to stay in the fight.

I disagree. Why would Trump bother? Maybe he might front Eric or Don Jr. in some such endeavor, but I see the following scenario as much more likely:

Trump is told to shut up and go away, never to be heard from again or his own life and that of his family and friends could be in legal and/or physical jeopardy. Shut up and go away or he will get an up close and personal ring-side seat of what an effective “wingman” attorney general can and will do.

America has had three strike to get itself restored to MAGA/KAG status.

BJ Clinton elected – strike one

‘The One’ elected – strike two

Trump beating Walking Eagle will amount (from a historical perspective) to a four year foul-ball spoiling the pitches for four years

The Left beating Trump by getting a called third strike without enough of his base swinging away is the final strike three for America as founded.

Trump’s presidency represented America in a tie game with two out in the top of the ninth and he was swinging a terminate infested bat. Now the Left will get the last at-bat with none out and a man on second against our worst relief pitcher.

Anyone want to speculate as to how the game ends?


I had a long discussion comment that I messed up and lost. It doesn’t matter as Dave basically laid out the laundry list of my concerns, particularly among Romney, Collins, and Murkowski.

I have always said the RNC Chair, Ronna Romney-McDaniel, Mutt’s niece, and was bullschiff.

The only real criticism I have to direct to President Trump is his picking two piss-poor AG’s.

The only way this is salvageable is if the Supreme court were to decide the WHOLE election was irreparably fraudulent and must have a nationwide do-over. That is highly unlikely as our “conservative” SC will just refuse to be an “activist court” (like with Obamacare) and let things ride. The only hope is they will call for a new election because they don’t want to see the court “packed”, but I really don’t think they will care, as just like with the vast majority of Republican politicians, as long as hey keep their seat, they are fine with whatever happens.

Bottom Line: Eventually the Left with their Dem political slavish political tools will step too far and foment a shooting CW. How sad!, as this could have all been avoided if just 10% of the 100 million people WHO DIDN’T VOTE had just gotten off their asses and voted for the president who was doing and has done so much for them.

Ken MIller

I tell you where the Pubbies are, getting their Tee times set up at the Army Navy Club, like always.

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