More Massive Fraud Uncovered in Michigan: Media Will Ignore This, Too

We mentioned this in yesterday’s update, but it just expanded immensely: The results in Michigan’s Antrum County were reported exactly the opposite of how they were actually cast, awarding Joe Biden a 3,000 vote margin that in fact went to President Trump in what is a very Republican county. This 6,000 vote swing was corrected after Republicans caught it, and everyone thought that would be the end of it.

Earlier today, the chairman of Michigan’s GOP appeared with Ronna McDaniel to convey in the information that the computer counting software that the Democrats blamed for the “glitch” was actually used by 47 different counties in the state, setting up yet another instance of potential massive voter fraud in the state:

Was it a “glitch” or a feature? Good question. Let’s find out. But also let’s all understand that the corrupt news media – including Fox News – will do everything in its power to ignore the progress of this story. Were it not for Ronna McDaniel’s presence, this would have never aired on Fox Business, either.

In other news:

–  As I predicted this morning, the Pennsylvania vote “count” moved over to Biden’s advantage mid-morning, and pressure is now on for media outlets to start calling the state – and thus the election – for Biden. But here’s the thing: All the mainstream networks are sitting back waiting for Fox News to be the first to do the President in, so to speak.

Symbolism, after all, is very important to these evil Democrats and their media toadies: What more delicious symbolism could they have than to force Fox News, the cable channel they [falsely] credit for “creating” Donald Trump to be the channel to give his presidency the death knell? And don’t feel any sympathy for Fox at all – they did this to themselves with their absurdly premature call of Arizona on Tuesday evening, still the only media outlet to have done so as the vote counting there continues on.

– Gateway Pundit is [probably falsely] reporting that the Justice Department is conducting an investigation in Nevada after the Trump campaign identified hundreds of instances of voter fraud in that state. While the Trump campaign has indeed uncovered tons of real evidence of voter fraud there, all that has actually happened is that the campaign used that evidence to send a criminal referral over to the DOJ. But there is zero evidence yet that DOJ is doing or ever will do a damn thing with it. So don’t get your hopes up.

– China Mitt has weighed in on the side of … wait for it … Joe Biden, of course. The RINO Senator from Beijing sent out the following statement this morning:

So, no surprise there at all. Move along.

Then there is this bit of subversive sophistry. – Some guy named Steve Pieczenik went on InfoWars this morning with these outrageously false claims about the Trump Administration somehow putting a “watermark” on every legal ballot in America so it could a huge sting operation on Democrat voter fraud efforts:

Folks, this is utter and complete nonsense. Ballots are printed and distributed by states, counties and cities in the United States, not by the federal government. There is simply no legal way whatsoever for the Department of Homeland Security to have put a watermark on all, or frankly any of them.

This is just a horrid example of a craven opportunist taking a chance to get some attention, and sadly, he got it thanks to Alex Jones and his operation.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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At at one time in my profession in the computer industry, I wrote software. A program does exactly as it is programmed over and over every time. It only does something different if one of the parameters or instructions are changed on purpose. A “glitch” doesn’t appear to just to change something only to go away later. And notice in nearly all cases, not only in this election but in previous elections as well, when a “glitch” appears it changes Republican votes to DemocRAT votes, not the other way around.

John Scott

Until we see other cases it is possible this is due to a bug that is data sensitive. It would be very poor form to default a choice in voting software, but I could see a junior coder setting a default, then a poor exception handler preventing the setting of votes to a non-default choice (Trump in this case) without crashing the software. I’m more apt to believe your explanation tbh.

That being said, the software company should never again be allowed to sell vote tabulation software. To allow any kind of bug to miscount a vote is unacceptable and should have been caught in the QA process. Or, if the company IS helping Biden win, that is obviously unacceptable.


If anyone has is a witness to voter fraud call your County officials and if its substantial write to and tell the local GOP office about it. MAGA2020

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