Friday News Roundup: America is a True Banana Republic

Divided government is good for the stock market. – That is the signal the markets have been sending all week, as they have rocketed up mainly on the assumption that the GOP had retained a significant, 53-seat majority in the U.S. Senate. The Dow Jones has gained almost 1500 points this week, and happy days were here again.

But this morning, some new reality is setting in, and the markets are responding to it. Michigan Republican John James saw his clear legitimate victory overturned by the Democrats’ Detroit voter fraud machine on Wednesday, and suddenly that GOP majority was looking more precarious at just 52 seats. Then, Georgia’s David Perdue saw his clear win there turned into a runoff opportunity by the Democrats’ Atlanta voter fraud machine, and suddenly that GOP majority had become potentially no majority at all, given that Kelly Loeffler also faces a runoff election in Georgia.

It is no wonder, then, that the Dow this morning is stumbling, with futures showing a down opening of over 200 points.

The stock market loves a divided federal balance of power, because that mitigates against the kind of radical change the Democrats wish to enact. Now that that division stands in serious jeopardy, we can expect the markets to founder.

Just a reminder… – But hey, it’s not as if Joe Biden didn’t tell us outright what was going to happen:

“We have put together the most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD organization in the history of American politics.”

To use Biden’s own language: Well, son of a bitch, he sure did.

America is officially a banana republic. – I joked about this a lot during the Obama years, given Obama’s very real fealty to and similarity with Central/South American socialist thugs like Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro.

We need to all understand that what is happening in Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Atlanta and Detroit, with Democrat officials refusing to allow GOP election observers access to the vote-counting process really, truly does take our country into true third-world banana republic status. America sends election observers into third-world countries all the time to help try to ensure a true democratic process takes place, and anywhere their access is denied, that country’s government becomes subject to U.S. sanctions and condemnation in world forums like the United Nations.

But here we are in by-God America, dealing with multiple situations in which Democrat thugs refuse to allow bipartisan election observers. That is tragically un-American, a despicable ant-democratic act that demands intervention from the federal Department of Justice and state law enforcement.

And yet, no one at either level of law enforcement lifts a finger to enforce and defend the most fundamental foundational building block of the American Republic. This is the kind of stuff that has turned Venezuela into a literal hell on earth, the kind of brutishness that rendered Cuba a prison state for the last 60 years, the kind of lawlessness that makes traveling into the once-beautiful country of Mexico a life-risking endeavor now.

If this outright theft of the U.S. presidency is allowed to stand without the DOJ or anyone else in law enforcement lifting a finger to do their jobs, then America will have no legitimate argument against the claim that it is now officially just another banana republic. That is a tragedy that is in fact bipartisan in its cause and nature.

Still don’t believe the fraud is real? – Here you go:

How about this:

Or this:

Do you understand the reason why these vote “counting” efforts in these Democrat voter fraud cities like Atlanta, Philly, Milwaukee, Detroit, Las Vegas and Phoenix had to be extended for days? The reason is simple: It takes a lot of time to fill out these ballots and then process them, and the “counters” had to first know how many fraudulent ballots they needed to create before starting the ballot-creating process. That is why we witnessed the two-hour pause in counting across PA, MI, and WI at about 2:00 a.m. Wednesday morning – they were jointly assessing the number of manufactured ballots they would need to steal the election.

Think about it: Florida managed to count more than 12 million ballots overnight Tuesday and report final results. Texas managed to do the same with even more ballots than that. Most other states – run by Republicans and Democrats alike – managed to do the same.

The one and only reason why these fraud states/cities are different is the massive fraud operation itself. If Illinois had been remotely close, we would have seen the same pause taking place there. Even though everyone knows at this point that there is nothing legitimate about what they are doing, they still must create the paper trail to prop up the pretense of legitimacy, and that takes a lot of time. And the one and only hope for reversing this massive fraud is for the courts to order a full forensic examination of each and every ballot, including the matching of signatures to voter registration documents and ensuring the alleged voter was in fact among the living when his or her “vote” was cast.

Getting that done is going to require William Barr and the DOJ to aggressively intervene in the process in order to create the body of evidence necessary to convince the courts. Thus far, Barr has been utterly and completely worthless, at least publicly. We can hope that he may be making preparations behind the scenes, but his record is not encouraging in that regard.

America is a true banana republic, and much of the blame for that must fall at Barr’s feet. But at the end of the day, it’s really the result of the national Democrat Party achieving its main goal of the last half-century.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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marty lopez

Well it was always one crooked show, but this is really too ridiculous even for sit com TV. I did read today that the election officals from all the contested states were pronounced to be guilty and “Dead men (and women) walking” having been found guilty by the people’s death tribunal. Summary executions were ordered in perpitutity. Any and all Dem officials and RINO collaborators as well. It should be one hell of a shoot up, what?


It’s even worse: We got no bananas. And where are all those keyboard warriors who vowed they’d be leading the rebellion? Conservatives are experts at being pranked by leftards who view them as a stale joke.

DD More

“Bring our your Dead” or at least their ballots. Ya, 110 & 120 year old voting, but good to know Heaven has a much better mail system than down here.

120 year old Terry Mathis (born 1900) apparently voted via absentee ballot in Wayne County, Michigan as well.

It gets crazier. It says this person APPLIED for an absentee ballot on 11/2/20, the ballot was then SENT out AND RETURNED in the same day (11/2/20).

All set up, per the Barry Co Sheriff Dar Leaf – “The Secretary of the State has jumped over our Constitutionally elected County Clerks and sent out around 7.4 million ballot applications. The population of Michigan is fewer than 10 million. You can’t tell me that there are only 2.5 million people in Michigan less than 18 years old. This creates a problem with Sheriff’s Offices across the state because we are tasked with investigating voter fraud,”

Inquiring Minds following along.


At least 100,000,000 didn’t vote – to me, that is the legacy of this race. Worthless bastards all.

And not one G-D Republican when they were in power anywhere made any effort to reign in all of this festering, well known and historic voter fraud. The pox is on them and they are the ones who sold us down the river.

Who runs the GOP/RNC today? Mutt McRomney’s niece! And that schiff-head, the former “Republican” lieutenant governor of Maryland, who played the part of a GOP show-window blank and was an RNC chairman is now telling Trump to do the right thing and pack it in. Tell me Michael, which DNC counterpart EVER told Algore or John Fing (Lurch) Kerry, or Walking Eagle to gracefully concede, STFU and go away you AH!!!

When was the last decent GOP/RNC chairman? I can’t remember one – EVER!!!

In case you can’t tell. I am pissed beyond words.

If the situation was reversed and Trump’s ‘handlers’ were running him as a conservative, but senile and doddering old man against a leftist wacko, I would have had a real hard time voting for him. Apparently not one btfsplk “voter” has any problem with voting for that demented corrupt gaffe machine asshole.


God will have the final say, not man.

marty lopez

God!!!!! that jerk off can’ teven run a fuc**** election. We don’t want no stinking God. He ain’t worht schit.


The communists are now in control of our government. Biden is in China’s pocket. I am afraid we have lost this once great country as the voting will never be fair from here on out. I don’t know what can be done about it as the FBI, CIA and the Supreme Court are one and the same it seems, And alas….we conservatives will have to sit and watch this mess as just the Left are the only ones that seem to ever jump and down and yell Racist/Conspiracy Theorist!

marty lopez

Don’t be afraid. No process: no fair election no fair election & no legit authority. No legit authority; no law and that leaves a lot of room for everyone to manuever. We are all free agents with no higher loyalties, or obligations. They changed the rules and now there are none.


As we’re all sitting here watching the election go to pot, I can’t really add anything more that Dave or the regular posters haven’t mentioned.

I watched The hunger game series again with my kids, and aside from the silly battle royal contest, the backdrop in which it’s set isn’t that far off. 1984, Atlas Shrugged, pick your poison.

Aside from:

The Dems are crooked

The left doesn’t care that the Dems are corrupt

The media sucks

Trump wasn’t prepared

Republicans are spineless

Etc, Etc.

There is another phenomenon we can discuss. Conservatives generally like to be left alone. They like to go about their business unimpeded, working, raising families and enjoying life as they see fit. Liberals on the other hand, love to congregate, they love to get involved with people and the goings-on in daily life. Social issues are important . They have this drive to “improve” and make “progress”. And because of this difference, they run all of our cities, townships, and some state governments. They control much of our law enforcement. They dominate all of our schools and own what gets taught to our children.

So now, we have basically every urban center dominated by leftist thinking and principles. And we (conservatives) let it happen because we don’t like to be involved. On my ballot, there were 3 positions for my township with dems running unopposed. Of course they are going to have the power when we let them take it. I’m guilty of this….I’ve never considered running for any office, but now it makes me think.

Ultimately this is our fault. And so now what is our recourse? The courts? Every election hereafter will be like this one, because we don’t get involved. At this point, it might be too late to make a difference. If the court system somehow shows Trump as the winner, the left is going to go berserk. CW2.

Robosaurus Rex

DB, the hope that Barr was a respectable man has past. Please don’t give any “behind the scenes” credit to him. It’s not there. There shouldn’t be a shred of hope given to these malefactors. Weve been hoping for Barr justice since early 2019. Not happening. Trump hired the swamp and got the swamp.


Sonny Perdue is the head of the dept of agriculture, his cousin David Perdue is the senator for the state of Georgia.

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