Discussion Post – 11.4.2020

As dawn breaks this morning over still-red Texas, the national picture is a hung jury, with things looking very tenuous for President Donald Trump. Not much more to say than that right now.

Discuss away.


That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Just Me

As stated in the Westminster Confession, chapter 3, regarding God’s eternal decree:

“1. God from all eternity did, by the most wise and holy counsel of his own will, freely and unchangeably ordain whatsoever comes to pass;(a) yet so as thereby neither is God the author of sin,(b) nor is violence offered to the will of the creatures, nor is the liberty or contingency of second causes taken away, but rather established.(c)

a. Rom 9:15, 18; 11:33; Eph 1:11; Heb 6:17. • b. James 1:13, 17; 1 John 1:5. • c. Prov 16:33; Mat 17:12; John 19:11; Acts 2:23; 4:27-28.

As a nation, we have thumbed our collective noses at God for decades; ergo, this may be the time, having sown to the wind, that we shall reap the whirl wind. Whether in time or eternity, the believer receives mercy; the unbeliever receives justice…no one receives injustice from the hand of the Almighty. Pray for His mercy.

Jimmy MacAfee

I had a vision before the 2012 election:

Washington DC was completely destroyed, under black, stinking water; not a cockroach nor rat nor worm survived, and carrion birds refused to land there.

I thought that this was going to take place after Obeelzebub’s re-election, but was informed otherwise. I don’t know if this is the day, but we are leading up to it. Consider: these fools will strip our national defenses, re-engage us in more wars, and eventually a wave of death will engulf the entire DC region, probably from the Russian weapons they’ve developed and are planning to use on our coastlines.

DC has become a haven for the most foul and unclean, arrogant, lying, deceitful, ungodly, immoral murderers of the most helpless, and when that day occurs – it may be soon, it may be decades away – there will be no time for repentance.

Call me Jonah, because I am not opposed to seeing this happen. G0D, in His ever-present mercy, may give them a reprieve. Unlike Jonah, I don’t WANT to see this happen: I’m just not opposed to it.


wowsers… site just refusing to post… this is a test. Tried 5 times already


Initial Postmortem on the 2016 Election as of 0600 Nov. 4, 2020:

330 million US citizens X .8 to determine the voting age people = 264 million eligible voters. According to FOX 135.34 million voted for Trump and btfsplk for a total of 98.4% of the tallied vote. That means less than 140 million voted for president for a participation rate of 53%. That is pathetic and disgraceful!

So much for the “Outrage Election”.

The senate appears to be a 51 or 52 GOP which keeps it red barely (especially with RINO Collins ME surviving, but that is as good as we can expect form the Maniacs) depending on the BS that is going on in the Detroit area.

The house appears to be a wash with MaligNancy Klink staying in charge of her collection of turds.

It appears a huge percentage of assholes who live in ME, NH, VT, MA, CT, RI, NY*, NJ*, MD, DE, VA, IL*, MN*, MI*, WI*, WA*, OR*, CA*, and HI really enjoy making being ridiculously stupid an artform. The asterisk (*) denotes the states that really enjoy getting their cities trashed and/or being run by dictators and taxed into oblivion.

The country cannot and will not survive under these circumstances. The fact that fully 40% (depending upon how many legitimate votes were actually cast and are yet to be ‘counted’) would vote for a demented, senile, old, corrupt, fool who spent over 60 percent of his life in elective office and accomplished nothing good of any note shows that we as a nation do not deserve to survive as a free nation. Especially since he was running against an amazingly effective and accomplished incumbent; so much for the “advantage of incumbency”, so much for working hard and so much for a politician winning by keeping all his promises. President Donald John Trump was not a bored tired Bush Sr. running against a charismatic B.J. Clinton and the upstart Independent H. Ross Perot. He was not Ford running against the grinning supposedly the anti-establishment Carter; he was not an old Dole running against a popular Clinton or ‘the One’ running against McLame or the designated loser Mutt McRomney.

Sad, oh so incredibly sad.

The “conservative democrats”, the “Reagan democrats”, the “Trump democrats”, the “Independents”, and everyone else who supposedly desires and wants national and personal success, the rule of law obeyed and enforced, “normal American values” brought back into the mainstream have had chance after chance since 1964 to change the course of the national decline and they have shit the bed almost every time when they have had a PAINLESS OPPORTUNITY to change America for the good; to get the country on the “right track”.

Bottom line: The vast majority – the 40% percent who can’t be bothered to vote and the other 30% who always vote communist – of Americans don’t want to fix what ails the country, or don’t want to fight for a prosperous capitalistic free country, especially when it is painless to do so. It is really amazing we are doing as well as a country given that fully two thirds of the country either doesn’t give a shit or is anti-America at its core. It is a real testament to the brilliance of our founding fathers and of their constitution, but given enough time and enough evil intent, anything can be intercoursed up.

My prediction: Within a generation, (20 years) America will dissolve into the Red States and the Blue States which would set it up to be very vulnerable to outside threats and be defeated in detail by one or more Asian powers.

I changed the way I watched the results last night as I could not stand to hear Juan Williams, Donna Brazile and the “genius” expert slob Carl Rove pontificate/bloviate all night. I listened to the hosts of a TN talk radio station until midnight and clicked back and forth on the FOX graphics of the individual states for the various races. FOX SUCKS!!! Plain and simple. A couple of examples:

1. FOX, for the last two federal elections, could not wait to announce the house becoming and now remaining under Democratic control – they were almost orgasmic and announced it when most of the country was, and apparently is, still voting.
2. In Virginia, like in 2016, Trump had a seemingly comfortable lead with a high percentage of precincts reporting and yet it was called so early as to alter possible votes in other time zones. Worse, their graphics are flat out wrong. How can all the Dem areas of the DC area (NOVA), Tidewater, and Richmond show over 90% reporting with generally not overwhelming Biden support and plenty of Red counties still having outstanding votes with both Trump and Senator Warner’s challenger having a 3-4% lead, and then poof, like FM, it flips to btfsplk/Warner.
3. In Ohio, Cuyahoga County (Cleveland) showed over 200,000 votes cast and percentages shown and yet shows “0%” reporting – that is just sloppy.
4. In Pennsylvania, according to their stated % reporting in the Philadelphia area and the Pittsburgh Dem strongholds there are just not enough remaining votes to overcome Trump’s huge lead.
5. And of course, the early calling of VA, and AZ, and long delayed calling of FL, OH, and TX and they still refuse to call NC or GA for the President is designed to buoy btfsplk and suppress/depress votes for President Trump.
6. And their probability needles are just plain bogus and make no sense unless the fix is known in advance and it is baked into the results.

This was the eleventh (since 1980) election night I have watched or closely followed, and each night’s coverage gets worse than the last, which largely mirrors, with few exceptions, the trend of national politics since Reagan’s Revolution. I probably should have checked out CSPAN instead.

In closing, I will continue read Dave’s blog and listen to my talk radio shows when I can, but I am not going wrap myself around the axle like I did for five or so weeks in the Florida recount twenty years ago. It just isn’t worth the angst. I recommend we all do the same. Obviously I hope President Trump prevails, but it is out of our hands at this time and we really all need to get back to some semblance of a normal life.

PS: Two other things:
Really surprised there were no riots last night which proves there is a powerful organization running the rioters, and I look for CV-19 to quietly go away as they have milked it for all it is worth – especially if the Dems successfully steal this election.


The halt in the counting means “time to ‘find’ some more dem votes”.
This travesty unfolding before our eyes is the countdown to the destruction of the country.
The deep state has survived aided by big tech et al.
It’s not over yet but is sure looking dark.

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