Mid-Day Update: The Red Wave is Rolling and Dems are Panicking

Some quick updates on what is happening out there in the key states…

Check out this early voting data from Maricopa County, Arizona:


This is happening in Florida:

The President is on a pace to win Florida by about 6-8% of the vote, possibly more. In the early vote count today, only 4 Florida counties are showing Democrat majority votes. Stunning.

All this news and the flood tide of turnout in Republican areas of PA today has the Biden campaign now putting out wishful thinking messages like this one:

FACT CHECK: No, the Biden campaign has NO WAY to get to 270 without PA and FL. NONE.

With panic now setting in among Democrats, their corrupt toadies in the news media are resorting to this kind of disinformation:

FACT CHECK: The U.S. Constitution provides no role whatsoever for the news media in determining the winner of any election. NONE. ZERO. ZIP. NADA.

The day could not be off to a better start folks. Keep it going – vote, vote, vote.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.




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My favorite journfailsit memory of all time was when David Brinkley, after reading reading returns of more Republican victories in 2000, flung the very papers he had just read over his shoulder in disgust. I would relish a second helping of that tasty moment tonight!


Could not agree more. Dems won’t have it since it will destroy them


So, everyone on the Left is demanding btfsplk never concede under any circumstances. And, as soon as an election call is made for btfsplk, if the call is made tonight for him when he reportedly gets to 270 Electoral College Votes, he is to begin setting up/activating his presidential transition team.

My guess is btfsplk gets confused and when they call his state of Delaware for him and he jumps for joy and announces he has won the presidency of Delaware.

It would be fun to see a moment like that.


I concur. After the dust settles, they should all be charged with sedition and insurrection.Also as accessories to murder, arson and looting. They’ve not lived up to their obligation as a free press for over 80 years. Imprison them, seize their assets and use said assets as restitution to all who lost property and businesses during the arson and looting.


Time to burn the TV stations and media outlets. Take down the antennas and transmitter and satellite dishes. They have declared themselves a ministry of propaganda for the socialist democrats and need to take serious damage to get their attention. From custodian to CEO, it is an enemy insurgent army within the USA.


MSM needs a serious, full-scale, hot-acid enema after the last 4 years.


We need some sort of national voter ID election laws.


Could not agree more. Dems won’t have it since it will destroy them.


Jezebel spirit is heavy on the damn Democrats. These backstabbing anti-America POS need to be removed from the country and sent t Gitmo for a little re-education on how to live and behave in a civilized white society.


Why not just given them all one way tickets to the communist utopian country of their dreams>>> Like North Korea, China, Venezuela, Zimbabwe… Certainly be cheaper.

After all if they are that unhappy with their freedoms they should be happy to leave…


The Dems will keep trying to cheat–as usual–but the Trump landslide will be so great the Dems won’t be able to cheat enough to turn the Red Tide.


PA will be interesting. Right now, the demoncrats are posting campaign signs outside polling places showing the dem ticket and telling folks to vote demoncrat. They’re refusing to let GOP ballot observers in and restricting their access where they do. Predominately GOP districts polling places not opening at 7 am so voters leaving to go to work. Stalin would be proud of the demoncrats.

I am more and more of the opinion that Election day should be a paid national holiday. That would truly destroy the demoncrat dream.

Jimmy MacAfee

I don’t see the pain in the faces of the Dims like 2016 – though it’s early. The excitement of 2016 for the Dims that turned to tears is not there, and most people don’t really expect Cheatin’ Joe to win. Still, no one is as heavily invested in Cheatin’Joe as those who are actually invested in China and want to see us fail And the ideologues and people who wanted to see the first “woman” President don’t actually like Kamel. To be less likeable than Hillary Rotten is quite the condemnation!

I’m hoping that this is the death knell of the hope of the Leftist Dims. Those who can’t live with the results will end up in prison or worse; I pray, instead, repentance upon them, a self-re-evaluation that results in Salvation and a knowledge of Jesus Christ. It can happen. Thomas Sowell was, in his early years, a Communist – and look what he is today!

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