Discussion Post – 11.3.2020

Joe Biden brought Lady Gaga to campaign for him in Pennsylvania on Monday in a last gasp attempt to hold that key state.

The problem: Lady Gaga – whose tired act jumped the shark about 8 years ago – is a huge anti-fracking activist.

Maybe that helps to explain why Trafalgar’s final poll for the Keystone State looks like this:

No photo description available.

We are fixin’ to have a very fun night, folks.

Discuss away.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Case in point about the communists that have infiltrated the ‘education’ system. SUPER happy Trump initiated the 1776 EO… Time to kick the god of this world communists to the curb.



Stock Market is up bigly as of 0900 CST – Anticipating a big Trump win perhaps?

I can’t image such a rally for a btfsplk win.


Stocks maybe up but metals are still pretty flat as has been for the last couple months. I expect to start seeing the metal market sink as money moves from metals, safe havens, back into the stocks markets. Time will tell…

Jimmy MacAfee

A QuidPro (cheating) win would feature a rally about the size of his usual rallies.


I really do miss Phineas’ take on what is going on. I’m sorry he disengaged and I hope he is ok.


#me too

Jimmy MacAfee



Trump WINS = we WIN = America WINS!!!

Joe Rumpelstiltskin wins = we lose = America loses and fails as a nation – it is as simple as that.

I just don’t understand how anyone who has a brain that has not been washed, rinsed of all sense, and dyed with self-loathing hatred can vote for this pathetic (D) ticket.

To all the people who “Hate” Trump, I have one question: What has President Trump done to any American to cause all this vitriol against him and his supporters? Has DeNiro or any other Hollywood radical wacko suffered under the Trump presidency? The only people hurt by the Trump Presidency are the Pedos and Drug-traffickers of which there must obviously be many in Hollywood.

What sports league has been shut down by Trump?

What Swamp Critter has suffered under the Trump/Sessons/Barr/Comey/Wray team?

What media (MSM (D) or social media platform) has been censored under Trump?

What individual or group has been victimized under Trump?

Who (or how many) has/have lost their healthcare or ‘preexisting’ coverage under Trump?

What Obama/Biden policy has Trump made worse?

What Biden/Obama policy has Trump made better?

Do we like <$2.00 a gallon gas?

Do we like our Troops coming home?

Do we like that there are no new wars?

Do we like that there are real peace deals happening in the Middle East?

Do we like that Trump’s trade deals have made us competitive on the word stage?

Do we like that we all have benefitted economically from Trump’s tax cut and the resultant economic growth?

Do we like that Trump has achieved Criminal Justice Reform and stabilized funding for Historically Black Colleges and other long neglected entities that have been promised support but never received it in any real way?

Do we like that Trump has largely stopped the flood of massive illegal immigration which was a huge campaign issue in 2016 but far under this year’s radar? Another heretofore unsolvable problem resolved.

Do we like all the de-regulation that Trump did that allows for massive economic growth across the board?

Do we like the huge net gains in the stock market and the resultant gains in millions of individual retirement accounts?

Do we like the fact that our military is rebuilt so that few countries want to agitate for proxy wars against America and our interests?

Do we like our long-neglected veterans finally being properly cared for?

Do we like the right to try legislation so that heretofore terminally ill patients have a chance of survival and perhaps a reasonable quality of life?

Do we like healthcare reforms such as mandating medical care pricing disclosure and the elimination of the Obamacare TAX?

Do we want to return to the economic stagnation of the first sixteen years of the Bush/Obama years?

Do we want to reelect a leader who actually kept every campaign promise that he could unlike every other politician we have elected who has abandoned his platform and pushed many policies that have been detrimental of America and its freedoms?

Do we want to let a Democratic President and congress appoint radical judges or “pack the courts” so that the judicial branch runs the country as a super-legislature that is unelected and unaccountable to the electorate?

Do we want to keep President Trump who first became rich over the years prior to entering politics and then became president seeking no personal gain, or do we want to elect a new president and other politicians who earned no wealth prior to entering politics, but became millionaires AFTER they became representatives, senators, governors and vice president on salaries of less than $200,000.00 per year?

Do we want to keep a president who unabashedly supports the police and the rule of law, or do we want to empower an anti-police, anti-law and order, anarchy supporting party?

Do we want a positive president who believes America’s best days are yet to come and we together have the ability to overcame any and all adversity, or do we want to return power to a group of politicians who see only dark winters and a Dystopian Future for most of America?

Do we want to allow the Left to steal this election and install an absolutely corrupt and incompetent 47 year Swamp Dweller with virtually no record of positive accomplishment so that the Left and the media can anoint a woman who left the Democratic Primary due to massive unpopularity before a single vote was cast?

If you want to end all the positive accomplishments of the Trump Administration, then Joe B is your man, and you should vote for him against Trump’s prosperity and vision for America.

If you want to end all the positive accomplishments of the Trump Administration, then stay home, sit on your butt and not vote and allow the Democrats to win by default and end all the prosperity that Trump has brought to America in less than three short years. The house was lost because entirely too many pro-Trump and pro-America people stayed home and sat on their butts and allow MaligNancy Klink to become speaker again which greatly hindered President Trump’s agenda.

This cannot be allowed to happen again!

Finally, just for the sake of basic fairness if nothing else, the Left and the Democratic Politicians cannot be allowed to prevail because of all the nefarious garbage they have and are pulling for the last several generations. Such behavior cannot be rewarded. This is truly the tipping point election of our lifetime and, as all the Leftist propaganda says: “Vote as if your life depends on it”, we need to heed their admonition because our livelihoods, or future and America’s future depends upon the outcome of this election.

Jimmy MacAfee

This is a tipping point, for sure. Tipped the wrong way, many small businesses (like mine) will close forever: I won’t work for Socialists. I made arrangements in 2016 that are still in place, should the need arise. I hope to work for another 10 years…but I don’t have to. And if the worst happens, I won’t.

If the worst happens – if our President loses – then we’ll have to deal with the likelihood of WWIII and the physical end of America. We’re always, even under good circumstances, faced with that threat – as nukes are even more widespread, now in the hands of the PLA. The scenarios are there – I’ve seen them. Most people cannot imagine, but a lot more are awake to the reality of the dismal future a Demons-rats administration would bring.

Voting as if our life depends upon it is not just a catchy phrase: it is a dead-cold, sobering reality. Our lives DO depend upon it:

-Opioid addiction and death follow despair, the kind of despair that Kamelface and QuidPro offer: they offer bounties to the children of the well-attended, the silver-spoon class, while they steal our jobs and give them to those who hate us. Death and destruction is all the Demons-rats offer.

Voting for Trump is voting for Hope.

Just Me

A Biden win will lead to a Harris administration eventually if not almost immediately. Then the wailing and gnashing of teeth will ensue once the economy tanks, should the green new steal and other dystopian pipe dreams come to fruition.


IMO, voting for Trump is more of a nation wanting to turn away from the godless communists. IMO, I think the nation has been practicing 2 Chron 7:14 and is seeking a healing of the nation. IMO, voting for Trump, just a man whom God is using to bring healing, is what a God honoring, God fearing, freedom loving, family oriented, a nation where self determination is your right and where people of every creed can stand equally together.

IMO, a vote for this man Trump, whom God has placed at a juncture of choice in the US of A, is to choose between whom you will serve. Continue serving the demoncrap communists who embrace death by killing their children, destroy the family, destroy individual identity, destroy faith, destroy property, history and peoples businesses. Choose the godless communists and see judgement come down onto the nation as has every nation in the past that kills their children.

Or, choose change that leads back to God honoring and the nations healing. Christ is the Creator, the one that restores, builds, places a high value on human life by willing that none should perish. The Creator that seeks and cares for people from the greatest to the least and sees them as all equal. Christ the righteous Judge will delay judgement on the USA just as he did Nineveh of old.

To those that don’t know where the real battle is.

Its a war… choose wisely whom you will serve.


Well said Brian!

May the Blessings of Jesus Christ keep PDJT, his family, & his cabinet safe & victorious thru this process.

In Jesus’s Name we pray,


Jimmy MacAfee

Amen, Brian.

Jimmy MacAfee

GagGag looks like she’s properly Socialist-Distanced from Gropey. Wonder if she’s worried about being sniffed? (Personally, I wouldn’t let him sniff my hound dog’s behind.)

Stuartswede's not tired of winning yet

Twenty sixteen should have been the “vote heard round the world.” Instead, the political establishment played deaf and assumed we were dumb. This time, Americans have resolved to make the 2020 re-election of President Trump so ear-splitting that both John Brennan and Jim Comey can hear it loud and clear from their hideout in Joe Biden’s basement.

This is really good, rally round the flag boys!


Jimmy MacAfee

Stood in line for about an hour and a half to vote, but the line never got shorter, and my wife voted early and had waited 2 hours. I’m guessing this election will have 85-95% registered voters voting (120% in Demonratic strangleholds.)

People looked determined, whichever way they voted.

Stuartswede's not tired of winning yet

Where do you live Jimmy?

Jimmy MacAfee


Here’s Lady (is a Tramp) Gag Gag pretending to be a…what? Can’t even open a beer without looking like a dope – (like Lizzie “Borden” Warren.)


Just Me

I also am in VA. Early voting was brisk, but no long lines, the third week when we voted. Stopped by the elementary school around 9 am to pick up something; polling place there had no line outside…likely due to early voting.


Jimmy – think VA is in play? There’s a link on CFP that alleges just that.

Already did my duty to keep FL in the red column ;<)

Jimmy MacAfee

Think it is – Keep Florida Great!

Jimmy MacAfee

Lady GagGag – the self-proclaimed “christian” (must be the CCP type, with the doctored bible and the praises for all things to the Party.)

She’s certain to turn out the Wiccan vote, and the vote of those who like bad music.

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