Discussion Post – 11.2.2020

President Donald Trump (I will never tire of typing those three glorious words) held five rallies on Sunday, criss-crossing the country from North Carolina to Iowa to Miami, Florida.

Here was the scene at his event in Rome, Georgia, where 30,000 turned out to see him.

Total population of Rome, Georgia: 36,303 at last count.

But you’re supposed to believe he’s losing to the guy who has to hold his rallies in secret because he keeps getting overwhelmed by Trump supporters.

Yeah, no.

Discuss away.


That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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And this is where we are today.


Let’s pray for President and his re-election.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’ve thought about that dystopian short story for a very long time – it gets more real every day.

It’s prophetic, no doubt, even though Vonnegut was a prophet in the lines of Balaam (with the donkey) who was forced to deliver a message.

The piece you linked is very good. I’d add to this that BLM is full of simpletons, because the history of “white” people is as conflicted and full of strife as any other, and there is no kind of racial identity in most of our history – we’re at war with ourselves continually, just as Asian nations had perpetual strife, American Indian tribes warred with each other frequently, African tribes were in perpetual warfare, Arabs made slaves of Africans, and so on. I am a racist: the whole human race is a sordid, violent, ugly mess that is only redeemable because we have a Savior. The human race has always been a sick mess, our imaginations only evil continually all the time.

The fact that Harrison Bergeron is so timely means that we need prayer more now that ever, and the times Vonnegut described are on our steps and inside our front doors..

So: in Jesus/Yeshua’s Holy Name I pray for the re-election of Donald Trump, that he may do as t Lord directs and that our nation may be healed and brought to Revival, a real, spiritual Great Awakening (not a Qanon “great awakening”) and I pray this fervently and with the deep realization that we are being judged and may not pass the test.

A vision I had in 2012 was the utter destruction of Washington, D.C. and I pray that this is withheld for a time and another time, and that our nation collectively bends a knee and submits to the only Name by which men must be Saved,



My wife said to me a couple days ago she saw a photo of Trump Jr standing in front of a Trump Jr 2024 sign… When I asked her to forward it to me she couldn’t find it as it had been deleted or memory holed. But, I just watched the ‘Top 10 Memes’ and there it was… the photo of Don Jr standing in front of a 2024 sign.

If this were true and he did run… the communists would be decimated entirely and for a looooong time.

Its a war… choose your leaders wisely


The wife and I just finished our ballots. We have VBM here but the one good thing is our communist governor hasn’t had the nerve to extend the deadline which is 8 PM election day.
All R down the ballot!



I read the article and comments, but didn’t view the clips. It just goes to show how badly ‘the One’ infested the federal gov with communists and subversive fifth-columnists. Almost all of us here implored President to fire everyone he could, but evidently he felt he could somehow work with these career bureaucrats. Now we have this.

One thing about DC, the federal government, and by extension Trump, runs the place and can act as he sees fit to quell whatever happens. If the swamp wants to erupt and show their true colors, fine!, then we once and for all can confront our enemy and deal them a blow from which they will never recover. I actually want them to do their worst.

I also want to see the MSM (D) and the social media monopolies implicated in the fomenting of all this crap and prosecuted as willing accomplices, as co-conspirators in this whole mess from this year of bogus impeachment, everything bogus about the China Plague, the Floyd riots, BLM and Antifa, massive mail in voting fraud and all the other schiff narratives they have actively encouraged and pushed. They are all insurrectionists.

Combined with a massive Trump victory and a massive congressional defeat the swamp will be drained from top to bottom; from the highest SES to the lowliest GS-9 (I think that is the lowest pay scale in DC bureaucracy). The solution is really is simple: arrest, jail in GITMO with no bail, and prosecute all the active insurrectionists, and fire all the ones who didn’t actively resist the overthrow of our government. Getting rid of half of the DC federal employees will be an addition by subtraction and must be done.

These worthless bureaucrats must be shown that not upholding their oath to the constitution makes them just as culpable as the instigators. Nonfeasance is just as bad as malfeasance.


I think Gregg that there are probably millions of like minded people. The citizenry knows of the corrupt swamp slimes that have inhabited the DC fetid sewer for a very long time.

I think everyone is hoping Trump has truly seen that you cannot accommodate the swamp in any measure. The strongest signal, to me, was the EO making it easier to fire these communist ticks. With that out there and recent statements about firing three people in particular, I get the message that Trump will go all in on exposing the swamp to greater sunlight, and start the process of drying out the swamp. Which makes the candidate following that much more crucial.

I also agree, that the more these bureaucrats plot plan and expose themselves the better because it clearly defines them. Whats lacking so far has been the glaringly lack of response from the DoJ/AG on virtually all of the very significant breaches of federal law. I’m hoping that Rudy G is right in that once Trump is re-elected that this will all change and these criminals will all be indicted.

Its a war… support the commander in chief and go vote Trump and republican down ticket.


Yeah Jonesy, half the time the reply function doesn’t work for me either. That is why I address to whom I am replying. The above was a reply to Brian’s comment and link near the top.


Not sure about everyone else, but I’m still noticing some issues with the site here. Reply function doesn’t work for me and I noticed that the home page here doesn’t reflect the latest posts. I have to click on the campaign update link to see the latest posts (home page latest is from Friday).

Not complaining, but thought I would mention it here.

As for Trump, I don’t really see how he loses this. I think vote count extensions in the states that are allowing them will only delay the result at worst…if this turns into a landslide, maybe those won’t matter?


Might be your browser. I have had the same problems. Firefox works ok sometimes then it doesn’t. Even if I close it and reload it. I have Ovation, which I was using before for other issues
and have started using it again.


I don’t think its just browsers Silas. I’m using Brave and its doing much the same thing. The site is somewhat slow and slower, intermittently. My posts are 50/50 in that they post or poof. Also at places like CD Media I get refreshes immediately and my post appear everytime and quickly. So, imo, its either WordPress settings or hosting throttles… but thats just mo…

Jimmy MacAfee

Where is Kameltoe Harris these days, when Hunter-of-children Biden is the epitome of “white privilege?” Or privilege of the powerful? Look at all his friends who are in the same sphere –
parents who bestow upon their brats indulgences unknown to us Little People. John Kerry’s son… make a list.

Where are the “liberals?” Where are the Leftists, when their brats – like Chelsea Clinton – get sweetheart deals because their parents have raised them with expectations of royalty?

Trump’s kids work. They were taught to work. Not so the brat-class of the Elite. And Soros keeps his mouth shut, because his son is one of those entitled, privileged little shits.


“And Soros keeps his mouth shut, because his son is one of those”

His son is every bit as evil as his pappy…



How is it these people are not being arrested for sedition?!?!?

DOH!!! my bad, forgot that that would look ‘political’ so can’t be touched.


In a “normal” year where we were allowed real freedom of movement, real freedom of political speech, real debates on the regular issues, and a real campaign from a real Democratic candidate this election would not be close. If we could wind back the calendar to the night of President Trump’s February State of the Union Speech this election would not be close.

Don’t forget MaligNancy Klink tore up his speech for all to see on National TV which, along with her bogus impeachment, should cost her and the DemocRATs control of the House of Representatives.

I have not really listened to much of what btfsplk or Jill or his campaign/handlers has said since I would need a secret decoder ring to decipher his demented gibberish. But from what I gather, I don’t see him doing anything much different than what president Trump HAS done with regards to CV-19. Furthermore, I have not even looked at Politico’s Real Clear (polling) Averages as they are even more garbage now than they were in 2016.

Trump followed the “science” listened to the “scientists” and the “experts”, followed the “models” and executed the recommended lockdowns which were supposed to be for two weeks SEVEN MONTHS AGO to “flatten the curve” so as to not overwhelm the hospitals and the healthcare system. The “shutdown/lockdown” was never meant to “defeat the virus”, yet that is what the DemocRATs and the MSM (D) have morphed the narrative into, and of course whatever bad has happened to the country or to any individual is TRUMP’s FAULT.

I have to believe that the ‘shy Trump supporter/voter’ probably represents at least ten percent of the electorate and will exact a four year retribution on every democrat at every level as there is now proof beyond any doubt that virtually every elected DemocRAT is a lackey of and for MaligNancy Klink or the Cryin’ Chuck Schmuckser. Note how Joe Manchin, seen as one of the few decent/moderate DemocRATic senators, voted both to convict the president on two bogus impeachment counts and AGAINST Justice ACB (he only voted for Kavanaugh because it was a done deal and he faced a tough reelection in 2018). I’m amazed he didn’t vote to acquit the president on all counts and to confirm ACB because neither issue was in doubt and his vote didn’t matter.

This is where I feel the Dems have lost the marketing battle. They could have ‘proven’ they are “bipartisan’, willing to cross the aisle to work with the president for the betterment of the country, by allowing Manchin to vote for his constituent’s desires. especially when it doesn’t matter, but noooo! another Dem Turd had to follow the monolithic collective under Cryin’ Chuck Schumer, and sell his soul to the Left. He is just another joe in the Left’s political machine. So is the phony Doug Jones of Alabama, as Alabamans certainly did not want the president removed from office.

Alabamians must overwhelmingly defeat Jones tomorrow!

If it were a normal year, I would have several TRUMP 2020 yard signs and several bumper stickers on my car. I actually have three of my $20 – TRUMP – $20 bumper stickers on my car here in Middle Tennessee, however I would not dare drive to Nashville or any other blue/purple state, city or town with those stickers on the car, and that is really sad. My passion for the first real pro-American President since Reagan is so strong that in a “normal” year I would have put little TRUMP 2020 flags on my cat’s tails to let them spread the message. The free-political speech suppression by the Left alone should doom the DemocRATic party especially since NO DemocRAT has denounced such intimidation and denial of our first amendment rights.

Since this is not a “normal” year we must reelect a non-normal president and not a run-of-the-mill corrupt hack with a 47 year track record of failure or of do-nothingness like btfsplk whose only virtue is he has a (D) after his name and has managed to maintain 98.6 F body temperature and can, on occasion, stand erect for 90 minutes.


I was minding my own business last night watching Tucker and the picture got all pixelated and no sound, all the other channels were perfect except Fox. Same condition extended into Hannity. I have Comcast for cable. Did anyone else experience this or just me?

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