Dear Media: Where is Our Obligatory Last-Minute Anti-Trump Hit Piece? **UPDATED**

I got up this morning expecting to see the obligatory anti-Republican hit piece that invariably comes from the corrupt news media within 24 hours of Election Day. So far, nothing.

What in the hell is going on, CBS? Where you at, New York Times? Cat got your tongue, er, typewriter, Washington Post? You couldn’t find some disenchanted low-level flunky at the NSC to lie about some phone call the President made to the Prime Minister of some obscure Eastern European country in 2018? Is everyone named Vindman gone now?

You weren’t able to convince Hillary Clinton and the DNC to pay for another fake dossier compiled by some British spy based purely on the fantasies made up by Russian spies? Couldn’t dig up an old tape of 1984 Trump talking about legal tax avoidance? Couldn’t even line up a washed-up porn star to invent some last-minute fantasy to push out there?

Oh, I forgot: The Creepy Porn Lawyer you all pushed to become this year’s Democrat Party presidential nominee is in prison. That’s so darn inconvenient.

But seriously, you media creeps are really falling down on the job here. I know Dan Rather’s like 104 or something, but you always have Fredo Cuomo or Jake Tapper or that obnoxious little creep who hosts “Meet the Press” to fall back on, don’t you?

They still have some time to pull out one last hoax in their unending coordination with the Democrat Party, but that time is growing short. If they don’t get something out there by this afternoon, it’ll be too late to make any difference.

Is it possible the media has run all out of ammo after five long years of pushing hoax after hoax for their Democrat masters? Hard to believe, given that these people are so creative in making stuff up out of whole cloth. But they’re already past their normal deadline and for those of us who have been observing and commenting on these anti-GOP last minute hit pieces for decades, it’s sort of like Christmas has been cancelled.

Ooops, I shouldn’t say that. Don’t want to give Anthony Fauci any ideas.

Bottom line: It is quite odd that no one in the media tried to roll out one final smear, one last hoax on behalf of their Democrat masters over the weekend. There is still time for that to happen, but that time is growing extremely short and it will soon be too late to matter.

In fact, it probably already is.

That is all.

**UPDATE** Here’s the best the creeps at Morning Joe could drum up this morning:

Look at the long faces in that video clip. All Biden people. Trump people all across the country are waking up today with a skip in their steps and a song in their heart.

They know what’s coming.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Concerning that video, just another example of hypocrisy on the left. They can have mobs of people loot and burn and call it a myth or an idea, and when a few conservatives simply stir the pot a bit following the Biden bus (while having free right of travel on the highway and exercising the 1A), it becomes some huge reflection on us being criminal. Sorry, that just doesn’t hold any water…the only people who see that and get angry are the ones already angry about everything anyways. Anyone who isn’t already butthurt finds that kinda funny.


Here’s a real hoot. This guy doesn’t get how ironic he is.

How does he know they’re armed? How does he not get complaining to a cop is not going with their narrative of policeman bad? How does somebody in their camp precipitating an accident become the other guys fault This loon is why we all need to make sure PDJT gets a second term.
Hopefully he’ll stroke out during the election night results, along with a lot of other demoncrat hacks and politcos. (I know, not he Christian thing to say, but at this point, they all get what they deserve)


Once they recognized the bus and knew it was full of criminals, they formed up a posse! In the near future will see more than just poetic justice.

Carlos Dangler

Maybe they (incorrectly) thought they could get a picture of Rumplestiltskin on the bus and lost control???


And why did that little white car cross half-way over the line into the big black truck’s lane before the truck reacted and squeezed back?


If the Trump trucks had wanted to run the Biden bus off the road they would have done so. Instead they gave the bus a nice escort out of the area. See you at the polls, commies!

Robosaurus Rex

Reminds me of the canteen scene in The Three Amigos when Steve Martin gets a drop of water from his canteen and Martin Short gets a mouthful of dry sand from his. Chevy Chase pulls his out, takes some big gulps of cool water, swishes and spits, and tosses the largely full canteen to the desert floor all while the other two longingly look at the canteen as the remaining water gushes out into the parched earth. Trump is the guy with the full canteen. I’m not sure whether the Biden campaign is Martin Short and the media is Steve Martin or vice versa. No scene better parallels the 2020 campaign season than this. Hilarious.


The NYTimes did their best, with 6, count ’em 6, op-ed hit pieces on Trump in one day. NY will be purple this go round. Minorities waking up finally


Yeh Hidenout,
Fox online had 5 editorials yesterday, 4 anti-Trump weenies including Donna Brazier, and Juan A-hole Williams, and the 5th op ed was by Rick Rino Scott saying that the president was wrong to say we were turning the corner on wuflu! So tired of being lied to by liars.


Isn’t it too late for any “news” to impact this election? I ask this seriously, are there any undecided voters left in America?? I think this election is unlike all previous ones with early voting and mail in voting. Even if the NYT ran an article today that said President Trump shot Mike Pence in the face, would it change even one vote? Those that have not voted are going to go into their polling places and select all the D’s because they think they have to for cleaner air and water. And with 96+% approval rate among R’s, none of the small minority of R’s will be swayed — they either like Trump and will vote for him or they hate Trump and won’t?


I have an anon source that states they nearly witnessed Trump handing tylanol to a person when traveling on his plane. Thats illegal as Trump isn’t a physician and cannot hand out medicines, so he’s illegally practicing medicine and impersonating a doctor. Also on that same flight, Trump sat in the pilots seat and took the controls for a time. He’s not a qualified pilot and endangered everyone on that plane. Yeah… my ‘source’ is very concerned that this man is completely out of control with his lies and attacking credible sources for political power.

If the **cough** news media wants this story they can give me a shout and I can pretty much put them in a near direct contact with the whistleblower. Totally legit, pinky swear

Carlos Dangler

Hilarious, brian!! Do you write for the Bee?


That clip of Morning Joe was hilarious.


To whoever that Ass-hat was on PMSDNC talking about never having met any “shy Trump voter”:

Hey you ying-yang, you have only met or seen the loud and proud Trumpists. You haven’t met the shy Trump supporter BECAUSE HE/SHE IS/ARE STILL SHY TRUMPS SUPPORTERS WHO WILL NOT EVER TALK TO JERKS LIKE YOU!

When was the last time you went to fly-over to try to meet, talk to or even understand who the Trump supporters really are?


Yeah, I heard the NY Slimes or the Washington ComPost was supposed to come out with another blockbuster ‘hit-piece’ masquerading as news against Trump over the weekend like they did with exposing Bush Jr’s. DWI conviction in the 2000 race which undoubtedly make that race much closer, and of course, the Dan Rathernot National Guard hit piece which backfired bigly in 2004.

I guess the only thing left in their anti Trump quiver is Go-Nad’s crap from some speech she gave last month regarding the ACB nomination.

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