Sunday News Roundup: In This Election, Size Really Does Matter

Let’s start with your Creepy Uncle China Traitor Joe Biden “Wait, What?” Moment of the Day:

What is this badakathacare and why do Biden and Barack Hussein Obama His Own Self want to inflict it upon us? It’s a mystery that only Biden could solve, but by now he’s forgotten.

Meanwhile, as Biden was spouting gibberish and Barack Obama was reminding everyone in Michigan why his horrific 8 years got Trump elected in the first place, President Donald Trump spent the day in the crucial state of Pennsylvania, holding four separate rallies in four cities on Saturday.

One of those rallies took place in Butler County, the center of the state’s oil and gas industry. True to form, the President didn’t just show up and talk about his support for the industry and for fracking, he brought a damn drilling rig along with him:

Because of course he did. Glorious.

By the way, 58,000 people turned out to see the President at that single stop on Saturday:

Total population of Butler County is about 183,000. Folks, 58,000 is about ten times as many people as Joe Biden has personally spoken to during the entire course of his campaign.

So, does crowd size matter? You bet it does. I spent the entirety of the 2008 campaign deceiving myself that the massive crowds Barack Obama was drawing to his rallies were just anecdotal events that had no real meaning in terms of who was winning. I put myself through that very same delusion in 2012 and provided bad advice to an employer about who was most likely to win that year as a result of that faulty reasoning.

Make no mistake about it: These spontaneous outpourings of support mean a lot, and I’m not just talking about the thousands who come to his rallies. During the summer, we also witnessed hundreds of massive boat rallies held on rivers and lakes all over the country. The weather’s gotten too cold for boat rallies, so Trump supporters are finding other ways to show their support. The President wasn’t within 3,000 miles of Los Angeles on Saturday, but look at what happened in Beverley Hills:

That’s in freaking California, folks. Trump is not going to come close to wining that state, but think about the social stigma those people risked in just turning out for that celebration.

They were also subject to physical risk, as documented by Ian Miles Cheong:

In Arizona this week, a Trump car and truck rally stretched down the highway for 96 miles:

So, how many cars does that amount to? If you alot 30 feet per vehicle, it means 17,000 cars turned out for a self-organized event. Amazing.

Biden has used COVID-19 as an excuse to “limit” the attendance for his events, but the truth is that the old geezer couldn’t half-fill a jr. high gymnasium during the primary season. Avoiding any comparisons of crowd size has been a big part of the Biden strategy in this campaign, for the simple reason that there is zero enthusiasm for the candidate.

So, I’ve learned the hard way that crowd size in these campaigns does matter, and you can make all the jokes about that statement that you care to. Quite simply, America has never seen – not even in 2008 – the kind of spontaneous, massive outpourings of support all over the country for any presidential candidate that we have seen this year for President Trump.

Size matters, and getting out the vote also matters. Another strategic choice the Biden/Harris camp made early on was to eschew the traditional big get-out-the-vote piece of their campaign, deciding to rely on mail-in ballots and after-election voter fraud instead. The Trump campaign, however, is deploying one of the most focused and massive GOTV efforts in history.

Thus, while the Democrats have largely shot their store of ammo during the early voting period in this election, Republicans have held back and focused on getting people to the polls on Election Day. Trump has an enormous edge over these final three days as a result.

Early voting trends indicate that Trump’s GOTV advantage is likely to be decisive in the election and that he will roll up a bigger Electoral College victory than he achieved in 2016. It will be hard for him to get to a popular vote victory due to the big margins Biden will inevitably roll up in the brainwashed states of California and New York.

But size does matter; enthusiasm does matter; and turnout on Election Day not only matters, but will be decisive on Tuesday. And when that happens, America will see a replay of this:


That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Saw two Trump trains on the way to work. The coast of Oregon is not giving up!


Think about what was in PA and what most people are normally doing on a late October Saturday afternoon:

Penn State and other college football especially in western PA – Butler is about thirty miles north of Pittsburgh, also a big college football town.

Nice outside weather so there is a lot of fall activity to do even with PA’s little Hitler wannabe governor Wolf-schiff doing his best to keep the state shut down.

It was Halloween and a lot of people are usually prepping for that day’s celebration and tricker-treating.

Having been part of organizing sever political rallies, I know how hard it is to do and the fact that these massive rallies are happening spontaneously where the president isn’t even appearing or with less than a day’s notice is truly amazing. Notice how there is no violence except on the rare occasion where a couple of BLM or Antifa fascist thugs appear to create problems.

People who dedicate hours of time or most of a day to passionately attend a political rally with all the parking and security issues are energized like never before and will vote and will make sure everyone they know votes.

What really should have the Left and the btfsplk team pooping their pants is that it has been reported that almost 20% of attendees are Registered Democrats or Independents and another similar percentage are people who didn’t vote in the last election and/or haven’t voted in a long time.


I keep saying it and I am now more certain than ever – tsunami.
In the final count i wouldn’t be surprised if we see record numbers of voting
blocs that heretofore never voted Republican.

They keep claiming PDJT is a divider, I think he is a unifier like we haven’t
see in a President in decades.


Speaking of Biden rallies. I saw another one on the way to work yesterday in Newport, OR.
All six of them, socially distanced and just as impressive as all get out.


I wouldn’t call California and New York “brainwashed”. I just question the honesty of their vote counting since they lie about pretty much everything.

Jimmy MacAfee

The size of the crowds have the DeepState worried.

“How are we gonna fake election results with these kinds of numbers?”

The energy is apparent; the enthusiasm, added to anger? Try using fake results by the Deep State (even in Congressional races) and see where that goes! When people say we’re “sheeple,” they’re not watching – they’re either poor observers or shills for the Left.

I suspect that the results of the election will be quite clear, and people who want to use violence when President Trump wins in a landslide are walking in dangerous territory. Likewise, if the results are faked and QuidPro “wins?” I think you’ll see a revolution – and it will be all over the place, from righteous anger to violence born of contempt for people like China Mikey and Hillary Rotten and the rest of the criminal cabal. The French Revolution would seem tame by comparison in some areas of the country.

The message from all these rallies? It is OUR nation, and you’re neither going to steal it nor sell it to foreign countries (such as China) nor will you turn us into slaves for Globalists!

In case you think the “slave” comment is a little over-the-top: one Globalist magazine article said that India, which has yet to benefit greatly from China’s setbacks, won’t be able to replace them because their people won’t work for slave wages. What they don’t understand is that Chinese workers won’t remain slaves forever, either.

And we’re more energetic and inspired than at any time since Pearl Harbor.

Jimmy MacAfee

“Barack and I think it’s a right – to have” (what he obviously meant to say is “bad healthcare.”)

Trouble is, that’s a lie. What they called “bad” meant things like catastrophic plans (which didn’t cover abortion and a whole lot of other useless, stupid crap.

That is, unless he thinks it’s a “right” to pay more with higher (even extreme) deductibles. Many of us who had reasonably high deductibles saw an extreme increase, and an increase in cost of plans. What he’s saying is that we have a “right” to shitty plans that are more expensive and that bankrupt families.

Like most of our other “rights,” which magically disappeared during this Plandemic, including most of the Bill of Rights, which have been turned into “you have the right to these things in the Bill of Rights when we who are in positions of power think you should have them.”.

Crazy QuidPro has a “right” to be stupid, and most of us assert our right to say so. Up yours, CreepyJoe, you abomination. You can stuff Obimbocare in your left ear.


Whatta great suggestion Gregg, I have often wondered if the President reads Dave’s site, would not be surprised if he did.


I only hope President Trump has quietly communicated something along these lines to all election officials, ward heelers, mayors and governors:

Dear Vote Harvesting Fraudsters,

Your vote counts and results will be monitored, audited and verified to the nth degree and things had better be on the up and up. All alleged voter fraud will be investigated and actual fraud will be prosecuted as a federal felony. There will be a new Attorney General brought on board who will pursue justice and prosecute felonies and other law breaking by both political/governmental organizations and individuals in a timely manner regardless of your announced election outcome.

Just remember, I will be president at least until Jan 20, 2021 which is plenty of time for arrests, indictments and prosecutions and for GOP vote count appeals.

Be guided accordingly, and have a happy November the third. You should learn to accept the will of the people and enjoy four more years of growth and prosperity for America and all its people.


The Donald, the two-term 45th President of the United States of America

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