Don’t Get Excited About Rumors That The FBI is Investigating Hunter Biden

So, what about this FBI “investigation” into Hunter Biden’s laptop? – Lots of rumors have been flying around the past few days about the FBI supposedly conducting at least one, and possibly multiple investigations into the various crimes of Hunter Biden and the entire Biden family.

One rumor was started Friday by Sinclair reporter James Rosen:

So, the FBI questioned Bobulinski – as I reported here on Friday – pre-empting his scheduled testimony before the Senate Homeland Security Committee. They were interested and took notes. Cool. That adds some fuel to the previous rumor, reported by Adam Housley and others,  that the FBI has had an ongoing “money laundering” investigation related to the laptop since last December, when they came into possession of it:

Those rumors in turn have led to even jucier rumors, fed by the fact that no one has seen Hunter Biden in public since the New York Post broke the story about his laptop two weeks ago. Here’s one of them:

No description available.

Well, the Friday when Barr was supposed to meet with the Unfrozen Caveman Candidate has come and gone and the only noticeable change in Biden’s behavior is that he’s gotten out of the basement more often since then. I’m not sure that gives us much of a signal, does it?

Ok, so, what does any of this mean in terms of the FBI’s goals?  Well, think about it: Do you really think it would take the FBI 11 months to mount a case against Hunter Biden, whose laptop apparently contains all manner of child porn and emails evidencing all manner of crimes involving not only himself, but a major candidate for the presidency, if they were serious about arresting him and having the DOJ prosecute him for anything?

Please. They were sitting on this ticking time bomb, plain and simple, hoping against hope that Creepy Uncle McWifeMolester wins the election so they could toss the damn thing in the garbage bin and forget about it.

But now the goal has probably changed slightly given that pretty much every person in America understands that Biden is suffering from advancing dementia and really is not fit to hold the office. If the FBI really is focused on investigating this stuff all of a sudden, what it most likely means is that Christopher Wray is doing the bidding of the DNC like he always does and has his agents working on this in order to set up a predicate for removing Biden from office should he win the election.

Kamala Harris always has been and remains the Democrat Party’s preferred candidate in this election. They forced her onto the Biden ticket, don’t kid yourselves otherwise. There is not a chance in hell that Biden himself would have voluntarily chosen the woman who tarred him as a racist on national television during last fall’s debate.

So, come next February, just as Biden’s had enough time to change the draperies in the Oval Office, he’ll be presented with a choice: Resign due to very real and obvious health issues, or be impeached with evidence compiled by the FBI.

Biden is the ultimate Swamp creature, an inhabitant of it for 47 long years. When it comes to to dealing with Swamp creatures, the FBI and DOJ are not in any way, shape or form interested in exacting “justice.” All they are about in those cases is the accumulation of information to be dispensed by their friends as political leverage. Because political leverage = power in Washington DC.

Look, I’d love as much as anyone to believe that Christopher Wray has suddenly found Jesus and assigned an army of intrepid, all-American FBI agents to get to the bottom of everything the Biden Crime Family has been doing to sell out our country. The problem with believing that is that there is literally nothing in the Bureau’s pattern of behavior under Wray – or under his two immediate predecessors, Comey and Mueller – that would lend a shred of support for making such an assumption.

So, don’t get excited about these rumors that the FBI is “investigating” Hunter Biden. Because, if they really are doing that, it is highly likely that they aren’t doing it for you, they’re doing it for themselves and their political masters.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Rebecca Gul

@Dbongino please would you provide an update of what you know in an upcoming show? This is not encouraging.


Spanish e-voting company ‘Scytl’ behind the US election frauds

2020 Presidential ElectionDonald TrumpElectronic votingJoe BidenLin WoodParagonScytlVoter fraud
Himalaya Australia
Himalaya Australia 2 hours ago
Attorney Lincohn “Lin” Wood has joined President Trump’s team in fighting back on the 2020 election fraud . Wood particularly claimed that a foreign government, the Chinese Communist Party, was behind the various tactics of voter fraud that led to the premature projection of a Biden win.

One of his earliest Tweets revealed that a company called ‘Scytl’ plays a key role and was purchased by a company called ‘Paragon’. He suggested that Joe Biden’s “co-conspirators” are well aware of both companies, suggesting that Biden might be directly involved in election fraud.

Image from Twitter:
The Tweet was composed with quotes of another Tweet discussing that the US army force stormed and seized election fraud servers of Scytl in Frankfurt. The information was provided by Texas Congressman Rep. Louie Gohmert in an online meeting. This was also discussed in another report.

Watch the video here.

What is Scytl?

Scytl Secure Electronic Voting is an electronic voting system and election technology from Span, founded in 2001 in Barcelona. The product covers the entire process of elections, including election planning, online voter registration, poll worker management, electronic ballot delivery, online voting, results consolidation and election night reporting.

It is one of the largest election companies similar to the Dominion Voting Systems. Dominion is reported to have involvement in the fraudulence in the US 2020 election.

Based on Scytl’s business website , “78 million voters from more than 800 U.S. counties in states including Colorado, Georgia, New Jersey, California, and Texas benefited from Scytl secure election solutions.”

In the 2020 election, it has “consolidated election results for 7 states and impacted more than 48 million registered voters.”

Republik reported that Scytl received large amount funds from the Spanish government and that the funds were used in ways contrary to what had been stipulated.

According to its own website, Scytl acquired 100% of SOE Software, the leading software provider of election management solutions in the United States back in 2012 (source).

Scytl has a history of voting frauds

Scytl is involved in controversies of voting frauds and failures in various countries.

1. Australia
The government of New South Wales purchased “iVote” online voting system from the company but a serious vulnerability that allowed circumvention of the encryption between the voter’s browser and the e-voting system was discovered by researchers for an 2015 election (arXiv:1504.05646).

2. Ecuador
In 2014, Scytl was supposed to deliver results within 72 hours but all the scanned election ballots had to be counted manually at the company’s Barcelona headquarters (source).

3. Norway
In 2011 and 2013, the country’s government ended the experiments of e-voting using Scytl products for fear of frauds as voters casted their votes in “uncontrolled environments” where they could be influenced by others and there would be repeated voting (source).

4. Switzerland
In March 2019, a group of researchers found a deficiency in the code that would allow the system’s operator to alter votes undetected, which led to the discontinuity of the use of Scytl’s e-voting system in the Swiss referenda of 19 May 2019 (source).

Cryptographic backdoor was found in the system that allowed swap out all of the legitimate ballots and replace them with fraudulent ones, undetected.

Change of ownership happened in 2020, a coincidence or part of the plan?

On 11 May 2020, Scytl initiated bankruptcy proceedings with debts of over 75 million euro.

On 2 June 2020, a Spanish court declared that the company was bankrupt and started the process of auctioning off its assets. Paragon Group bought Scytl in October 2020 and the SOE Software Corporation started selling Election Night reporting software under the Scytl name (source).

There are some conspiracies or investigations that connected the voting machine company to the CIA and George Soros.

Is the change in ownership in 2020 a coincidence or part of a plan of stealing the 2020 US Election? Lin Wood’s tweet today suggests that it is the latter, and if proved true, Joe Biden and his “co-conspirators” belong in jail rather than the White House.

Author: River|Himalaya Scholars

Proof-reader: XO酱

For more articles by Himalaya Australia, click here.

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Liberty ONE

This WAS the DEMONRAT Party’s PLAN from the start. Drag Chairman Beijing Joe over the finish line. “Joe ya got two choices and the second one is NOT pretty”. Heel’s UP the real “chosen one” slides in. NOW if the rats control both houses they get to pick VP and WHO do you think that may be? It’s whomever the Kenyan and SoreA*S want it to be!


I still believe they’re all going to get away with it

Jimmy MacAfee

Ephesians 5:11-13

11 Do not participate in the useless deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them; 12 for it is disgraceful even to speak of the things which are done by them in secret. 13 But all things become visible when they are exposed by the light, for everything that becomes visible is light.

Monkey Laborers Of The World Unite

The CCP didn’t demand it so it won’t be happening. Total corruption leads to total collapse.


The only reason the FBI “investigates” Democrats is to allow enough time to pass so they can tell America there’s no crime to prosecute and that they decline to indict. Now that we know Barr is involved we can be positive the Bidens will be let off just like the FBI insurrectionists.

Jimmy MacAfee

That’s what they did with Weiner’s laptop – and they hadn’t even looked at the files, while lying and claiming they did.


The FBI used the Grand Jury to secure the laptop. If Rudy had not been given a copy, we wouldn’t know of the laptop’s existence. They got called out, so they had the investigation nonsense on the back burner and ready to go. If they were actually investigating Hunter Biden, he would already be in prison along with his father.



I used to think so, but now I’m not so sure. Corruptblicans would be outted and schiff-canned by Mitch and company quicker than you could say due process – just ask Roy Moore. No, I’m beginning to suspect Republican indoctrination (by Republican ‘leaders’) in DC and in most state capitols amounts to the Sergeant Schultz mantra: see nothing, hear nothing and say nothing and you will survive in this town and keep your conservative red seat, any you had better vote our way or your toast. That is where the corruption resides in the GOP. If the newbie rep or senator comes in with a clean up this town agenda he or she will quickly be told: raise a ruckus in an attempt to clean this schiff-hole up and “you will pay for it”.

President Trump and a hand-full of Republicans buck the trend, but most, being feckless gutless politicians in the first place, kind of learn to look the other way real quick and ride the scraps of the District of Corruption gravy train.

Just look at all the schiff that gets dumped on every Republican president since Nixon, and how little sticks to every Democratic President since Wilson if you don’t believe me. And, of course the MSM (D) back this theory up.

No, President Trump and Nunez, Jordan and (say what you will about him) Cruz actually stand up and say and do some things that have meaning. Cruz lead a conservative filibuster several years ago that won him some accolades in some corners, but severe derision from our ‘friends’ in the media.

For those efforts alone President Trump deserves our vote on Tuesday. It really takes a special kind of leader to fight so hard and so often when so such is against you and when your side goes AWOL when things get a little dicey. Susan Collins is our current poster girl for RINOism.

PS: If anyone thinks Ace McLame or the Muttster wouldn’t have been driven to resign or impeached AND convicted for something in a Democrat majority congress think again. The DC powerbrokers have now determined that NO Republican – particularly an outsider, or a real conservative pro America one – will ever be elected president again.

President Trump either wins bigly on Tuesday, and gets real people in his cabinet who will break the DC swamp culture in a massive way or we will ultimately lose our country either in 2021 or 2025.

The cabal must be busted once and for all or it will bust us.

Jimmy MacAfee

I remember when the FBI looked at Weiner’s laptop: “Nothing to see here, move along…”

Officer Barbrady at your service. Except the fictitious character is stupid, not evil, and the FBI official who claimed that they looked at all the files and found noting WAS (and is) evil AND stupid. That would be James Comey.

I expect nothing more from Christopher “BarBrady” Wray than I would from James Comey.


I always shake my head in disgust and chuckle when I hear stories about FIB ‘agents’ taking “notes” during interrogations and then transferring them to the 302 forms.

What? The FIB doesn’t have audio and video recorders? Are they still operating like Sheriff Taylor in Mayberry in the 1960s? Every crime show/documentary I see about every case in every Podunk town in America videotapes all interviews and interrogations; it is called EVIDENCE! This is absurd… Why doesn’t the world’s “premier law enforcement agency” have and use this most basic technology? Answer: They don’t want it, don’t want to use it; it might, after all, compromise and show their corruption.

But rest assured, Bagpipe Barr and his thousands of Truth, Justice (seeking) and the American Way impartial and apolitical lawyers and prosecutors are on the job and spending literally minutes every week on all these ‘investigations’ which, by the way, hasn’t focused on ONE Republican (except for the bogus BOM RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA, and UKRAINE which-hunt/impeachment). It seems their idea of 24/7 is 24 minutes a day and seven days a month (year?) “investigating” Hunters btfsplk’s laptop and Walking Eagle’s Emails and all the other donkey schiff going on in the District of Corruption under the watchful eyes of the FIB, the Destroyers of Justice and the willfully blinded pin the exoneration medal on the Democratic Jackass by our utterly corrupt and donkey supporting media..

I’m sure it will all come out in the end, all the evil doers will get punished appropriately, all the while the DOJ will not do anything “political” to impact the election between a true American Patriot President and a 47 year career Swamp Dwelling Corruptrocrat.

Yep, Bagpipe Barr has everything under control and everything covered. No worries as Paul Hogan would say. Or as Alfred E. Newman would say: What, me worry?


Thx… I have nothing to say now… sigh…

Great article Mr Blackmon… nailed it as usual


Love the metaphor Swamp Dwelling Corruptocrats. There are many Corruptblicans as well!

Robosaurus Rex

I’m sorry. Please explain Barr’s “Biden gets off free” if he drops out of the race deal. Nice two tier system of justice working out of the DOJ. Barr has to go. People want justice, not to let offenders slink away in disgrace. The DOJ AG pick needs to come from out of town so these connections don’t influence their judgement because Barr is compromised in an unethical way. DB, any insight about the Biden campaign using SCORECARD to electronically flip the voting tallies as the summarized numbers get pushed from voting machines to the federal level? If Barr’s ultimatum is real and Friday has passed, seems Biden may still have a few tricks up his sleeve to get Kamala over the finish line.


As with everything the DOJ touches that might implicate the higher ups in the swamp…just like that…poof, it’s gone.
Hat tip to Verbal Kint.
The only thing that might work to bring the CIA and FBI back on course is to put Flynn in charge of the CIA and Grenell in charge of the FBI.
OTT get rid of both organizations and start anew.

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