Discussion Post – 11.1.2020

President Donald Trump made his last-minute pitch in Pennsylvania on Saturday, holding four rallies there in a single day. The photo accompanying this piece shows the amazing crowd that turned out for him in the city of Butler.

But you’re supposed to believe he’s trailing the guy who speaks to empty backyards and a dozen cars in a parking lot.


Discuss away.

That is all.

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Posted on Whatfinger:


It is a long but worthwhile piece on the long and corrupt career of Dr. Fluki and the influence or his friends in big Pharma.

Just shocking on how almost no one running or in government can be trusted.

Fluki and friends have been ruining medicine for 36 years just like btfsplk and friends have been ruining government and the country for 47 years.


Yeh Gregg, this should be on every fake news network.
Fauci is the epitome of a swamp dweller corruptocrat, and was one of the swamps primary architects. He secured funding for AIDS research and pharmaceuticals at levels far exceeding that devoted to cancer and heart disease, even though the death rates from AIDS was a very small fraction compared to the others. Same with this current “plandemic”. By the way, I just read an article that reported Jack Nicklaus endorsed the president, and he disclosed that while he and his wife sick (and positive for wuflu), they took hydroxychloriquine, despite the machinations of the little monster.

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