Saturday News Roundup: Sleazy Minnesota Dems and Why is Joe Biden Always So Angry?

On Friday, the sleazy Democrat governor and attorney general of Minnesota – Tim Walz and Keith Ellison – bullied the Trump campaign into limiting attendance at the President’s rally in Rochester to just 250 attendees. This is an issue the communist Democrats who run the state have not experienced with the Biden campaign, which never attracts more than a handful of supporters.

Mindless leftists will attempt to defend this move by the sleazy Dems using the China Virus restrictions as an excuse, but that’s a smelly load of horse manure. Neither Walz nor Ellison made any effort to control the crowds at the massive demonstrations and riots that took place in Minneapolis throughout the summer. Neither made the slightest effort to control the crowds of looters and arsonists and rioters that destroyed vast swaths of that once-great city, instead giving the death and destruction their tacit support.

Laura Ingraham made a solid point about the duplicity of Minnesota’s sleazy Dems:

Undeterred, President Trump made a point of taking time to walk over to where the supporters who were not allowed in by Minnesota officials had gathered and refused to disperse, personally thanking them for coming and excoriating Walz and Ellison at the same time:

President Trump speaks with the press ahead of a campaign rally at Rochester International Airport in Rochester, Minnesota.

This is the kind of brutish behavior Democrat governors have used the China Virus as an excuse to engage in all over the country over the last six months.  Once this election is over, it is time for the Justice Department to get up off its collective fat ass and start defending our individual liberties. Enough.

The New York Post wins its fight against Twitter. – Just in time for it to be too late to have any impact on the election, Twitter finally relented in its censorship of the New York Post and reinstated its account on Saturday.

So we got that going for us.

And now, a message of hope from the Democrat Party’s Unfrozen Caveman China Traitor Candidate:

“America is dead.” That is the closing message to this campaign from your Democrat Party. Surreal.

Here is Creepy Joe McNastyFinger introducing his “dear friend” who he “served with for many years”, the senior Senator from Minnesota:

That’s right: Amy Drove-a-car.

You just can’t make this stuff up, folks. Imagine – just imagine – how great Saturday Night Live could have been during this campaign if it was still a comedy show, and not just another propaganda bullhorn for the DNC.

Then there was this indecipherable moment:

If you know what trunalimunumaprzure actually, please let me and the Biden campaign know.

Ask yourself this while we’re at it: Why is Biden always yelling at his rallies? Why does he always look so damn angry? There’s only – on a really good day – two dozen people there. They aren’t excited, they aren’t raucus, they aren’t standing en masse doing chants like the thousands who attend Trump rallies.

Biden could easily be heard with no mic at all, yet every speech is delivered shouting, yelling, and with that “hey you kids, get off my lawn!!” expression on his face. Why is this man so angry? Is it just because his evil, elder-abusing handlers are making him get out of the basement and actually work some 8-hour days as the campaign winds down? Is it because he’s missing his daily 10:00 bowl of tapioca pudding? Are his sanitary diapers too tight?

Look at this clip – watch the anger on his face:

Who do you think he’s talking about – what “guys like Trump” has Biden had to deal with during his lifetime of rank privilege and high office? Is he having flashbacks to Corn Pop? The secret is locked up in his own demented mind, so we will never know.

Has America ever elected such an angry, irrational man to the presidency? We don’t have film of any candidate before Teddy Roosevelt, so who knows about the candidates of the 18th and 19th centuries? But when in modern times has such a mean-spirited, angry, uniformly dishonest man ever attained the highest office in the land?

Joe Biden is an awful human being. He is the very worst example of what the DC Swamp is and has been for the last half-century.

If we elect this dishonest, angry, hateful man to the presidency, our nation will experience the longest and darkest four years since World War II. Let’s all do what we can to make sure that doesn’t happen.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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You have to be an idiot to support the Democratic party.

Jay Whitcraft

Trump should call the next rally a “peaceful protest” I’m surprised he didn’t do it with this one. Perhaps making people on MN madder is the objective. Jay


Am from northern Illinois, originally and used to vacation up in northern Minnesota as a kid…Such a beautiful state and the people are freindly and hospitable….It’s just amazing that the people of the Midwest and Upper Midwest are so f’g stupid and gullible.


Keep in mind that Biden has at least mid stage dementia which can exhibit itself with bouts of quick anger ~ also he is most probably taking some kind of ‘upper’ medication to keep him going.This ‘fix’ can also increase adrenaline and cause angry outbursts.


A conservative @ 75 and trying to follow what this Democratic Party is trying to accomplish is like riding a kids tricycle through a barnyard full of JACKASS shit after a rain storm. It’s real messy and sure does stink!


I finally got to reading my latest IMPRIMUS, and it is worth recommending. If traitor joe wins, then the US will assuredly be a paper tiger, and they will own US as they own him.



Ben Colder

One of the biggest reason I like Trump so much is he fights back no wonder the creepy feeler is pissed he is not used to being called out for what he is .A lying back stabber crooked mafia type shower with his daughter dirty old bastard.No wonder he is mad that and when you are senile that is part of it mad at everyone.Let us hope and pray that President Trump can pull this one off once again four more years then we run Cruz.


I’d agree with you up to the Cruz part. Cruz is a career political.


To paraphrase the texts of the two DEEP STATE lovers: Trump should win 100 million to 0!

I’ll be glad just to see President Trump get those100,000,000 or so votes to btfsplk’s 50,000,000 ‘legitimate’ but stupid votes and the other 20 or so million maxed out margin of fraud effort the Left and the Democratic Party has colluded with each other in order to push their puppet over the line.


Speaking of traitor Joe and our President, I just read a nice piece by Selwyn Duke where he observes that yes Trump is sometimes brash and combative towards people, but it is always directed at powerful people. Traitor Joe on the other hand panders to powerful people and countries but directs his scorn and snarkyness towards regular folks when in his mind they have no business asking pointed questions of him. How dare a commoner speak to royalty that way! I tried several times to post a link, but Akismet didn’t like it. Please find the story at the address below, and scroll down to Oct. 25 and title is Unseen and Unsaid: The MOST Telling Character Difference Between Trump and Biden.

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