No, Texas Is Not “In Play” **UPDATED** Trump Train Runs Biden/Harris Out of Texas

We have seen lots of media reports and media-sponsored polls over the past two weeks pushing the narrative that Texas is somehow “in play” for the Biden/Harris Harris/Biden campaign this year. The only problem with these reports is that they are not supported by a shred of actual early voting information.

Take the early voting data compiled by Target Smart as a prime example. TargetSmart shows that Republican turnout is vastly exceeding Democrat turnout in Texas by an even larger margin than Republicans ran up in 2016: 51.3% R, 38.9% D, and 9.9% unaffiliated. That margin is 2% larger than in 2016, when Trump won Texas by a 9% margin.

Other than polls paid for by media outlets for the sole purpose of creating a story, what indicator do we have that some huge chunk of Republican voters are rebelling against President Trump in Texas? The answer to that would be NONE. Not a shred of real hard data exists to support that claim.

One of the media/Democrats’ favorite piece of Texas-related propaganda is the narrative that there is some big anti-Trump revolt in the state among suburban women. First of all, I live in Texas, am a voracious consumer of news, and have yet to see any newspaper or local TV station identify and interview a single such suburban housewife. If these women are all over the place, why isn’t anyone pushing this narrative in the media finding them and talking to them?

Second, TargetSmart also breaks its data down by County. Frequent contributor Larry Schweikart tweeted out some of that suburban data this morning:

Then there is the new data coming in across the country showing that the percentage of non-college educated white voters is far higher this year than it was in 2016. This is the segment of voters who turned out in droves in PA, MI and WI four years ago and served as Trump’s winning margin. Their massive turnout was not replicated in other states that year. This year, it appears that this voter segment’s outrage over having been ridiculed, slandered and portrayed as “privileged” racists for the last four years is motivating them to turn out all over the nation.

Folks, that voter segment is a huge part of the voter base in Texas.

At the end of the day, we are left with the unarguable fact that the only indicator that Texas might be closer this year than it was in 2016 – when it was not close at all – is a raft of polls that were paid for by media outlets for the purpose of creating “news” stories.

Trump will win Texas, and he will win this election on Tuesday.



Just for good measure, the Trump Train literally ran the Biden campaign out of Texas earlier today:

God Bless Texas.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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And this little commie went to Texas

I had to laugh at his claim they tried to run the bus off the road. Oh, and a lot of them were armed! And the police wouldn’t do anything! LMAOROTF

This guy should go back home and hide his basement like his hero slojo.


Bimbo/roundheels bus tour cancelled in Texas on Oct 31, because Texans are fed up with their Democratic tricks.

Bimbo/roundheels election rigging cancelled on Nov 3, because all of America is fed up with the same.


“Bimbo/roundheels bus tour cancelled in Texas on Oct 31, because Texans are enmass coming out to Bimbo/roundheels rallies of 10’s and drowning out what Bimbo/roundheels has to say, with much raucous and enthusiastic Orange Man Bad cheering. Those ugly Trump chumps just won’t let the Hid’n Biden/ Bimbo/roundheels backyard meetings alone, triggering all 15 people there.

Fixed it for you Gregg…


They realized they were just giving Trump more free advertising and media coverage. The optics were just too embarrassing for them.

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