Trump Train Waltzes Across Texas With the Biden/Harris Bus

Waltz across Texas with you in my arms; waltz across Texas with you.
Like a storybook ending I’m lost in your charms,
And I could waltz across Texas with you. – Ernest Tubb

The Biden campaign thought it had a bang-up idea to raise awareness of its addled candidate and successor-in-waiting (but not for long) running mate: Let’s send a tour bus across the Lone Start State and show the Party’s colors. And we’ll even send Kamala along with it just for a bonus!

Yeah, that’s the ticket.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the dance: The ever-present Trump Train showed up to shadow Harris and her big blue bus all around the Fort Worth/Dallas Metroplex. It was like a big ol’ country line dance all day long.

Here was the scene in Fort Worth as a long parade of Trump cars and pickups kept the Biden/Harris /Harris/Biden bus cooped up in a parking lot as it vainly tried to escape:

So, what about that trip to Dallas? Oh, it was tons of fun, dancin’ across the Texas prairie:


But what happened once they made it over to Dallas? Welp, by the time they’d made the 30 mile trek, the big blue bus had a following of at least 100 aspiring Trump dancin’ partners:

And, here’s the Biden/Harris/Harris/Biden bus running a red light trying to ditch its Trump Train would-be suitors:

That was quite a dosey do, there pardners. But it ain’t against the law if the law ain’t there, right?


Glorious. Absolutely glorious.

Y’all don’t come back now, hear?

That is all.

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If any of the Trump cars get ticked for running a red light (via photo enforcement) I hope Gov Abbot intervenes and pardons the offense.

The Karma Roundheels-Headboard (KR-H) bus, um, not so much since that driver initiated the traffic violation.

Where is the next destination for KR-H bus? South Carolina or another state they seem to feel is ‘in play’?


This is why I love merican politictioning…

Conservatives KNOW how to troll the best. When conservatives get triggered… they troll and have a great fun time doing it. No buildings burned, no lives destroyed, no streams of unending profanity, no racial slurs… nada…

I love the one fellas comment… Biden bus leading the TRUMP TRAIN… woohoo…


lol, I saw this earlier today and told my wife about it. She laughed herself silly. Who says conservatives don’t have a sense of humor?

The bus driver probably was freaking out and thinking he was going to get carjacked.


I dunno Silas… I think the bus driver was trying to get away because of the screeching going on IN the bus. Only way to shut that noise off was to try and escape… That or a head on into a bridge abutment… If I had to listen to that camelfaced dog soldier screeching in the back… I’d take the abutment…

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