Friday News Roundup: Why Donald Trump Will be a Two-Term President **UPDATED**

Note to Joe: When you’re bitching about the size of the other guy’s crowd, you’re behind. – Creepy Uncle Quid Pro China Traitor Joe Biden is so concerned about the size and number of Trump rallies that yesterday he accused the President and his rallies of being “super-spreader events” for the China Virus. That accusation comes without a shred of evidence of being true, of course, but no U.S. media outlet would dare to point that truth out. Because objective truth is anathema to our Nazi-style media/propaganda establishment these days.

But Trump supporters should rejoice in Biden’s complaint, because if you’re complaining about the size of the other guy’s crowds while speaking to a near-empty parking lot with maybe 50 cars in it while he’s speaking to a rally of 15,000 people in the very same city you’re in, that is a great indicator that you are losing.

Creepy Uncle McWifeMolester is, of course, going all-in on joining the corrupt news media in spreading China Virus fear porn as a last resort to stem the Trump-led Red Tide in key battleground states. Because, in reality, that is all he has left.

Yesterday’s incredible report that 3rd Quarter U.S. economic growth came in at a staggering 33% puts the lie to Biden’s false claims about Trump’s economic record, proving conclusively that America is indeed in the midst of the V-shaped recovery the President promised despite the best efforts of communist Democrat governors to create a massive economic depression. The signing of peace deals with Israel by four different Arab states in the Middle East with several more poised to do the same soon demonstrates that the Trump foreign policy is causing peace to break out all over in regions where the Obama/Biden Administration had done nothing but actively foment more conflict.

As this campaign winds down, Traitor Joe is plumb out of ammunition, and coronavirus fear porn is all he’s got.


Huge decision in Minnesota. – In a 2-1 ruling, the Eighth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals ordered yesterday that all mail-in ballots received after 8 p.m. on Election Day be set aside, setting the stage for a potential legal battle after the election. The order stopped short of a final determination on the validity of the post-Election Day ballots, but the order to segregate them potentially indicates the direction in which the 8th Circuit is inclined to rule.

And here’s the thing: if the 8th Circuit rules for the Democrats and their vote-stealing plans, we now have a valid 5-4 majority on the Supreme Court poised to reverse it.

This new reality set Amy Klobuchar off into a panic:


Early voting trends continue to move in Trump’s favor. – In addition to the great early voting news coming out of the key states of Florida, North Carolina and others, Larry Schweikart cited a new, potentially consequential trend taking hold in Virginia, Arizona and Colorado yesterday:

**UPDATE** Oh, my, oh, my, oh, my, my, my – this trend is also happening in a very big way in…wait for it…NEW MEXICO:

Holy smokes.

This all supports my theory that America is about to experience what its first “outrage election” looks like. One of the main demographic groups that has failed in the past to turn out in big numbers is the white, non-college educated, lower-to-middle-class voter. Especially the men in that group.

This was the demographic that did show up in big numbers for Trump in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania in 2016, and they essentially were the difference in the entire election. Now, we appear to be seeing this same demographic of voters, disenchanted by the media/Democrat propaganda merchants calling them all racists for years now, sick of being lectured by multi-millionaire athletes like Lebron James about the ‘white privilege’ they have never personally experienced in their own lives, and outraged by all the riots and street violence they have witnessed on their televisions over the past 5 months, apparently now quietly coming out to vote en masse to express their displeasure with our culture’s prevailing status quo.

If we all wake up next Wednesday to the news that President Trump has scored upset wins in Colorado and/or Virginia (he was always going to win Arizona), we will likely see evidence of this great “silent majority” everyone’s been speculating about.

This is a very big deal, as Larry pointed out:

New Trafalgar polls show Trump momentum in key swing states. – Regarding Larry’s last question up there, as far as I can tell, this higher-than-normal turnout among white, working class voters is not a trend that any pollster, not even the Trafalgar Group, has made a point of trying to capture. Which is in part why the new swing state polling released by Trafalgar on Tuesday is so incredibly encouraging.

Here are those new polls:

In Michigan, Trump leads by 2.5%:

In Nevada, Trump trails by just 2.3% and the gap is narrowing:

Trump now leads by 2.7% in Florida:

Biden leads by just 3.2% in the very, very Blue state of Minnesota:

Trump trails by just .4% in Wisconsin:

And finally, Trump leads by .8% in the most critical state, Pennsylvania:

All of the momentum and every key indicator outside of the corrupt, media-sponsored polls is behind President Trump in this election.

I’ve told you since Day 1 that Donald Trump would serve two consecutive terms in office, and I see no reason to revise that prediction today.


That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Thinker Prime

I was standing in line for three hours to vote for Trump. As happened four years ago after a while the friendly discussion rippled up and down the line. It was interesting. In 2016 it was about half Hillary supporters and half Trump supporters and a lot revolved around who would fix the economy and the potential energy and competence of the candidates and the issue that Hillary was a known quantity but disliked and Trump was an unknown. Anyway, half and half – a split par for the course of our suburban county. This time is was completely different. EVERY SINGLE PERSON several people up and down the line was voting for Trump. Every single one. All the people were enthusiastic. Many made the comment that they felt this was the most important election of their lifetime. There were lots of individual reasons but a few consistent themes came out. (1) A good portion of the people were retired and liked the prosperity until covid, the rapid uptake in recovery, the fact that their 401Ks were doing well. (2) Everyone liked the peace treaties, the wipeout of ISIS, the withdrawal from the endless wars, the rebuilding of the military, and the fact that Trump validated the near universal conviction in our industrial midwestern state that China was acting as an enemy not a competitor. (3) Most people felt COVID was China’s fault in failing to control the spread, that Trump’s efforts to generate PPE, ventilators, hospital beds etc was brilliant and the rapid generation of medicines that reduced deaths by 85% and the soon to arrive vaccines was excellent – and most commented on the energy and muscle of the government response. Some business people talked about the funding being helpful in helping their small businesses survive. (4) The rioting that spread from the nearby large city into neighboring suburbs was on everyone’s mind especially with the frequent comment that the mayor of the large city was Democrat and absolutely NOBODY wanted to have rioting spread to our city. Universally the feeling was that Trump was ok with protests but absolutely the enemy of rioting and would not let it get out of control while Biden was kowtowing to rioters like a dogwhistle. As an aside, Trump fixing the VA system was well known and highly thought of.

Our state went for Trump in 2016 mildly. My impression is that it will go for Trump by a landslide in 2020. In 2016 Trump was weak in the suburbs (Hillary being female helped her get a lot of female votes). But in 2020 Trump voters will rule in the suburbs at least here. I thought about this when I was reading a poll about Trump voters being afraid to express their feelings and that there was a powerful indicator in people saying they thought their neighbors would vote for Trump. In this particular set of conversations – low key things since our state is a relatively reserved, tolerant, low-key culture – several people talked about the fact that pretty much everyone they knew was voting for Trump. So from this little experience if I had to guess I would guess that Trump carries all the midwest states (except Illinois which is dominated by Chicago) in a landslide which would assure Trump victory no matter how many phony ballots showed up in PA or NC.

Paul Harden

I live in southern New Mexico, a small town. Trump signs and flags starting to appear everywhere past 2-3 weeks, ranches and farms, etc., impromptu rallies and car caravans. Trump supporters everywhere. I’ve seen no enthusiasm for the dems like I did in 2016. Don’t know about northern NM, but glad to hear Santa Fe is leaning so heavily red. Very encouraging. It certainly is in the southern portion of the state. Hopefully New Mexico and our five electoral votes will be another “RED surprise!!!” TRUMP/2020

TexanForever Thompson

The old Democrat Party died long ago. The current “Democrat Party” is the old American Communist Party using a stolen name. After this election the current Marxist Democrat Party will cease to exist for at least two generations. …And good riddance !!


Thanks for the great news Devin! Just one question, Is that a little loincloth you’re sport’n or what?


I live in New Mexico and I can tell you that it wasn’t that long ago that it was a purple state, not blue, and those Republican voters haven’t gone anywhere, they just became discouraged by the direction the country took under Obama. I thought NM had a shot at going for Trump in 2016, when he was still an unknown, but now that he has a track record of success, I think the chance of NM going for him in 2020 is much greater. I was at the rally he held here back before COVID struck and it was HUGE. Furthermore, I live in the most liberal city in NM, Santa Fe, and there is literally NO energy or enthusiasm for Joe Biden. None. Contrast that with the energy there was for Obama and it’s like night and day. Finally, our governess, her royal highness, Michelle Lujan Grisham, is finally catching on that her heavy fisted approach to locking the state down was a very bad idea and I think that is going to contribute further to the Red Wave in NM that is going on right now and will be consummated on Nov. 3.

Glorious, indeed.

That is all.

Mike fisher

I hope you’re right. I do remember you being very confident in 2018 that the Repubs would hold the House and that was way off. Never underestimate the ability of the Democrats to steal and cheat elections. There are a lot of people I personally know who voted for Trump in 2016 and voting for Biden this year. The hatred of Clinton was much higher than Biden.

Va Gent

As a VA resident, I’m VERY encouraged to hear this, and hope that it does indeed come true! I voted early on Wednesday, and was very pleased to see a vast number of young people voting, and the sentiment in the line was all pro-Trump! On the flip side, it looks like our Capital city of Richmond is going to re-elect the despicable Marxist Levar Stoney to a second term, which will only guarantee that I will never spend another dime in that wretched city. My family has had ties to Richmond since the 1840’s, which is likely to end on November 3rd.

Jimmy MacAfee

My wife’s friend has an investment advisor, who said that if Biden wins, things will not be good nor bad, but with little growth; if Trump wins, upward movement in the economy will be explosive.

I believe it.

I also believe that Virginia will turn a pale red. When you look at how weak Senator Mark RussiaRussiaRussia was last time, and how gun rights in Virginia have suffered under the Democraps, the probability increases significantly. (I think Larry said much of the same recently in another column.)

Ben Colder

I am afraid that there will be riots no matter who wins If the Creep gets in they will riot because he won and if Trump wins they will raise seven hundred kinds of hell because he won.Either way don’t be surprised by the riots we all better have our guns ready we may have to defend ourselves.The cops will be as busy as a one legged man at a ass kicking contest if they even respond.would not surprise me if they get stand down orders .I think we are in for a bad time no matter who wins the dem/communists will not let a Trump win stand in there way.Hope to hell I’m wrong.


My son is heading out today for Minneapolis. He’s a biotech and going to a new job position. Seems most of the more educated people have fled the state and cities. Told him he’s waking into a hornets nest so be aware. He said if it gets real bad… he’ll just cross the line again to the north and come back this way…

I suspect its going to break out in rioting and chaos but its not going to be a sustainable effort on the Dem brown shirt front. They simply can’t keep it going. The financial backers won’t keep throwing money at it when it won’t produce anything. Plus the remaining populace will start pushing back, as they are starting to do now.

Its a war… stay in the fight until its over.


What got to me the last couple of days is what Gregg called the cesspool of censorship. Specifically the Bobulinski story, the great economic news, and the ACB confirmation. All smothered. They are knowingly aiding and abetting a criminal to possibly be elected president. I need to do some chin-ups!


I have been beating the drum about the paid thugs and anarchists since The last election when they went on a week-long hissy fit rampage. I heard from a close friend last night. He lives out in east Multnomah county/Portland. He said he’s taking next week off “just in case” God help anybody who tries to mess with his house or family.

I doubt we’ll see much of it here on the coast or outside of the major metro areas,but being a little prepared never hurt anybody


Thanks Dave, I needed that.


Right? My darling wife has been fretting over the negative crap and while we don’t watch any of the presstitue media outlets, she does get some on her fakebook feed. I’ve been telling her to keep the faith and pray. Looks like our prayers are being heard.


It has been reported on TN talk radio during the FOX News update that Minnesota’s radical AG, Keith Ellison, says the upcoming Trump rally in that state cannot exceed 250 people due to CV-19 blah, blah, blah.

Ellison was the former congressman form the Minneapolis district that is now home to Rep Omar; he was also the DNC Chairman.

Go ahead Mister AG, try to stop the President’s rally and his exercising of his and our POLITICAL FREE SPEECH RIGHTS – which is the ONLY “Free Speech” that is constitutionally protected.

The Supreme Court had better be prepared to execute a whole lot of emergency rulings in the next week to month.

Critics of Trump will claim his “packed” court will make his reelection “illegitimate”, but so what?
They did and said the same thing about Bush v. Gore twenty years ago.

The Left, the media, and the Dems (all one in the same) created this election chaos all by themselves and they own any and all of the unrest and consequences of their actions.


Sadly, with a compliant media, the demoncrats will most likely not be held accountable for all the chaos, loss of lives and property. They are ghouls. Heartless, power hunger ghouls.

I suspect that his larger turnout will most likely usher in a flipped house and stronger senate for the republicans. And I also suspect that a lot of the freshman class will be Trump supporters instead of GOPe up and comers. Provided we get a good, solid Trump supporter for speaker, then some serious shite can happen. Maybe even a couple of real house investigations into real
criminal activity by certain politicians, their families, the moneybags behind them and their presstitues.

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