Discussion Post – 10.30.2020

This really is the only Democrat Party ad you will ever need to see. Watch it.


Now, discuss away.


That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

One thing to remember about “packing the court,” as the Dems have threatened:
both sides can play that game.


Great comments G-man!

Especially about RBG.

Regarding the various federal law enforcement agencies, or rogue elements therein: If they violate or openly or even secretly act to undermine President Trump’s lawful EOs to put down the riots via the Insurrection Act, it will only further expose the fifth columnist who infest our government and give Trump and his new AG all the ammo they need to shut-down the rogue agencies, bureaus and departments, AND PROSECUTE THE INSURRECTIONISTS.

Admirals, Generals, Directors, Department Heads and SESs can’t just be fired, they must be prosecuted and held at GITMO and tried via Tribunals if real reform and justice is to prevail. Sprinkle in a couple of dozen social and mainstream media owners and executives and the leaders of all these ‘non-profit and non-partisan’ PACs and other front groups being charged with insurrection and inciting the riots along with charging the complicit governors and mayors who support the rioters and promote the illegal sanctuary cities and states and maybe we can get back to some semblance of “normal”. Add to this the medical tyranny of Fluki’s CDC and all his allies.

When Trump wins, the Supreme Court better be prepared to be very busy and GITMO had better be staffed up with trusted patriots. If btfsplk wins, the Supreme Court can take the year off and GITMO and other federal prisons can be closed and sold, or else look for them to be filled with us irredeemable deplorables and Trump “Chumps”.

Jimmy MacAfee

I want to see the prosecution of Cuomo – two crimes:

Taking money for putting COVID patients in nursing homes.
Putting COVID patients in nursing homes.

Like to see Rudy handle this one, too.


My election night dream: Several prominent demoncrats stroke out or have nervous breakdowns.
And if they lose the house, it will be an epic meltdown. I can dream can’t I? :D.


My family and I will certainly be trying to make that happen here in Delaware. I’m also with you on the house flipping. I of course, I don’t want to be pretentious, but my gut’s telling me this thing is going to be absolutely epic across the board. My two big concerns are:
1. Overall violence and chaos. The Dems, I believe, will certainly try to launch an armed insurrection, but right now I don’t think they’ll have the support to really do anything more than more riots. I don’t think they right now have anything approaching the kind of support to enable them to co-opt even a small portion of the military. I also think police orgs will generally be against them. Other armed federal agencies may be another matter. Some of those may be a toss up. Foreign player intervention or distraction is a possibility but I’m not sure what form that would take. Nevertheless, President Trump will have to, at long last, invoke the Insurrection Act to put the whole thing down. How ugly that all gets is anybody’s guess.

2. Justice. I’ve argued up to this point that the the the Trump Administration hasn’t done any real offense up to now is for the excruciatingly simple reason they’ve been waiting since day one to replace RBG. They’ve known all along that this thing would undoubtedly end up with SCOTUS and Roberts can’t be trusted. And remember, no do-overs with them. They probably though that would happen a lot sooner, but she managed to hang in there and string it out WAY longer than anyone anticipated. And them’s just the breaks as they say. Now we’ll see. I’m a little suspicious of Barr and Durham but I’m trying to maintain my cautious optimism. We’ll see.


RGB was full of hubris. She actually believed she could outlast Trump. She had the chance to retire while the One was in office and could have given the demoncrats their permanent hold on
the SC but let her ego get the best of her. Our win, their loss. Thank the Lord.

Jimmy MacAfee

The Chinese ownership of the Bidens didn’t stop there; they had ZTE on Pedo Island, and that’s a Chinese company. Alllllll those visitors, pulling down their pants for grotesque activities (watch the Hunter Biden videos for a clue as to what the Chinese have, though they were likely not taken on the island)

Assuming that the movie wasn’t actually about a man having an extended psychotic episode, Christian Bale’s role is strangely reminiscent of one of the Biden Klan (spelled it right, didn’t I?) “American Psycho” seems more like a documentary.

Just like the movie “Devil’s Advocate.” A documentary in many ways. Some fiction, of course. Revealing. (Not recommended, unless you have spiritual armor on; same with “American Psycho.”)

This election is about keeping us from being wholly owned by the Chinese CCP/PLA, with whom Hunter and Joe and many others are wholly owned subsidiaries. Screw the Chinese.

Jimmy MacAfee

There is a rumor that the current FBI Director has some financial ties in the whole scheme, and that the FBI investigated this LAST YEAR – and that they knew well before the impeachment hearings that the Russian narrative was false.

Is the current Director going to be under investigation? We shall see.


Excellent clip at the top of this showing the Democratic Party’s ‘love’ for America. Well done Dave!.

Even in Tennessee, I’m hearing and seeing all kinds of ‘non-partisan’ ads about the need to “vote as if your life depends upon it”. They are obviously directed at the youth and other ignorant voters to vote for btfsplk and other down ballot Dems. How sweet it would be if that psychology were to backfire and create a massive turnout of Trump/Republican voters to “vote as if their lives depend upon their vote”?

I believe the left has grossly overplayed their hand this year in their TDS zeal to beat Trump at all costs. It is about time all their “malarkey” and “chicanery” comes back to haunt them in a very real way. It has to happen bigly this year and during ever future election.


I just don’t understand why I am hearing more and more speculation from many conservative commentators that MaligNancy Klink is likely to keep the house. How is that possible?

Isn’t it amazing how we never hear any ‘news’ headlines how the GOP only needs to flip fifteen or so seats to turn the house back to Republican leadership/control. In 2018 you couldn’t turn on a ‘news’ station and not hear how the Dems only needed to flip 25 or so seats for Klink to be the next speaker. Yeah, I’m shocked too.

After all the schiff the Dem controlled house has pulled since they came to power in 2019, I just don’t see how that is possible sans massive voter fraud at all levels. I just don’t get that logic.

If the house somehow stays Dem, we might as well punt the senate, and elect btfsplk and say goodbye to any kind of just and prosperous future for America. The dark ages will be upon us for a long, long, LONG time.

Voting for President Trump is worthless unless we deliver to him, and us, a strong Republican Congress. It is as simple as that. There is no good reason to vote for Trump and then split your vote by reelecting the Democratic Rep (Nancy’s tool) and/or Senator (Schmuck’s tool) to congress from your district and state.

For example: A Trump MGA/KAG voter in Delaware would be foolish to vote for the anti- Trump, anti ACB voting, Senator Coons and the Dem at large Representative Lisa Blunt-Rochester.

Note on Rep Blunt-Rochester:

She was first elected during the Trump 2016 election so is relatively new in that seat. I notice how I have not heard one thing about her – I had to look her up today because she is such a back-bencher. That tells me that Delaware is not completely full of left wing lunatics and won’t put up with lightening rod loudmouths like the members of the squad. But she still quietly votes along with and directly in support of MaligNancy Klink’s agenda on every important issue. She won with only 55.5% of the vote in her first race and 64.5% in 2018 during the blue house waive in 2018. A strong showing by Trump, or an outright win by him could defeat her this year.

Oh, how sweet it would be if Delaware were to turn Red this November.

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