Be Prepared for Democrat-Sponsored Street Violence on Election Night

A new USA Today poll finds that 75% of the American people are concerned about post-election street violence. – Golly, and just who would be perpetrating said violence? Wouldn’t that be the leftwing radicals in Antifa and BLM, 100% of whom are Biden supporters?

Yes, yes it would be exactly those people.

Wal-Mart reports record sales of ammunition this week as ordinary Americans prepare to protect their homes and families. Those are the Trump supporters, by the way.

This really is not complicated, folks. It’s not hard.

Business owners in the central districts of Washington, DC, New York City, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis and pretty much every other violent, Democrat-run city in America are boarding up their windows and taking other measure to protect their property as if a Category 3 hurricane were bearing down on them. Because guess what? That is essentially what is about to happen to them. The scenes of rioting and looting out of Philadelphia this week were just previews of coming attractions.

One spokesman for Antifa in DC promised yesterday to be out on the streets causing havoc regardless of which way the election appears to be going. Why? Because there is nothing organic about any of this: This is just a Democrat Party-sanctioned form of recreation to these scumbags at this point. They have no fear of arrest, thanks to police departments who have uniformly been hamstrung by Democrat mayors, and even if a few of them do get taken to jail they know they will be shortly released with no bail required and they won’t have to worry about being prosecuted by corrupt, Soros-financed local Democrat district attorneys.

Make no mistake about it, this is all a part of a carefully constructed and choreographed Democrat Party plan that was put in place early this year. If the presidential race is not called, the Democrat plan is to ensure that street violence rages in the cities they control in order to give their willing accomplices in the corrupt news media a distraction, an excuse to refuse to report on all the vote stealing their Democrat overlords hope to deploy to steal the presidency. For the Democrats, riots and looting, burning and cop-shootings are just “arrows in the quiver”, as Pelosi would say.

This plan has been transparently obvious for months now. If you’ve paid attention to what they’ve said in public, you know that Democrat leaders like Nancy Pelosi have been quite clear about it all, excusing the violence and dog-whistling their sanction for it at every opportunity.

In Philly on Wednesday, police captured a large van filled with firearms, ammunition, explosives and other riot paraphernalia. Who do you think pays for all of that? The local street thugs looting the local Wal-Mart? Or might it be whoever funds the out-of-state, paid agitators who are brought in on caravans of huge, unmarked buses in the dead of night?

Again, this is not hard or complicated.

If you live in a Democrat Party-controlled city like those mentioned above, this is what you can expect to see happening in your town beginning around dark-thirty on Election Night. I’ve been warning about this for at least six months: This is coming, it will make what happened after the 2016 election look like elementary school recess, and it is all just a choreographed part of the Democrat Party’s efforts to seize control of the national government by any means necessary.

Regardless of where you live, if you think that just because it all begins in the central districts of those big, Democrat-run cities that it won’t eventually impact you, you would do well to re-think that assumption. You’re a target, too, and if these people win, they will be coming to see you and your family soon enough.

So maybe, just maybe,  a trip to Wal-Mart this weekend might not be a bad idea.

Be safe.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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The Einous

If you’re not ready for Nov 3 – 15th, it’s on you.
I’ve been ready for the last 10 years.


Agree Brian,

Just look at how nutsy people get on ‘Black Friday’ fighting over sale items after Thanksgiving.

I’m reminded of the movie (one of the Travolta/Alley movies from the “Look Who’s Talking…” franchise) where Alley says we have to stock up on supplies for an emergency and Travolta (as he is cleaning a gun) says don’t worry, with this who do you think is going to go hungry/thirsty?

I was actually surprised that ‘message’ was actually allowed in a Hollywood movie thirty or so years ago.

A Nonymous

Note to those shopping at China (Wal) Mart the comrade kommissar CEO has come out in favor of the global reset and is removing guns and ammo from stores that still have those items.
The devil’s best trick is convincing the world that he doesn’t exist and these Bolshevik corporate con artists have convinced the comrades that they are capitalist.
Most have been preparing since the alarm warning klaxons sounded after the immaculate Hussein Hopenchange uttered the words…Fundamental Transformation.
Locally CPUSA comrades were out trying to pick fights and throwing plastic pop containers at vehicles when the cool rock star messiah was immaculated and this is Red State land.
BBL-Filling up some water containers.


A Non…,

Agree with you too. But there actually was a good reason stated why Walmart and others removed guns and ammo from their stores. Since they are targeted for all the ‘free stuff/”reparations” why allow the anarchists access to a small arsenal?

Anyway, if thinking Americans haven’t stocked up on vital ‘supplies’ by now it is too late.


I say bring it. I’m ready.


I consider post-election violence to be a given. Just look at pro-sports championships–in Leftist cities they even riot when their team wins! BLM/Antifa terrorists will riot no matter what happens on Tuesday. They’ll obviously riot if they don’t get their way and Trump wins…but they’ll riot all the same if Biden wins just to remind the police and decent Americans of what’s coming, because the Communism still isn’t happening fast enough for them, and because they’ll be in the mood to celebrate and get some free stuff.


For what it’s worth, M.P. guard units have been on orders for months now, and are training to deal with civilians here by DHS.


Hi Our President is going to issue the InSurredtion act on Nov 3 and make include Marshall law to arrest anylocal officials who are commuting sedition ( allowing rioting to continue and not enforcing the law ) .

Jimmy MacAfee

Possible. Would be a good idea.

Va Gent

Here in central VA, me and mine can survive with the entire grid shut down for 30+ days without ever leaving the compound. Gotta gas everything up this weekend, hit the liquor store one more time, and CLP some cold blue steel. Everything else is in place, and has been for some time. Word to the wise for all who read here: WATER is your most important prepping consideration! Remember the “Rules of 3’s”, which are: You can survive 3 minutes without air, 3 weeks without food, but only 3 DAYS without water. 1 gallon/person/day minimum, 3 gallons/person/day optimal. Keep the faith, keep your powder dry, and keep your head on a swivel. We’ll get through whatever is to come.


I think most flyover and rural folks will do fine as most are conservative and have seen the need to be prepared, even a little. Its the city, urbanites, those in demoncrap controlled places that are going to wish they’d prep’d. To late now…


Prepared here at the Jonesy compound…gonna grab a few more essentials this weekend.

Where on earth is there a Walmart that has ammunition? Beyond mostly bare shelves, I haven’t seen anything except odd-ball calibers and some 12ga field loads including at the 2 local Dunham’s by me. I usually buy online, and the most common calibers are 2-3 times the normal cost IF you can find them. LGSs near me are totally out of pistol ammo like 9mm and .380, or won’t sell to you unless you are also buying range time.

I fully expect Trump to change tone on the riots once he is confirmed. I’d give it a month before all of these hot spots quiet down. It may take widespread use of the NG, as I don’t expect a change in local DAs, city leadership or Police tactics. If it gets really bad, I also expect to see a few instances where fed up citizens decide they have had enough of the BLM and the black bloc.


Anyone thinking they can do a last minute prep is sorely going to be disappointed. People in times of plenty think it will continue and don’t consider any emergency preparation necessary, bad mistake.

You don’t need to go into full on prep’r bunker building with auto-turret defensive system and five years supply of food stuffs. But, not having an emergency contingency is equally foolish as well. Emergencies don’t often announce themselves ahead of time and being caught flat footed puts you at an immediate disadvantage and open to exploitation. Like having to pay 2 – 3, or more, the normal costs on products like ammunition, water, batteries, food, etc etc…

No planning leads to losing your wealth and paying much higher costs for necessities, and becoming a target when you are seen packing in ‘supplies’ during an emergency. Instead, a long term plan is to buy things like bulk dry goods a little at a time. When somethings on sale buy 2 or 3 and storing the half, pretty soon you have a full hamper with little pain. Keep a small amount of cash stashed away and don’t rely on banks to hold your wealth. Banks, in an emergency will stop you from withdrawing your money. And, leaving a bank during an emergency is like painting a very large target on your back. To secure your wealth buy items that are tradable, like gold and silver, which in emergencies increase in value. A little goes a long way.

Saying all this for those that don’t know. A little preparation means the difference of being able to ride out a storm in the safety of your home. Or taking the risk of going out and trying to get supplies with the thousands that are out there competing for those same supplies, and may be far more desperate than you.

Its a war… stay vigilant.


This week’s Philadelphia riots are just a rehearsal, a dry run, of what is going to happen on election night regardless who wins.

As I alluded to in the discussion post, I believe these Philadelphia riots could have the effect of waking up the white middle and upper-middle class suburbs surrounding the city to finally vote bigly AGAINST all Democrats. When one’s ox is about to be gored, one’s politics can change quickly.

For the pasty white liberal intellectuals who live in Bucks and Montgomery and other counties that boarder Philadelphia, I look for them to finally wake up to reality. Portland, Seattle, and Minneapolis may be thousands of miles away (out of sight – and well suppressed by the media – out of mind as the saying goes), but when the wolves who are coming for your property are less than twenty miles away, things become a bit more real.

I hope this most recent display of Democratic sponsored reign of terror finally shows to many btfsplk leaning voters in SE Pennsylvania and everywhere how evil their cause is.

November 3 will show whether or not the Dems have overplayed their very weak hand.

Jimmy MacAfee

I have doubts, because when Trump wins, the billionaires supporting ANTIFA/BLM aren’t going to expose themselves like Hunter Biden to a teenager; they want to keep their money for other evil projects. It is best to prepare, though.

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