WATCH: Biden at a Loss for Words When Confronted With the Truth

I don’t know where or when this happened, but watch the clip below as Traitor Joe Biden has no ability to respond coherently when confronted with the plain truth about the Biden Crime Family and its mob-like influence-peddling schemes:

The guy doing the heckling should be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his efforts.

That is all.

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12 thoughts on “WATCH: Biden at a Loss for Words When Confronted With the Truth

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    Jimmy MacAfee - October 29, 2020

    A funny thing about this: the number of people attending were so small, they couldn’t even out-shout the heckler. Pathetic.

    And Joe looked like a little kid, stumbling about, turning this way and that, after having been caught at something. Not exactly inspiring.

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    Jimmy MacAfee - October 29, 2020

    One of the big “tells” when QuidPro is lying is his use of a smile to deflect and dissuade. It is perfectly practiced, and foolishly displayed – because every time he lies, he smiles that huge horse-smile with those huge horse-teeth.

    He did it in the debates, he tried it when the Patriot challenged him. It’s a tell.

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      Gregg - October 29, 2020

      And Jimmy Peanut did the same. Ever notice how white the 77 year old’s teeth are? Everything about these people are phony.

      All Democrats are Phony Ponies.

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    Gregg - October 29, 2020


    You should keep posting the two clips where btfsplk was at the CFR saying sombitch he (the Ukraine prosecutor of Hunter and Barisma) was fired and last week when he spoke of his and ‘the One’s’ creation of the biggest vote fraud organization in history.

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      Jimmy MacAfee - October 29, 2020

      Add to that the smile CorruptoJoe pastes on his face whenever he wants to deflect from his corruption or his son’s corruption. You could make a montage of that, too.

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    jack johnson - October 29, 2020

    When a heckler speaks it`s the only time Quid Pro Joe gets tough questions about his degenerate corrupt family, reporters certainly won`t do it.

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      Jimmy MacAfee - October 29, 2020

      The few times they did ask anything damaging, QuidPro erupted – at the same time he put on a great big fake smile. Just like he tried to do with the heckler: fake smile.

      With the heckler, though, notice that QuidPro looked like a confused squirrel in a cage? He was looking for help, and none came.

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    D3F1ANT - October 29, 2020

    Joe’s zombie followers don’t even care. It’s astounding.

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    Gregg - October 29, 2020

    Just heard on the top of the hour local radio ‘news’ that “probable” CV-19 “cases” will be included in the ‘actual’ CV-19 “cases” here in my state. The “probable” cases will be considered from the amount of people who came in contact with or were possibly exposed to the ‘actual’ cases.

    Hey media, why not just go all out and report: There are 300,000,000 million “new” cases in the US which is all Trump’s fault because of his rallies or some such nonsense? And whatever you Trump “Chumps” you do don’t go to the polls and vote (you might die), because OUR polls say Trump has no chance anywhere, so stay home and accept the inevitable Harris/Biden win which will end the riots and the Wuflu and we can all return to “normal”, with whoever runs the H/B presidency, and Schmuckster and Klink dictating your life for the rest of your lives.

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    Roger Bryant - October 29, 2020

    They’re Dogface pony Soldiers!

    1. Reply
      Gregg - October 29, 2020

      Dogface (Dem) donkey soldiers

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    Silas - October 29, 2020

    I see it as truth speaking to power. And the truth couldn’t be stopped. He was lost for words and his handlers dare not step in for fear of revealing even further just how weak and far gone he really is.

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