Thursday News Roundup: Early Voting Trends are Going Trump’s Way

Early voting trends bode well for Trump. – For those who, like me, are obsessing over the early voting trends in key swing states, frequent contributor Larry Schweikart has a very good piece posted up at this morning.

Here’s an excerpt from that piece:

As the Democrat lead in the Vote By Mail (VBM) mounted two weeks ago, many Republicans panicked. Not only do Democrats usually lead in “early” voting (which includes both VBM and “In-Person Early Voting,” or IPEV), but this year in particular—with the China Virus—their emphasis on VBM has resulted in stunning voting levels. So far.

Then, suddenly, the Democrats peaked. On or around October 16, their VBM numbers, especially in Florida, began to slow. Although they had one last burst for the “Souls to the Polls” of October 24-25, it was their last gasp. When IPEV started in Florida, Republicans came out like a mighty wave, rolling over the Democrats. To date, they have over 1.3 million in-person voters. (The Democrats have not been, to use Joe Biden’s term, “chumps” at this, turning out 945,000 in-person early voters, but they are steadily losing ground). Democrats had built a 615,000 lead before the Red Charge, and now lead in total votes in Florida only by 242,102. While the pace of Republican voting is breathtaking—at one point they were adding 6,000 votes per hour—they are now on a pace to be well ahead of 2016, when Hillary Clinton entered election day with an 88,000 lead in the Sunshine State.

Ponder that. Despite the most extensive early vote/VBM campaign in history by the Democrats, Republicans are as of today poised to lead by election day. Even more astounding, they are within a mere 8,000 votes overall of winning Miami-Dade County. And right now Republicans in every county from Pensacola to the western border of Jacksonville at or above 98% of their 2016 levels (except Bay, Butler, and Leon which started later), but in these same counties Democrat turnout is lagging.


There is much more good news in several other states, so go read the full piece. You’ll feel better after you’ve done so.

Larry added one more tasty tidbit regarding Arizona on his Twitter feed late last night:

We are also having very strong early voting turnout in my home state of Texas, where the media has been heavily touting the potential for the Democrats to somehow turn the state blue in this election, just as the media has touted in every Texas election since 2008.

Some of you have no doubt been concerned by the recent fake poll paid for by the Dallas Morning News showing Biden ahead in Texas. Below is the estimate of early votes already cast in Texas by TargetSmart, a Democrat firm, which uses a formula that has proven to be accurate to estimate this in states, like Texas, that don’t require voters to register their party affiliation

As you can see, according to this Democrat firm, R voters are 18% ahead of D voters in early and mail-in balloting, which amounts to over 1 MILLION votes. Also understand that far more Rs are planning to vote in person on election day than Ds are. Texas will not be close, and Trump will win.

Stop worrying about Texas. There are plenty of other places to worry about – like Wisconsin, Virginia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

So, how’s the Biden/Harris Harris/Biden campaign going? – While President Donald Trump was speaking before a crowd of 23,000 Arizonans in Bullhead City (total population, 40,000), Kamala Harris was speaking before a pretend audience that the media wouldn’t even show because it was so pitifully paltry.

But that’s only part of the story. Check out this video clip of the stage getting set up for her 30 seconds before she was scheduled to speak.

Surreal. Absolutely surreal.

But what about Michigan? – Yesterday, some media-sponsored fake poll came out showing Biden/Harris Harris/Biden with a whopping 17-point lead in Michigan. So, if the Biden/Harris Harris/Biden camp really believed that poll, wouldn’t they be skipping Michigan to campaign in more fertile territory? Say, maybe North Carolina or Pennsylvania one more time?

Of course, they would. But that poll is as fake as Jake Tapper’s furrowed brow, so not only will Creepy Uncle McNastyFinger emerge from his basement lair to travel there for a Saturday rally, but he announced he will be bringing Barack Hussein Obama His Own Self with him.

So, what about Michigan? Well, the truth is that President Trump is ahead there, like he told that Arizona crowd yesterday, and as we all know, Barack Hussein Obama has no magic wand that would enable him to turn back that Red tide.

As for yesterday, Quid Pro China Joe did get out into public, making it all the way to a polling place to cast a vote IN PERSON:

My guess is that he just wanted to go see who was running for president this time. Imagine his surprise.

He will not stop this until someone stops him. – We’ve seen lots of stories this week about President Trump having a growing list of high-level officials to be purged from the federal government shortly after he wins re-election for a second term in office. That list is rumored to include worthless hacks like Christopher Wray, roadblocks to truth and transparency like CIA Director Gina Haspel, and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Esper.

Everyone should hope and pray that the name of the little societal menace, Anthony Fauci, also makes its way onto that list of terminations. I’ve been telling you since March that Fauci’s obvious goal related to COVID-19 is to extend the pain on the American people for as long as he can get away with.

On Tuesday, Fauci told an audience in Australia that is new goal is to extend the pain all the way into 2022, as reported by NewsMax:

It’s not likely that life will return to “some semblances of normalcy” before the end of next year, or even until 2022, even though a vaccine is near, according to Dr. Anthony Fauci.

“If we get a vaccination campaign, and by the second or third quarter of 2021 we have vaccinated a substantial proportion of the people, I think it will be easily by the end of 2021, and perhaps even into the next year, before we start having some semblances of normality,” Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said during a University of Melbourne panel, CNN reported Wednesday.


So, here we see the little menace trying to extend his vauted “15 days to flatten the curve” into a destructive set of restrictions on life and the economy for two solid years. Given the chance, he will be talking about extending it into 2024 just a few months from now.

President Trump desperately needs to not give him that chance. This little menace cannot be purged from our presence soon enough.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Everyone should do their own research, don’t take my word for it. Fauci and the NIH were doing research on bats, carona viruses and transmissions to humans. The research was shut down in th U S and Fauci contracted with the Lab in Wuhan to continue the research. I don’t remember what the dollar valu of the contract was but it was over 1.5 million dollars. Fauci is as much responsible for the virus as China is.


String him up now! No mercy.


Actually, that is a great sign that there is hope for America yet.

When they fail, however they fail, that is great good news.

But I hear what you are saying; with all the advantages every Dem candidate has had in at least the last thirty years, the fact they they still lose is amazing, and pretty “sad” for them.

Stuartswede at your service

Yup, as Don Surber said, if leftists were smart, they would be conservatives.


Pretty sad when the Dems can’t hold a lead even with rank and widespread Democrat voter fraud.


Don’t get your hopes up. Warner is a fixture in VA thanks to Fairfax and Loudoun counties. I am pretty sure VA will never return from the dark side.

Jimmy MacAfee

If many departments are sent to places unknown to the Beltway Elite, the Swamp being physically drained, then perhaps…


The guy sterilizing the lectern so diligently didn’t wipe down the microphone, then tested it, breathing on it as he did so. Harris walks up and grabs the unsterilized mic and uses it. Perfect.


I’m pretty sure she has held quite a few unsterilized ‘Mikes’ (and Willies and Joes and Bills) in her younger years and maybe now too.


Lot of people don’t like Rudy G, likely for the same reasons they dislike Trump. Have to hand it to Rudy, he’s fearless and wouldn’t have any difficulty prosecuting criminals regardless of their names or positions.

IMO, Trump should dump the Sessions 2.0 and put Rudy in as AG for his second term. Then watch the clintons, the brennan, clappers, bidens, comey… the entire criminal communist coup and crime families all get hauled into court.

Go vote… in person…

Jimmy MacAfee

I’m a little torn, though: I might want to see him appointed by Barr as Special Counsel, which would include the investigation of certain Mueller prosecutors and the whole Russian collusion fakery. This would bring everything back to HRC.

But then, he could investigate the Clinton Foundation.

I’m not a big fan of Special Counsels, but the regular DOJ is too spread out, with too many Theatres of War to be effective in all of them.


IMO, an appointment by Barr would give Barr the ability to mitigate any prosecutions Rudy would initiate, effectively hamstringing any real charges brought forth. Kinda like what he’s already doing…

I think if Rudy was at the helm then there would be prosecutions to the fullest. He’d be fulfilling his role as the person in charge overseeing, hands on approach as any Captain should. The Captain doesn’t take the wheel but certainly answers for the direction and running of the ship, which is the oft asked question… Wheres Barr??? Whats he doing??

Rudy could easily set about ‘special prosecutors’ to take on each of these criminal enterprises. Its not like there is a shortage of lawyers in govt and I’m certain there are enough patriot lawyers who would be willing to take these criminals to prison.

Until the judicial house is set in order these communist criminals will continue to betray the country and its citizenry. For this to happen, real justice, its going to take a fearless patriot willing to go where the facts lead and prosecute those regardless of who they are. and barr isn’t that person…

Jimmy MacAfee

Can’t refute your logic.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’d like to see that, too. Rudy knows how to dig up buried bodies and prosecute those who buried them.

Jimmy MacAfee

Look for stocks to continue to decline. There is a reason for this:

To keep everybody from selling their holdings if their candidate doesn’t win. If QuidPro won, there would be an immediate exodus – the market would fall drastically. This makes it less likely that Conservatives will sell, unless they had already, because selling low is a fool’s game.

So the markets are being lowered to keep the suckers in.

Same with the opposite: the Left – which has a lot of Big Money – would also tank the markets if President Trump wins re-election. Even though they’re stupid to be on the Left, they have to know not to sell when the market is low.

This is market manipulation.

What is not market manipulation, nor a threat? If Quid Pro won, I will sell my business property etc. within days. A lot of businesses will get out while they can, just as a lot of businesses have fled New Jerk City and Portland.

To rephrase a common aphorism: Money Walks, BS talks.

Jimmy MacAfee

PS: I had a chance to sell everything – stocks etc – during the impeachment hearings, as the Lord said I must do if I wanted to keep everything and then some; He also said that it would be better if I went through what everybody else was going to go through, as Jeremiah and others. I kept my holdings, after talking with my family. I knew that the impeachment was not the only threat on the horizon. Right now, I’d be sitting on 150% of what I had in terms of portfolio if I sold then and bought back.

We’re all in this together; thus Sayeth the LORD – about our place and position and standing.

Psalm 62:9 sums it up, for those who think their great wealth makes them great, or who thinks their great wealth will protect them.

“Those of low estate are but a breath; those of high estate are a delusion; in the balances they go up; they are together lighter than a breath.” ESV

In wealth (and in the wealthy) do not trust; trust in G0D alone.


I have always felt that if we conservatives have to worry about Texas, Georgia and even Arizona, we might as well pack it in.

I believe this “toss-up” label being afforded to these and other states is just another false flag to try to force Trump and the RNC to spend time and money disproportionately in those states at the expense of real swing/battleground states where the Trump and the GOP have a chance to win. Not that they should be ignored, but the rustbelt and some other states Walking Eagle barely won or narrowly lost is where this election is going to be decided.

Everything the left does is nothing more than elaborate gaslighting.

I notice there is not much talk about Ohio this year despite their never-Trumper RINO governor Mike DemWhit doing his best impersonation of MI’s Whitless and the former Ohio governor and postman Cliff Craven/Neuman trying to flip that state blue.

When Republican presidential candidates win Ohio they win their election – it is a true bellwether state which he won by 8 points last time.

I like the gaslighting the Trump campaign is doing by occasionally announcing the pulling out of campaign spending is certain states. His internal polling is obviously saying the state is (probably) won or is a (unlikely) lost cause. This is what a smart businessman does; spend money where it will do the most good.

Meanwhile, btfsplk and his PACs are wasting campaign funds in my TN. Please keep doing so Joe.

Jimmy MacAfee

I am truly thankful that Kamel is on their side; I would hate to have her on mine.

This is satire, but just barely:

Jimmy MacAfee

I pray in Jesus/Yeshua’s Holy Name that Senator Mark Warner is removed from office by the Lord, through the voters of Virginia,

Can I get an amen?


Amen Jimmy, and I hope and PRAY VA flips the three house seats that were lost in 2018.

I also hope and PRAY the ‘Tidewater’ area and Richmond go a lot less for btfsplk then they did for Walking Eagle Come on VA Beach! You are a Republican county and need to go for Trump bigly.

Newport News and Portsmouth, and to a lessor extent Norfolk, owes its economic survival to the military construction and bases; which candidate supports and fund the military and in effect supports you?

NOVA is a lost cause, at least until President Trump dismantles and moves a whole lot of agencies and fires a whole lot of bureaucrats, or ships them elsewhere around the country. He was able to move our embassy to Jerusalem in his first term; he needs to move so much trash out off DC – either to the dumpster or to the Midwest at least a thousand miles from the swamp/cesspool/septic tank in his second term.


AMEN, brother

Speaking of AMEN, great piece from my favorite author, (besides Dave), E.M. Cadwaladr, here’s an excerpt:

The leftist cry for social justice is the siren call that gathers up the lost, the misguided, the unsatisfied. The mirage that lures the dying farther into the desert but offers them nothing when they get there.

Jimmy MacAfee

Excellent commentary!

What atheists cannot explain – though they try to ignore it – is the thing called “consciousness.” It is a mystery that scientists cannot fathom: where does consciousness come from, and where does it go when we die?

Most honest people who think about such things find themselves uncomfortable with the subject, just like the author of the Big Bang theory wouldn’t brook the question of where the original particle was. If the universe is finite, as he and many scientists argue (and I have no qualms with that part) then where is where?

People who ponder such things too long go mad; their consciousness cannot extend beyond our own limits. Only G0D knows.

And men who make themselves into gods – such as Gyorgy Schwartz (GS) – are the most desperate and depraved.


Amen Jimmy! My fav response to an atheist is “Congratulations, you have more faith than I do -‘
Which always confuses the hell out of them to which I add, ‘- that something came from nothing.”
I wrap it up by saying, “If this – this world – is all there is then fine, you’re right @ I’m wrong. However, If I’m right & you’re wrong, you’re in deep shit.” ;<)


LOL… I pretty much do the same thing. I actually call them more ‘religious’ than I could ever be which is like slapping them in the face… When they go defensive, and they do immediately, I ask them to explain how ALL life, worms, bugs, fish, mammals and humans … somehow all arose out of a rock. When they spew the typical ‘evolution of course’ I politely ask which version?? and ‘evolution’ isn’t a process, its a theory and a poor one at that.

Keep up the great work…


Yeh, it sounded as if there was only one car beeping its hor-n.


Was that roundheels “rally” a rehearsal?

Still can’t believe all the dark Dem money can’t buy a rent-a-mob of mindlessly cheering lemmings to make it appear there is a real and viable campaign going on.

Jimmy MacAfee

The little head shake from Kamelface – I know this woman. I’ve met many like her – (well, not many, but some, enough to recognize the creature.) She’s cunning, not intelligent; twisted, not creative. And she remains as unlikeable as the day she started her ill-fated campaign.

To say that she inspires contempt is an incredible understatement.

Jimmy MacAfee

Fauci should be in jail, not just fired. Or at least put in a psyche ward, where he can play Chicken Little to some well-upholstered walls.

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