Discussion Post – 10.29.2020

Yesterday, a Michigan poll came out showing Joe Biden with a 17 point lead there. Meanwhile, Trafalgar shows President Trump with a 1-point lead and the President himself told a crowd in Arizona that he was leading by 3 in that state.

That is how utterly broken the public polling industry really is. It’s a travesty, and it is time to blow the whole thing up.

Discuss away.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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About the probably negatives of a Romney win: My brother had an interesting observation: What would have happened if Dukakis had beaten GHW Bush way back in 1988?

Interesting speculation, but there probably would have been no Clinton, BJ or WE, no Perot, a real Reagan protégé would have had a good chance of winning in 1992 which would have resulted in no Algore in a position of prominence and certainly not a viable presidential run, and quite possibly no BHO anointment. However, the congress would probably have stayed Dem for the last seventy years. Possibly Bush Jr. as gov. of Texas would have emerged, around 2000, but maybe not…

But it is an interesting “what if” to speculate upon, with Dukakis being another feckless Jimmy Peanut, with Iraq permanently in Kuwait, and with Kuwait and Israel begging for the second coming of Reagan in 1992.


We are supposed to believe that a media that won’t even report on the Hunter Biden laptop scandal and that is working tirelessly to drag a senile old man across the electoral finish line is somehow totally legitimate when it comes to designing polls?

Jimmy MacAfee

A liar is never to be believed. They’ve long since branded themselves.

But of course: their father is the father of lies. You know him from the Original Story. They lie just like their dear old dad did and does!



I was writing from experience as I was in several relationships with “woke” “educated” women when I lived in NJ, PA, and VA. Politics was rarely discussed as there was no point unless I had an ulterior motive wanted to sleep alone on a given night, but I made sure I cancelled their vote. When I wanted to maintain peace or get a piece, I pretended to GAS about their views.

Jimmy MacAfee

Thank You, Lord, no matter what happens; we know you are our Sustainer, Light and Truth. Many of us feared the end when Romney lost, and we were shown that he would have been equally – if not more- disastrous to Your Work than BHO. Forgive us for our lack of faith.

May Your Will be done.

Jimmy MacAfee

Polling has become as corrupt as the newsmedia, because it is intended to manipulate, not report, just as reporters have become op-ed writers, because their job (as they now see it) is to manipulate, not report.

Psyops. Gaslighting. Lies.


Gregg, for the sake of “real” males, I hope they are not in relationships with woke women. That kind of exposure seems to result in erosion of masculinity, rather than having any kind of effect on reducing wokeness. Where they do overlap, I agree vote to cancel them out!

Jimmy MacAfee

Yeah, of those types that become emasculated; a significant percentage choose homosexuality over their shrewish wives. I’ve seen many such cases, and these men were neither closeted nor lacking masculinity. It is a form of rejection, the most profound rejection one could make.

Women in abusive relationships sometimes do the same, but men don’t see nor feel the rejection quite as intensely as a woman married to a man who chooses a man over her.

Just a few observations, not meant to sidetrack the thread.

Jimmy MacAfee

When a liar (the press) keeps lying far past the point where anybody believes him/her (the polls) then anger sets in; people get sick of the lies, particularly (like Obamacare) when they cost the people who are being lied to of their material wealth.

As the quote goes: “a liar is not believed, even when they tell the truth.”

It’s one thing being wrong (I admit to that!) but it’s another to lie, and to insist that they told the truth. The MSM and the polls have no such self-correction. That’s a symptom of either corruption, or profound NPD. I think it’s both.


Love the meme at the top of this post but the Dem donkey is really a horse’s ass.

To all the real males here and throughout the country who are in a relationship with all these woke ‘educated’ women who are voting for the ass: Make sure you vote to cancel out their vote. You can keep it quiet and tell your mate you voted for btfsplk et al and then act shocked when President Trump wins.

Little white lies are ok if it keeps piece/peace in the relationship and saves the country.


Fake Polls, fake news, fake journalists, fake campaign promises, fake candidates, real censorship, all from the father of lies, the god of this world, unmasked.


President Trump has exposed all of the above for all to see if they want to look. The question is if the majority of Americans will act upon all this intelligence, actually be intelligent and vote for the President and Dump Every Dem on the Ballot.

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