Wednesday News Roundup: Bobulinski Revelations are a Ticking Time Bomb for Joe Biden

Fox News host Tucker Carlson aired a full hour interview with former Biden crime family “business” partner Tony Bobulinski last night, and we found out all sorts of things about the Democrat Party’s Unfrozen Caveman Candidate. Among the new revelations are:

– Adam “Pencil Neck” Schiff is responsible for Bobulinski’s decision to go public. Bobulinski told Carlson that he was outraged when Schiff started the false narrative that the Hunter Biden laptop was a part of a Russian disinformation campaign, and the media and Biden campaign started to parrot that narrative. The Bobs said that he demanded that Schiff retract his statement and when no retraction was forthcoming, that was when the made the decision to go public.

Thanks, Bugeyes!

– Bobulinski has recordings of various key phone conversations: Carlson played a recording of a phone conversation between Bobulinski and another ex-partner, Rob Walker, a former associate of Bill and Hillary Clinton (because of course they would somehow be involved in any mob-like influence scheme) in which they had this exchange:

“If he doesn’t come out, on record, I am providing the facts,” Bobulinski said.

“Ah, Tony, you’re just going to bury all of us, man,” Walker responded.

– Joe Biden could have kept him quiet with a single phone call to Schiff. He told Carlson that he had “hoped the Bidens would do the right thing,” but why he entertained that silly thought is anyone’s guess, given the Bidens’ sordid family history.

– Bobulinski had not one, but two face-to-face meetings with Joe Biden at Biden’s own request. During the first meeting, The Bobs recalls Joe Biden telling him, “My son and my brother trust you emphatically so I trust you. Good luck and work hard.” At the second, Joe Biden advised, “Keep an eye on my son and brother and look out for my family.”

– Regarding the infamous email in which Hunter Biden lays out to a partner in their business the various desired payoff divisions, noting that Hunter Biden gets 20 percent, Jim Biden, Joe’s brother, gets 10 percent and Hunter will hold 10 “for the big guy”, Bobulinski confirmed that the “Big Buy” absolutely was a reference to Quid Pro China Joe, the head of the family. It’s like a scene from the Sopranos.

There is much, much more and you can find a video of the full interview at this link.

Naturally, the entirety of the corrupt legacy media establishment will ignore this explosive interview just as it has ignored the entire sordid story in lockstep like the good little Goebbels Nazis they all are. Remember, these are the very same corrupt reporters and propaganda outlets who spent five years pushing a Russia collusion narrative without a single reliable witness they could point to publicly, without any recordings of incriminating phone calls, without a single incriminating email or text message [other than those that incriminated various FBI agents], without a single shred of actual evidence.

It’s the same media that reported leak after leak after leak for years on end without identifying a single source, without producing any real evidence to support what their “anonymous” and no doubt often made-up “sources” were telling them. The very same media that is only too happy to run in unison with completely unsubstantiated claims so long as they target the Bad Orange Man in the White House.

If it seems as if the national media establishment is actually repelled by real, hard evidence, well, it’s because it is, at least in any situation that might damage a Democrat or other prominent, card-carrying member of the deep state DC elite.

And if you think that the “media establishment” does not include Fox News, you should review the final 9 seconds of Carlson’s show last night:

Obviously, he got a ton of pushback from Fox’s management about moving forward with this interview of a formal naval officer who is completely credible and has reams of documentation to back up his story. So much pushback that he was obviously required to issue this word of thanks to Fox’s powers that be for not quashing the entire thing as his show ended. Makes you wonder what parts of this Fox management is still suppressing.

None of this will impact the election. – The simple fact of the matter is that all of this new information about the Biden Crime Family comes too late to really have a major impact on voters, especially given the Nazi media blackout on it. But every bit of momentum in the race is already behind President Trump, so that won’t matter at the end of the day.

But here’s the thing: the media blackout on this stuff cannot last forever. It’s too explosive and too well-documented. All they are trying to do right now is just continue the charade until Election Day has come and gone.

On the off-chance that Biden and the Democrats and their media co-conspirators do succeed in stealing the presidency, all of this stands as a ticking time bomb that would enable a Democrat-controlled house to impeach him and an eager, GOP-controlled senate to remove him from office early next year. If the clearly-addled Biden is not willing to go quietly into that good night shortly after his inauguration, citing very real and valid health concerns, the existence of all of this hard evidence would give the Democrats the rationale they need to remove him with cause and install the person they’ve wanted all along, the very pliable Kamala Harris.

The truth is that, any way this goes, any Biden presidency will be extremely short-lived. He will either go voluntarily a few weeks after being sworn in, or just as with Julius Caesar, his Democrat “friends” will let their media toadies pull out the long knives and take him out forcefully before the Ides of March have come and gone.

All of it can and will be avoided by simply re-electing Donald J. Trump. So, do the right thing, America. This is not hard.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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As a vet myself, I respect the service of every honorably discharged member of the military. But that is as far as it goes without proof of other accomplishments. That is not a slam on anyone but military members are just a microcosm of American society as a whole. My son, a former Army sergeant, agrees with that assessment; just because one dons a uniform doesn’t mean he/she necessarily dons character etc.. Don’t forget, many join almost exclusively for the benefits – especially during the miserable eight years of the Obama economy and ‘the One’ and BJC and all the way back to Jimmy Peanut did much to politicize the military and turn it into a social petri-dish. It is what Democratic presidents do

I do believe the military helps the vast majority of the youth who join it – it gives them a cause, a brotherhood and a sense of joining something and being part of something bigger than themselves. We would be so much better off if more of our young people joined.


I appreciate what this retired lieutenant is doing whistleblowing on the btfsplks, but as Errant Yat writes, it bothers me that 1) he kept quiet for so long and 2) he says he would have kept quiet if Schiff had apologized and retracted his Russia stooge story which shows his silence can or could have been bought. I always look askance at someone who wraps themselves around the flag, the uniform or the cloth.


Tucker should be talking to OANN. At least they would have let him do the show without having to get permission as he obviously had to get from the overlords of FAUX.


You are so right my friend, any vet should support Trump to the nth degree.


There is no chance Pelosi or any of the Dems would use this enrichment scam to impeach Biden. Dems admitting that other Dems are corrupt? And so close to the Clintons and the messiah himself, BHO?? No way. The 25th and the health angle is the easiest, simple way for him to go. And that’s if there isn’t already a plan for him to step down.

No, Trump will win this. Add this testimony and supporting evidence to heap that Barr should be working through. Again, not going to hold my breath…


I suspect that after his re-election President Trump will be doing a lot of house cleaning.
He probably has a long list of folks who will be summarily terminated or given an opportunity
to leave of their own volition. He’s had plenty of time to figure out who the snakes and weasels are.

Jimmy MacAfee

I wonder who put the pressure (not to air) on Tucker and how much? And how long?

All I have to say about the American public is this: if the election is stolen by QuidPro, and all the investigations and credible allegations are flushed down the sewer hole, there will be an uprising of a kind the Deep State has never imagined. But I’ll paint a picture for you:

Add all the people who have attended Trump rallies, plus millions of others, none of whom are racist, “extreme right,” (whatever the hell that is these days,) anti-Semite or Fascist, will rise up and destroy everything. They can lock us up in homes and with masks; we can block them in, taking away their food sources and their electricity and their water. Transportation? By helicopter only, (and I’d suggest they fly very high.)

Think any of the nitwitworks will be able to report? Hell, they’ll be first to be taken over! America will not submit to the China-firsters. We may all very well go down in flames, but we won’t surrender nor submit.

Fox News had better decide which side they’re going to be siding with, because it would get uglier than any of them might comprehend. Again: numbers? Trump rallies.


To my surprise, Fox actually put out a very good piece on the outright media censorship of this story. Bravo

Errant Yat

Mr. Bobulinski is what you would call a whistle blower and kudos to him for revealing this information about the Biden crime family. But it concerns me that he said that “Joe Biden could have kept him quiet with a single phone call to Schiff.” I’m glad that this all came out, but it seems Bobulinski would have allowed the Biden family to continue to hide their corruption and get Biden elected President of the United States of America if only Schiff had apologized for implying he was an instrument of “Russian disinformation.” Also he was ok about his new company being financed by the Chinese. This whole thing stinks to high heaven. I wonder how many other “global” companies owe their allegiance to the China dragon?


As a vet and a conservative, I have always been amazed at the number of vets who are lefties and are willing to overlook the anti-constitutional and criminal behavior of the demoncrats.

They didn’t take the Oath seriously, didn’t care that it was a commitment of character and personal responsibility that included the potential to have to die executing it.

Feckless oath breakers who will look the other way as long as they get theirs.

Jimmy MacAfee

Good points – but he’s a Democrat, apparently the kind that have occasionally in the past done occasional good things, once in a blue moon. None come to mind at the moment, but I’m certain that some examples can be found.

As to your conclusion: you don’t really need to wonder, do you? After all, what used to be the Chamber of Commerce is now the Chamberpot of Commies (picture that literally.)

If ChinaBiden were to “win,” we would be through – overnight. As was planned under a Hillary Rotten administration. They all want death to America, and it’s only a question of method.


Trouble is impeaching Biden is a win-win for the Left; then we get Kamala as POTUS.

Could very well be why Nazi Pelousy was playing around with the 25th Amendment two weeks ago.

It’s all baked into the cake.

Jimmy MacAfee

That’s what I said before: Princess Pelosi was gonna use the 25th on CreepyJoe, not President Trump. I’d figured that he would be made to have an accident of some sort – (maybe even COVID?) – which is one of the reasons he may be staying in his basement (besides or in addition to his declining mental state.) Safety.

He just tried to extend it a bit with his new comment about it being a Harris administration:

“I am Kamala Harris’ running mate. Y’all think I’m kidding, doncha?”

He’d be sitting in the Whitehouse bunker while Kamelface is in the Oral Office. That’s how he’ll avoid the 25th (or death.)


Censorship is suppression of truth, lying. We so need to punish these flagrant liars. Chilling words from Tucker to end his show. We are tired of being lied to.

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