Discussion Post – 10.28.2020

Tucker Carlson aired a full hour of Tony Bobulinski last night. Bobulinski came across as well-prepared and completely credible, tying Joe Biden into being an active participant in the efforts by Hunter Biden to sell his family’s name to the Chinese communists in exchange for millions.

The corrupt news media will of course absolutely ignore the story, which is, as President Trump likes to say, the second biggest political scandal in American history.

Discuss away.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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This one is really good too, the CDC itself says it has no quantity of the covid virus with which to actually gage the effectiveness of the PCR test itself. More lies!


Jimmy MacAfee

I remember when a friend of mine – a Pediatrician with whom I frequently butted heads when we weren’t swimming together – predicted publicly the ramifications of H1N1: hospitals overwhelmed, schools closed, churches shut down, catastrophe! And then…

They didn’t quite have their game together then – yet.

This was intentional by the Chinese, yes, but others were involved: the same groups of people who wanted to de-Americanize America and the West. The Chinese were offered a great big cherry to eat, and they did. Thank Fauci and his frauds.

I’d been warning on these posts about a medical dictatorship. We are seeing it. It is here. And it’s not just a medical dictatorship, but a dictatorship by and for those who wish to bring us to ruin. The author has it right on many levels. So many levels.

Next time your doctor wants to put you on a “new” drug that is far more expensive and has more side-effects that the ones you are on? Tell them you’ll “think about it.” You may even consider what meds you’re already on: do you need them? Are you taking stuff that they gave Jordan Peterson? They killed my Mom with that crap, taking her off Zanax cold-turkey.

Your health is your responsibility. Act accordingly.


Rings true hear Jimmy as well. Doctors and pharmacy nearly killed me three times when I was on Fentynal and hydromorch contin, for pain. I trust none of them. My wife works as a tech in a pharmacy as well and she would come home and say, “salesman just came thru town” because all the doctors would suddenly be prescribing the same drug. Coincidence I’m sure.

Here in British Communista the ‘health minister’ has stated a ‘resurgence’ of cases and the need to lock down everyone again. Even tho the governments own CDC site shows a stagnant and falling case, ICU admissions and death rate. There was a few extra cases in Hongcouver so the entire province has to lock down, businesses shuttered, except grocery stores because the virus avoids those essential businesses.

What is sad and embarassing is the bulk of the sheep just merrily comply. Nodding to each mask wearer and trying to shame those that don’t bow to the Nebuchadnezzars of the day. I truly am ashamed of what our country has become, once revered but now a feckless pathetic nation lead by a communist that admires his chinese overlords, a complete sjw brain dead snowboard SUBSTITUTE drama teacher. It truly can’t get any worse than that.

If it were possible I’d move to a red state in a heartbeat.


We feel for you Brian, and folks in blue states with mini Hitler governors. Keep praying that Trump remains our president.


My friend we totally do. If the US of A goes down and losses to the communists then the world is in a spot of trouble.

If that were to happen then us flyover should band together, North and South of the border. After all its fly over that provides ALL the oil and food for the country.

How long will the demoncrap cities survive with neither oil or food coming in??? When they’ve burned down the last Starbucks and realize they can’t get their soy latte anymore they’ll really turn on each other and destroy themselves. We could stand back, toss them a few sticks and watch the entertainment.

Our son has duel citizenship so we could apply but its a $10K head tax if we do so legally. Great incentive for coming legally right??? White, never govt dependent, conservative… all strikes against us, sorry no room.


Sheryl Attkisson is one of the last real investigative journalists. This will make you scratch your head, if you had not already heard the story.


Jimmy MacAfee

I wonder if Scott Atlas knows about this? If he does, he likely hasn’t spoken up, but since he HAS spoken so accurately about the current issues, perhaps he should be running the CDC?

Now, that having been taken off my chest – that’s what we call “whadya do about it?” – the issue of corruption in healthcare, particularly in the reporting systems (as is indicated in the article) is absoeffinglutely mind-robbing! So absolute, in fact, that the CDC (and NIH) should be immediately put under lock and key, with an order to maintain ALL RECORDS.

Time is of the essence.


Interesting piece on masks that goes a step beyond, does a good job explaining why people are so obsessed with their mask wearing. Psychology is multi faceted. Here is an excerpt.

“The mask doesn’t just signal virtue to others, it is a transcendent union with other people who treat the virus with sufficient seriousness. Whereas church services are unsafe for communities of believers to meet, people can form a community of COVID-19 believers by wearing their masks and nodding at one another from a safe distance. They can share in the feeling that they are saving lives, respecting science, and taking concrete action against the virus.”



Since TN’s governor basically punted the CV-19 response to the county mayors, we have the big blue cities becoming NYC south.

My county mayor has reinstituted the mask mandate due to the spike in cases.

After President Trump wins, gains in the senate and flips the house, we all need to remember the actions of these feckless gutless Republican “leaders” at all levels and replace them with people with real leadership skills.

Speaking about the house: I am hearing many ‘pundits’ doubting If Trump and the GOP is going to flip the house – in fact they are predicting the house stays in the state of Pelosi-purgatory. How is that possible? Given all the Bullschiff that has come from Pelosi’s playpen in the past two years, if the house doesn’t flip in a big way this year, it never will.

I haven’t listened to many of Trump’s rallies from beginning to end, but I am a little surprised he is not pushing real hard for GOP senate and house candidates, at least I have not heard it in the clips. Perhaps I missed it, but we and Trump will have great difficulty getting anything done without a full GOP congress. Many people say they want to return to “normal”; the only way that will happen is to keep the Democratic party from gaining or keeping control of the narrative.

This party needs to be buried in every way possible and at every level.

Jimmy MacAfee

Follow the money.

Just like Cuomo was allegedly paid off to put COVID patients in nursing homes…
Just like “environmentalists” who oppose fracking are allegedly paid by the Russians and Chinese.

Follow the Biden money trail.

But don’t stop there – look at Benghazi, which was not just an op to kill the Ambassador (it was that, too) – but it was a means to arm ISIS. (Qatar yer grass, anyone?)

Then there are the “professionals” in the CIA and FBI and other agencies, who knew darned well that the political appointees were using phony information from Russian sources to bring down Donald Trump – but did nothing. Why not? Why didn’t they stand up against these absurd and criminally abusive charges? It’s called “pension protection.”

Follow the money: for some, it’s gain; for others, it’s cowardice; for others, it’s treason. Let the cowards grow a pair, and the corrupt and treasonous would be on the run. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough heroes.

Enter Tony Bobulinski. Hero. Maybe he can give the cowards a spine, after all.

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