Tuesday News Roundup: A Red Wave is Building for Donald Trump

Lots of other stuff was happening while Amy Coney Barrett was being confirmed and sworn in to her new seat on the U.S. Supreme Court.

First, let’s look at the latest results from the two polling firms – Rasmussen and Trafalgar – that accurately projected the final outcome of the 2016 election well in advance. 

In Rasmussen, President Donald Trump (I still never tire of typing those three glorious words) has now assumed the national lead for the first time, coming in at 48% to Biden’s 47%. You may remember that Trump also led in the final Rasmussen survey in 2016, but ended up losing the popular vote thanks to the Fainting Felon’s enormous margin in a single state, California. Well, that, along with millions of illegal votes counted in her column.  We should be prepared for a similar result in the popular vote this time thanks in large part to the Democrats’ redoubled vote fraud strategy.

Still, this poll from this particular pollster is extremely encouraging. Note also that 2/3rds of this poll’s sample was taken on October 21 and 22, before the President’s domination of the final presidential debate, and thus very likely understates the Trump margin as a result.

Then there’s Trafalgar, the only pollster who makes any real effort to account for the very real and consequential “shy Trump voter” phenomenon. Trafalgar released a series of state polls on Monday showing the President leading in the states of Michigan, Florida and Arizona, all crucial swing states. These polls were take after that final debate.

Trafalgar’s most recent poll in the state of Pennsylvania had Biden leading by 2 points, but it was taken on Oct. 10-12, well before that last debate. It will be interesting to see if the group releases a new poll in that crucial state before Election Day.

Again, these are just polls, but these are from the two most reliable firms and are not affiliated with any corrupt media operation or university. They show what we already knew: All the momentum in this election is behind the President.

And then there is this. – The New York Times, no less, ran a piece on Monday citing new polling data indicating that President Trump is getting about 24% of the early votes cast thus far in … wait for it … Philadelphia!:

As The Last Refuge points out in this tweet, if Trump really does carry 24% of the Philly vote, Pennsylvania will not be close.

Apparently, the Biden/Harris Harris/Biden camp saw these polls too:

This is what a peaceful protest really looks like. – Incidentally, the Bidens and their evil handlers had to use an alternative route to get to their “rally.” Why? Because the main route to get there was overwhelmed with a sea of peaceful Trump supporters. Take a look:

This has been happening at every event Biden has held in PA over the past week. But you’re being brainwashed to believe that the guy who keeps speaking to empty backyards and parking lots is going to win in a landslide.

Yeah, no.

This is what will be left of the Biden/Harris Harris/Biden campaign come next Tuesday. – Hey, remember that big, yellow “Black Lives Matter” mural New York City’s buffoon Marxist Mayor Bill DeBlasio had painted right in front of Trump Tower this summer?

Here is what is left of it now:

See? Good things still can happen in the Big Apple.

He’s an elderly, demented Jeb! Bush now. – Creepy Uncle McWifeMolester ventured out of his basement on Monday to prove that he’s still alive and can move around without his handy IV. Things went about as we would have expected:

If you still think the Little Menace to Society, Anthony Fauci, is a credible person, watch this video of him being completely dismantled by… wait for it … Joe Biden and Kamala Harris:

Seriously, any questions? No? Good.

Finally, with Halloween coming up, I wanted to present you with the scariest video you will see this entire week. Watch it with the sound off and tell me I’m wrong:


That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Interesting video of Princess Pelosi, not having to constantly suck her teeth back into place.


‘The One’ in a screeching speech in Orlando (I think) to probably countless dozens, just said if President Trump had been paying attention to and dealing with the CV-19 threat earlier, we wouldn’t be having this new ‘record’ case outbreak this week. Yet, when the president was being proactive in February and March he was ridiculed to the max by Obama’s political and media minions.

Hey Barry, maybe, just maybe if your followers weren’t spending last summer, fall, and winter running a sham impeachment and trial against Trump, and if you had left him a functioning apolitical federal government bureaucracy (medical, intelligence and law enforcement) things might have been different.

Ya think?, you turd.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’m afraid he’d have to come up the evolutionary ladder to aspire to turd-dom.

Ben Colder

I am starting to feel a bit better about the election but still nervous I think old Creepy Joe the Sniffer Feeler upper is starting to show what the communist party is all about crooked as a dogs hind leg.This old communist is a damned crook he makes the mafia look like alter boys and that is no shit.I think that just maybe my man Trump may surprise the communists maybe but what do i know I am just a chump for Trump.


To add:

Since the Dems, including the ‘leader of their party’ (for the next week anyways) have turned on their golden boy, I look for “Doctor” Anthony ‘Demento’ Fluki, (he’ll be 80 on Christmas Eve) to retire by the end of the year one way or the other. After all, he has done all the damage one person can do to a great nation and his roll in that endeavor is OVER!


But I thought Fluki was a Walking Eagle and Nancy Klink “girl”/cheerleader.

But somehow, Fluki represents President Trump and is a Trump flunky? Really?

They are eating their own pre election.


Jimmy MacAfee

The sign in front of Jill? Looks like it could use a little blue pill…

Everybody else is taking Red Pills.


Excellent blue pill comment Jimmy.

And Jill and Buford T. btfsplk and all his voters need lobotomies.

PS: Rush just aired a clip of a Dem campaign hack who called Allentown. PA “Allenville”. Yeah, they (Dems) really care so much about Pennsylvanians (and all regular Americans) they don’t even know or care to get right the name of one of the larger PA cities.

Maybe bidenitis is affecting the campaign and the whole party. It, like liberalism, can be contagious to weak minded, ignorant, gullible, and uncurious people.


The BLM/Antifa terrorists are rioting (again) in Philly. That sure won’t win Biden any votes in Pennsylvania…as if promising to ban fracking and coal and oil will! Democrats are better at shooting themselves in the foot than Barny Fife. They never realize that forcing Americans to accept things we don’t want doesn’t win them support or elections. Well, I guess maybe they do realize that…it would explain their propensity for propaganda and election fraud…

Jimmy MacAfee

Reminds me of what happened to the crowd not long after they threatened Lot’s two visitors, and demanded they have their way with them. Didn’t work out so well with the wannabee violators, did it? (Same will happen to BLM and ANTIFA, one way or another.)

Marty Moose

Fauci looks like a greying Alfred E. Newman. (And should be taken as seriously.)

Jimmy MacAfee

You and Stewartswede are on to something.

I’d add that Fauci also has the persona of Vizzini in “Princess Bride” as he banters with Inigo Montoya.

“Inconceivable,” Vizzini says.
“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means” replies Montoya

Fauci seems to not know what works and what does not work, including the concepts/words “vaccine” and “mitigation” as well as “masks.”

“We have to have a vaccine.” Fauci
“Vaccines don’t always work.” Fauci

“Masks mitigate the spread.” Fauci
“Masks don’t work.’ Fauci

“Truly,” Dr. Fauci, “you have a dizzying intellect.”

Jimmy MacAfee

Nancy’s San Francisco…poo on the sidewalks, even on her driveway. A good metaphor for her promises!

Speaking of California nuts, I wonder if the evil governor plans to ban Halloween parties, since he’s planning to ban Christian (and otherwise family) events – Thanksgiving and Christmas?

He’s as bad as the Chinese in preventing Christians from worship and worship-related events. Is he a devil worshipper, or does he worship the devil in Beijing, who is apparently an acolyte of Satan himself? Strange bedfellows –


Here is the reason for the Red Wave, sooo funny, from Don Surber today:

ITEM 13: New York radio talker Mark Simone tweeted, “Why do Dems/Fake News keep running the same play that always fails, each time showcasing a meaningless mediocre loser to go after the President, like Bolton, Avenatti, Omarosa, Vindman, Mary Trump, Michael Cohen, Michael Wolff, etc. Always forgotten two weeks later.”

Because they are stupid.

Conservatives always overestimate the intelligence of liberals. If they were intelligent, they would be conservatives.


Jimmy MacAfee

Great link, and one of those items from the link feature a solid analysis by Scott Adams via Twitter.

Adams says that people appreciate and reward hard work – a quick summary – and my addition to this is what most of us saw in 1992, when H.W. Bush, because of Grave’s Disease, could barely pretend that he wanted to be re-elected. Voters I spoke with said “he doesn’t seem to want to be President.”

This applies to QuidProGropeyPervy (and now daughter- molesting?) Joe. He’s like a party balloon that’s been pecked one too many times by a crow.


The mini Menace clip is a keeper, should be a campaign add.

Jimmy MacAfee

Wonder if there are gonna be a lot of Fauci masks for Halloween?


I think of Chucky when I am unfortunately reminded of Fauci.


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