Discussion Post – 10.27.2020

Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed by the Senate by a vote of 52-48 on Monday, with only useless RINO Susan Collins finking out on the GOP. Fortunately, Sen. Collins will likely get beat on November 3, and we will never have to see or hear from her again.

I’m fine with that.

Discuss away.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Chuckie now says that “generations of unborn will suffer” because Amy Coney Barrett is on the SCOTUS. WTF?


Does little Chuckie now say that dying is better than living, and that abortion is therefore better for a baby than living? Were you born, Chuckie, so that you could prevent others from living?

Does he believe that being born – having a chance to live – involves less suffering than being burnt by saline (though now they tear the baby apart in PP clinics, in order to salvage as many body parts for sale as possible) So being dissected while alive might be preferable to SOME than being burnt alive with acid…? Is that was Death Angel Schmuckie means?

Shades of Dr. Mengele – what is the matter with these people?

Jimmy MacAfee

To my Fellow Christ Followers:


I remember “Evangelicals for Mitt” back in the day. Fake, fake, phony – just like “Evangelicals for Biden.” Liars.


As much as I despise Collins, Lidthsey Grahamesty, and Murkowski, we need them for now to keep and hopefully expand the senate majority. Hopefully we will expand it enough to make them and the Idiot from Utah irrelevant. The LAST thing we need is Majority Leader Schumer.

I suspect she voted against with “permission” to help her in a very tight race with a very liberal electorate. Perhaps she would have stood up like she did for Kavanaugh if her vote would have actually made a difference. We will never know.


Chuck the Schmuck, love it! That guy is so hateable.

Jimmy MacAfee

He’s an Edomite. Go figure.


Boy, listening to Crying Chuck Schumer’s speech about the darkest day in the history of the US Senate.

One would have thought the ACB confirmation was akin to the senate voting to surrender to Hitler. This hack is a broken record and hasn’t had a positive thought about anything ever; especially when he doesn’t get his way.

At least Jimmy Peanut could put on his famous schiff-eating grin, BJC could almost always put on a brave or serious face with a fake tear for the cameras when it served his purpose, and ‘the One’ was able to sound “president” with a lot of reverb most of the time.

Crying Chuck always sounds like a wounded animal at death’s door. He is not in any way inspiring and his constant lamentations about everything Trump and President Trump being the worst ever and the worst of everything has to be wearing thin to his adherents. When President Trump wins next week and the GOP not only keeps, but adds seats in the senate, I look for the Schmuckster to be removed from his minority leader position by his own caucus next year.

Depending upon how close Trump makes New York this year, we can look for NYC to elect a decent Republican mayor next year and to schiff-can both Andrew the Cuomo, and Chuck the Schmuck in 2022.

Funeral dirges and eulogies are celebrations compared to every speech or comment made by Chuck. And when he is not being despotic, he is filled with vitriol as in his threat to SC Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh when he said (actually threatened sitting justices) “you will rue the day…”. How so Chuck?

Cryin’ Chuck is the personification of dystopia blinded by extreme TDS rage – he may also suffer from riod-rage, I don’t know, but something clearly has this guy and most of his party’s members and leaders on edge and about to go over it every day. He would be Joe Btfsplk, if Joe Biden wasn’t already Buford T. btfsplk. Maybe he could be joe’s brother: Cryin’ Chuck Btfsplk. After all they were senatorial brothers in arms for so many dark years.

Jimmy MacAfee

Topic from yesterday – Biblical:

If anyone thinks the Chinese government is in any way good, just remember that they not only persecute Christians (and thus Christ Himself) but they also alter His Word in such a way as to be blasphemous and sordid:

Their latest doctored “bible” has a re-written story of the woman caught in adultry; in the REAL Bible, when Jesus challenges anyone who is without sin to cast the first stone, they all walk away after having dropped the stone. Then, after asking the woman where her accusers are, and she says there are none, He tells her that He doesn’t accuse her, either, but to “go and sin no more.”

In the CCP version, Jesus tells them to drop the stones unless they are without sin, and after they do, he admits to being a sinner and says that no one can judge by the law so it still must be carried out; he then stones her himself.

If this doesn’t shock you to the core, something is wrong with you. The Chinese Communists will NEVER be our allies, nor friends, and I doubt they will even be trading partners in the very near future. They are the enemy of all that is Good and all that is G0D.

No wonder people like Senator Collins rides with the devil’s party, and rejects what is good. May her path out of power be sudden and complete, and let her repent in the privacy of her last days, if it were possible for her to repent.


That Word changing agenda is global, evil and very specifically targeted at real followers of Christ, real Christians. Its not unique to China either as we in N America have out own versions and additions from those that seek to corrupt and undermine the Bible. The obvious ones like the versions from the JW’s or catholic, but there are people using ‘The Message’ bible as a reliable codex which is far from being anything remotely reliable.

In the last days there will be many false prophets, false teachers… we are there

Its a war

Jimmy MacAfee

Yeah, when you hear Lady GagGag criticizing Pence and saying that she’s a Christian, it makes one wonder: “Where’s the Fruit?”

There are a lot of people who have re-written the Bible to suit their sicknesses, but none so grave as the current pope, who tells us that it’s a “sin to proselytize.” (Huh?)

He is also Biblically illiterate, saying that the Lord’s Prayer needs to omit “lead us not into temptation,” since G0D does not tempt. However, what was being referred to is the leading of Jesus into the wilderness for 40 days to be tempted, and that we need not attempt (and surely fail) what He successfully accomplished.

This apostate pope has committed grave sin, most of it un-acknowledged and hidden, and he is unrepentant. So to hear him criticize Believers is…well, unbelievable.

If you’ve ever seen the movie “The Mission,” what we’re now seeing this pope doing in China is a replay of the movie, where the Pope at the time sold out Brazilian Indians in order to maintain his missions in Portugal. This is, similarly, a political pope, as dark as they come.


Sigh… Why is it my messages always go poof when I don’t copy them first.

I think most don’t realize, even in the catholic church, that this current pope is considered by catholic scholars to be the “Black Pope”. The last pope before the return of Christ. We’d know him as the false prophet, head of the one world church.

This is the pope thats been busy bringing in the fake christians like those within the New Apostolic Reformation, Emergent Church, etc and claiming the evangelicals are ‘coming home’. Also he’s the pope, that like Obozo. bows down to the enemy and kisses their feet, literally. Claims publically that muslims and christians serve the same god. Which in this case he’s right. They both serve the god of this world.

Interesting times we live in… like watching a nail biter game in the last 5 minutes to go.

Its a war… be vigilant.


I am proud to stand with all of y’all in support of the constitution and this country. Does a body good! Go Trump.


To Jimmy on this Pope
I feel he is at this moment filling out the job application to be the false prophet of Scripture, second in command to the Anti-Christ.

Jimmy MacAfee

Looks that way.

He wouldn’t know it, though, because he doesn’t know nor understand Scripture – only rules made by men.


Yeah Dave I want her to be defeated, but only under the following circumstances:

So the little bimbo and supposed Republican Senator from Maine voted against ACB saying it is too close to the election. You go girl!

Flashback two years when she gave an impassioned speech in support of Kavanaugh. One of her most salient points was the divide in the country and she was so dismayed by all the 5-4 decisions on key cases which emphasized the national political divide. Since Kavanaugh was replacing the swing voting Justice Kennedy his confirmation, in and of itself wasn’t going to alter the 5-4 dynamic. Especially since Mister Roberts has now become the Kennedy swing vote.

Hey soon to be former Senator Dingbat! ACB would be the justice that would begin to create a clear 6-3 majority which two years ago you so desperately craved. With ACB, Mister Robert’s liberal vote would be irrelevant and I would look for him to become or reinvent himself as a “conservative” justice which would lead to 6-3 decisions. Unless of course Gorsuch or Kavanaugh could somehow be compromised and corrupted like the CJ has obviously been – at least on certain decisions beginning with his Obamacare rewrite to make it “constitutional”.

As much as I don’t want to lose a “Republican” senate seat in this tough election year, I would welcome your loss in Maine if we were to pick up Alabama, Michigan and other seats from vulnerable Democrats. We and the GOP don’t need weasels like you damaging the brand.

That is what is really needed to happen to send a clear message to RINOs like Grahamesty, Murkowski, the Muttster and others – we are fed up and are not going to put up with their betraying weasel schiff.

I noticed President Trump hasn’t held any rallies in your state on your behalf. Apparently he feels the EC vote he got from ME in 2016 is either solid or lost and not worth the effort.

How is it that you supposedly politically savvy experts constantly kick your loyal constituents in the a$$ and then seem surprised when you lose? What ever happened to the political adage that says you dance with the folks who brought you? Your no vote will not gain you any Dem votes in ME when they have their radical communist to vote for. It is certain you will lose support from your base.

If President Trump happens to win ME, he will probably drag your sorry butt over the finish line, but the reality is you are a worthless hack with no principles and I wouldn’t be surprised if you were to become a (D) especially if you won and the senate wound up in a 50-50 tie a la that other hack RINO Jim Jeffords from Vermont to screw conservatives and the new Bush Jr. Administration. It was a short-lived screwing since the GOP regained the majority about 15 months later.

In conclusion, I would gladly cheer your loss if the GOP were able to maintain our same senate majority at 53-45-2 (“Independents”).

About those “Independents” who are also from the New England states: Angus King was a hack governor from Collins’ Maine and now is a hack senator from ME. And B.S. is the “Independent” Communist senator from Vermont. Both are inexorably tied to the demon party; there is nothing ‘independent’ about their thinking or voting. Sooner or later the Maniacs (I know they are called Mainers) and the Vermonters will see the light and move away from these five star gold plated phonies.


From Breitbart:

“…the LA Times conceded Friday, adding:

In this final dash of the presidential race, former Vice President Joe Biden holds a solid lead and his backers are working themselves to exhaustion. Yet Democrats still find that they can’t sleep at night. Their nightmare of 2016 — front-runner Hillary Clinton’s stunning upset by Donald Trump — keeps jolting them awake.”

“In his final dash…” slugs and sloths move faster and probably have more intelligence.

Great – keep working; keep stressing you Dem lemmings.

Someone in the btfsplk camp has to do actual work and attempt to appear to be running a national campaign because it sure ain’t Buford T. btfsplk.


For those Christians who are not voting for Trump because he is arrogant, boastful, and divorced, check this out. Moses, King David, and others that God chose were even worse.


Jimmy MacAfee

Also note that the China-philes who will do anything for China support a regime that not only persecutes Christians, but doctors the Bible to meet the CCP’s evil desires.

G0D is not mocked, and we will see what happens to China in the near future – as it ramps up the persecution of the Brethren. The Chinese Church (mostly underground) will grow and grow, because that’s what the Church always does under persecution. Guess the Chinese aren’t very good historians.

The problem with American “Christians” from various denominations, who would support a baby-killing ticket of all evil all the time, continually – Biden/Harris – by refusing to vote for someone who now calls himself a “non-denominational” Christian and who is acting like a Born Again Christian as well (repentance being key) – well the problem with these denominationalists is that they usually have no use for Scripture, unless they misuse it for their own purposes.

This is more than a political battle: this is a battle for the soul of the American People, Believers from all races and national origins. While many Americans are not Believers, they are seeing the difference between what is being offered.

The Chinese persecution of Christ-Followers in China is rapidly being transferred to governors’ mansions in several states and cities. A vote for Biden is a vote for persecution. Those who still don’t get it should be shunned and not treated as Brothers and Sisters.

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