Amy Coney Barrett’s Confirmation Finally Gives America a Reliable Constitutionalist Majority

It all went exactly according to plan. The senators all got their allotted time to pontificate and whine on the Senate floor; Mitch McConnell was able to sum everything up, excoriating the Democrats for their pathetic petulance and rank hypocrisy; 52 Republican senators did the right thing and voted to confirm the new Supreme Court Justice; 47 Democrats were joined by despicable RINO Susan Collins in voting against her; and finally, exactly one month to the day after she was nominated and eight days before Election Day 2020, Amy Coney Barrett was sworn in as the 115th associate justice to the U.S. Supreme Court by fellow Justice Clarence Thomas.

Happy Birthday, Hillary Clinton!

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You might assume I’m being facetious with that last comment, but if you don’t think President Trump insisted on swearing ACB in late last night instead of waiting to do it at a more reasonable hour today, you don’t understand Donald Trump. He fully understood the wonderful confluence of events he helped to create here.

Thus, a new day in America dawns with a reliable 5-4 constitutionalist majority on the Supreme Court that would be 6-3 were Chief Justice John Roberts not so obviously compromised and siding more and more frequently with the Court’s three remaining leftist activists.

But hey, 5-4 is all we need to secure the liberties guaranteed us under the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Our new Justice will be on the job today, probably showing up for work as I write this piece, and will have the ability to weigh in on every case the Court sees from here on out. Given what we know will be a massive effort by the Democrats to steal this election during the days and weeks after November 3, the presence of a 5th firmly constitutionalist justice is quite reassuring.

Regardless of how this election turns out – and signs continue to be that it will turn out well for President Trump – America is now blessed with the fact that Donald John Trump has appointed fully 1/3rd of the current Supreme Court roster and stands to very likely appoint at least two more during his second term. No president in American history has kept his promises in the way this President has done, and his promise to appoint strict constructionist conservative judges is chief among them.

In addition to his three sterling appointments to the Supreme Court, President Trump has now appointed and had confirmed a whopping 162 federal district court judges and 53 to the various U.S. courts of appeals. Even better, he currently has 53 nominees before the Senate, and 2 additional court of appeals openings left to fill before the end of the year.

What he and Mitch McConnell have achieved – together with Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham, who have chaired the Senate Judiciary Committee over the past four years – has been truly epic, a focus on filling vacant judgeships that is unprecedented in its successful execution. It is a legacy that will endure for decades. It is a stunning, consequential achievement.

We are seeing its fruits in the lead up to this election, with decision after decision by the federal courts to deny depraved Democrats in their crass efforts to extend vote-counting by days and weeks in various states so that their operatives can invent enough fraudulent votes to steal the presidency. Again yesterday, the Supreme Court denied an attempt by Democrats in Wisconsin to be able to “count” mail-in ballots that are postmarked up to 6 days after Election Day, an obvious attempt to engage in massive voter fraud.

In these decisions and so many others we see just how crucial Trump’s win in 2016 over the Pantsuit Princess truly was for our nation. Elections have consequences and no presidential election in our history has been more consequential than the last one.

Well, except maybe for this current one, that is. If we wish to preserve all of the incredible array of Trump accomplishments in office, he simply must win a second term in office given that Biden/Harris Harris/Biden have promised to move the clock back to 2016 in so many ways.

Which brings us right back to how important it was to get Amy Coney Barrett ensconced and working on the Supreme Court this week, where she can join four other reliable constitutionalist justices serving as a bulwark against the most extreme excesses of this communist Democrat Party and the ongoing betrayals by Chief Justice Roberts.

God Bless Donald Trump for her nomination and the 52 members of the U.S. Senate for confirming her.

That is all.

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The Devil Went Down To Georgia

A chess move to counter Roberts? May she remember the stompy foot threat by the Kamal of we won’t forget this.


“Amy Coney Barrett’s Confirmation Finally Gives America a Reliable Constitutionalist Majority” probably…but let’s not get cocky. We thought Roberts was a Conservative, too. But I am cautiously optimistic!

Tyrone o'Sorus

Something about her concerns me. Just can’t put my finger on it. Hope I’m wrong.


Oh, and just noticed Texas nudged out Commiefornia for the highest state tally! Need those Texans to be more sceerd, and vote for Sloppy Joe.


Site is REALLY slow today (but worth the wait).


Speaking of the Plandemic, they are in their final Kamikaze assault this week. The update today at 1PM (they update the daily numbers for each country at UTC+7) is almost 79,000 new cases, is the 2nd highest for the whole plandemic period. They already had the highest a couple of days ago at over 94K. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! You can huddle in your foxhole in fear or a-fix bayonets!


Communist democrats. Yes let’s stop with the socialist label and call them out for what they truly are. Make them hear it in public debate every chance we get. Once folks on our side start labeling them as such, their media toadies will eventually start working to defend them and that will get it spread even further.

Jimmy MacAfee

If ACB is a Constitutionalist, questions relating to the lockdown of Thanksgiving and Christmas in California and elsewhere should be dealt with a priori – before an emergency stay has to be slapped on Newsome and the other evil governors. Finding a way to get it to SCOTUS is the tricky part – but an Executive Order from President Trump might help get things rolling, because the Left will immediately challenge it.

Closing Thanksgiving and Christmas – hmmm. I don’t think that would even sit well with Sotomayor, only Kagan the Irresponsible and Unethical.

On the other hand, Kagan did everyone a great big favor when she failed to recuse herself on Obamacare: Justice Coney Barrett need not recuse herself from anything, anytime, on any issue. Kagan set the template.


Jimmy, I believe that the wuflu will disappear Nov 4, after the President is re-elected. There will be no reason to continue the masquerade. Its only purpose all along was to steer and steal votes from Donald Trump, and when it proves to be just another failed attempt, the whole mask hysteria and socialist distancing will join the payphone and the pantsuit princess on the pile of useless rubbish.

[…] of other stuff was happening while Amy Coney Barrett was being confirmed and sworn in to her new seat on the U.S. Supreme […]

Jimmy MacAfee

A couple people to thank here for ACB:

Harry Reid, who set the Senate rules to that the President could nominate three (3!) and possibly more SCOTUS nominees and have them passed without 60% of the Senators voting. Thanks, Harry!

Hillary Rotten Clinton: we thank you for being offensive to the Working Class (“Deplorables, “irredeemable” etc.) and avoiding places that might have voted for you if you acted like you gave a dang. We thank you for being unlikeable, even despicable – and therefore losing, and therefore making this day possible.

One note to those who would insist upon “packing the court:”

You know that President Trump could do that, too, if you insist? Let’s say another 5 Associate Justices, bringing the number of Conservative Judges to 11, with the Left being represented by 3. Don’t tell us what you wish for, Lefties, because you may be giving us some really good ideas! Thanks for the inspiration!


Harry Reid set a simple majority for judges up to but not including SCOTUS.
The Turtle instituted a simple majority for SCOTUS.

Jimmy MacAfee

Correct; my error.


It was a glorious night, and is a glorious morning, thanks Dave. One thing I noticed last night however, was that Graham (on Hannity) seemed to be shakin’ in his boots over his election. He was begging for cash and seemed really worried. I couldn’t help but think that if he had supported the president more with deeds than juts words, he well may have avoided these dire straights.

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