Discussion Post – 10.26.2020

At 9:00 Sunday morning, the talking points monkeys who man Joe Biden’s Twitter account sent out a message saying, “9 days. Let’s go!”

At 9:01 Sunday morning, Biden’s elder-abusing handlers called a lid for the day.

You just could never make this stuff up.

Discuss away.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

If I were a real “conspiracy theorist,” I might conclude that this election was designed for one purpose: to see if the American People are worth saving.

Salient points:

-The Chamberpot of Commies once applauded high unemployment levels and recession, because they felt that the American People needed to want to work, I remember the days when the stock market went UP at increased unemployment. – and that some said workers were “being taught a lesson.”

-If someone like President Trump, who has managed to unify a broad swath of cultures and national origin and racial identity and classes is not good enough to defeat a lowlife, criminal scum who can barely remember his own name? It means that maybe we can’t be saved, and that China WILL rule the world and we won’t be able to do a damn thing about it.

-If a Biden – whose policies are as poorly defined as the Obamacare Bill that Congress was supposed to vote for – can win, then it means that the American People just don’t give a crap, and can’t be counted on to continue to develop incredible technologies, terrific products and amazing agricultural goods – and can’t be bothered to provide the high level of services we now enjoy.

A vote against President Donald Trump, and a vote for B/Harris is a vote for national suicide. The question is: do we have the character to survive?

If this is a psychological operation, where we have a choice between a grifting, lazy and perverted moron named Joe Biden and a hard-working, diligent, focused Donald Trump – well, we had better choose Trump, or be ready to save at least one bullet for yourself when the Chinese (and the rest of the world) come to conquer, or be prepared to fight an insurgents’ war against them. As Winston Churchill warned – and expected, if the Nazis forced the Crown to sue for peace.

I have faith in G0D, and then in the American people; I don’t think we’re ready to roll over and die.


Apparently the little bimbo and supposed Republican Senator from Maine says she will vote against ACB saying it is too close to the election. Hmm.

Flashback two years when she gave an impassioned speech in support of Kavanaugh. One of her most salient points was the divide in the country and she was so dismayed by all the 5-4 decisions on key cases which emphasized the national political divide. Since Kavanaugh was replacing the swing voting justice Kennedy his confirmation, in and of itself wasn’t going to alter the 5-4 dynamic. However, Mister Roberts has now become the Kennedy swing vote.

Hey Senator Dingbat! ACB would be the justice that would begin to create a clear 6-3 majority which two years ago you so desperately craved. With ACB, Mister Robert’s liberal vote would be irrelevant and I would look for him to become or reinvent himself as a “conservative” justice which would lead to 6-3 decisions. Unless of course Gorsuch or Kavanaugh could somehow be compromised and corrupted like the CJ has obviously been – at least on certain decisions beginning with his Obamacare rewrite to make it “constitutional”.

As much as I don’t want to lose a “Republican” senate seat in this tough election year, I would welcome your loss in Maine if we were to pick up Alabama, Michigan and other seats from vulnerable Democrats. We and the GOP don’t need weasels like you damaging the brand.

I noticed President Trump hasn’t held any rallies in your state (apparently he feels the EC vote he got from ME in 2016 is either solid or lost and not worth the effort.

How is it that you supposedly politically savvy experts constantly kick your loyal constituents in the a$$ and then seem surprised when you lose? What ever happened to the political adage that says you dance with the folks who brought you? Your no vote will not gain you any Dem votes in ME when they have their radical to vote for. You will lose support from your base.

If President Trump happens to win ME, he will probably drag your sorry butt over the finish line, but the reality is you are a worthless hack with no principles and I wouldn’t be surprised if you were to become a (D) especially if you won and the senate wound up in a 50-50 tie a la that other hack RINO Jim Jeffords from the New England states.

Is there a problem with the water east of the Hudson, Delaware, Susquehanna, and Potomac Rivers?


If btfsplk were to somehow win against a very successful incumbent this year, think about what slop/schiff they can foist upon America after btfsplk expires. Hunter for president in 2028? He has name recognition and has a (D) after his name, and apparently that is all qualifications a Democrat needs to be nominated and possibly voted to be president.

Fully forty plus percent of the country is as demented, ignorant/stupid and self-serving as btfsplk and company. That is why I wrote earlier about how somewhere between 100 and 100,000,000 need to have their carbon footprint reduced.

We don’t have a fifth column filled with malcontents, misanthropes, freaks, geeks, communists, community organizers/agitators, and anti-America anarchists in this country, we have a well funded and, on a superficial level, well organized cancer that will never be satisfied and will never meaningfully compromise with any GOP/conservative proposal.

I peg the percentage of the population who fits that description at about 8% which equates to about 26 to 30 (depending on how many “undocumented”‘/unknown people there actually are in the country) million.

Perhaps an uncivil is inevitable, and necessary.

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