Get Ready for “All COVID All The Time” Through Election Day

So, we’re back to the “All COVID All The Time” narrative in our national and local corrupt news media. Following the horrific debate performance by Quid Pro China Joe Biden on Thursday, the Democrats and their corrupt media toadies have decided that whipping up yet another round of hysteria about the China Flu is the only hope of getting their addled, elderly guy across the finish line.

Thus, the full court press began on Friday, the day on which new “cases” of COVID-19 supposedly reached a new high since June. Sure it did.

There was Creepy Uncle McWifeMolester himself, venturing out of his basement abode to make a speech to another empty room in which he laid out is super-terrific-China-Flu-fighting-plan that would include a national mask-wearing mandate, another round of massive economic shut-downs and closing of Interstate travel.

Yeah, that’s the ticket!

There was the little societal menace Anthony Fauci pontificating on CNN, saying that even with a vaccine -which he knows full well will only be marginally effective – we’re all gonna have to stay locked in our homes and keep wearing masks whenever in public through not just the end of this year, not just the end of 2021, but through the end of 2022 if he has his way, which he certainly will under a Biden/Harris co-presidency.

There was Jack Tapper with his permanently-wrinkled brow, showing great concern and artificial empathy as the little menace droned on, playing his role to perfection. And there was the army of Blue-check Twitter wonders, repeating Fauci’s sage advice as if it were the gospel handed down from Mount Sinai, even though none of them believe in the gospel and the little menace has been 100% wrong about every aspect of this pandemic since the ChiCom government intentionally let it loose on the world last November.

Just how wrong has the little menace been? Newly-discovered and released emails show that that Fauci actually signed off on a World Health Organization-sponsored press release supporting China’s response to the pandemic.

No, I’m not kidding. From a report at


Emails obtained by Judicial Watch and the Daily Caller News Foundation via a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit show that White House coronavirus adviser Anthony Fauci in late January approved of a World Health Organization-sponsored press release supporting China’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The email refers to the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board, an independent advisory body created by WHO and the World Bank Group. It specifically notes “consensus for the GPMB to issue a statement supportive of countries’ (especially China) and WHO response efforts, and to call for urgent actions to further strengthen global preparedness and response to this outbreak.”

“Looks fine,” Fauci responded. “Please see my comments in attached document.”


“Looks fine.” Well, sure it looked fine to Fauci, who appears to be just fine with anything that is designed to destroy the U.S. economy and our society at large.

It was Fauci, after all, who thought “15 days to flatten the curve” was the right idea back in March. We’re currently in, what, Day 200 or so of that futile effort, give or take a few.

It was also Fauci, after all, who told us on one of his myriad national TV appearances that wearing masks has no effect on this virus, none at all, and was just a waste of time. Now, he’s telling us that we all need to keep wearing these masks – even at home and in the car – for the next two years, and maybe longer.

But of course, he himself is exempt, as we saw at Nationals ball park a couple of months ago:

Dr. Anthony Fauci warns Marlins COVID-19 outbreak could put MLB season 'in danger' -

Well, of course he exempts himself, because he knows the damn masks have zero effect on this virus, which is in fact consistent with what the actual science on the subject tells us.

But never mind the science and the dozens of times Fauci has contradicted his own advice in public and in his seemingly-daily TV appearances; there is an election to be influenced, so he and Tapper and the whole crew are going to spend the next 10 days whipping up as much false hysteria about the China Flu as they can manage, all in an effort to get their Unfrozen Caveman Candidate over the finish line.

Yes, it’s despicable; yes, it’s depraved; yes, it’s demented, disgusting and deplorable. But hey, these are Democrats and their media toadies we’re talking about here – you expected something else?

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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I used to work in Haverhill. Nice part of the country. I live in Milwaukee and all I see is Biden signs. I’m for Trump and so are a lot of us, but we don’t put out signs. If you put up a Trump sign or bumper sticker around here some a__hole will probably trash your house or car.


Born 1983.

“Intelligent” consistent reader but I don’t comment.


Justin the nick of time. Glad you are out there young man!

Ken MIller

Waiting for the Gov of Ill JB Pissoir to order a statewide lockdoen on 1 NOV to last till 4 Nov


The Covid-1984 Sharia is part of the reset planned by the people who really own and run the world.
They supersede all governments and politicians. Plan accordingly.

Jimmy MacAfee

You nailed it! Sharia compliant masks, though men are required to wear this version of a Muslim headscarf, mostly to emasculate us. I notice that there are places where no one wears one, and places where people even wear them outdoors, and there are people who wear them in their own homes and in their cars.

Shariah-compliant, and Commie-compliant – both at the same time! Shades of Jenny Brennan, the hissy-fit girl.

Johnson Whitehead

Great article David Blackmon!
Over the last 60 years, we let the communists fully infiltrate our government. institutions and corporations. We ignored all the warnings–we ignored all the signs. Even the Director of the FBI couldn’t wake the populace up to the danger. His warnings in his book, “Masters of Deceit” didn’t do anything. Then, the Communists destroyed his reputation.

After the Communists destroyed the reputation of Joseph McCarthy, the search for imbedded communists all bet ceased. The Communist plan of destroying our culture, destroying our society and destroying our morals worked very well. They bought off or extorted favors from hundreds of our government Representatives and Senators.

Not even sanctioning men using the girls dressing rooms created an uproar. Big Pharma operates with impunity because of it’s criminal collusion with the FDA. Our “justice” system is broken; the rule of law is virtually gone. The Communists are winning.

The Little Menace making the rounds of LEFTIST TV is only the tip of the floating turd.


Good thing the regular flu season just kinda stepped aside and allowed the covid to take all the accolades, so thoughtful and kind.

Wonder why no media hasn’t bothered to question why there are no flu cases… odd… I wonder how many of the covid ‘cases’ are actually the regular flu being credited to covid, because that could never happen right!?!?

Only zombies refuse to see past the BS being flung by media and demoncrap politicals.


? annoying… attempt 6

Praying that America, the last bastion of freedom, overcomes this antiGod, anti-family, anti-country, anti-accountability, anti-ethical and amorality, anti-capitalism, and returns to the God given principles that built the nation of the US of A. Then MAGA will be lasting when God is again honored and children cherished.

Jimmy MacAfee


I saw an article by the Financial Times on my newsfeed (that I don’t subscribe to) extolling the virtues of Commie China, and how they were eventually going to own us, one way or another.

Written, obviously, by a Chamberpot of Commies stooge, which is the equivalent of an undescended testicle. Just sayin’.

I asked for no more articles from FT. Defeatist stuff, designed to scare Democrats, who are born scared and stay scared, mostly of the wrong things.


Trying the shorter post to see what happens…

The short game is Trump wins, there will be some chaos for a short time, then Trump pushes thru more conservative regains up to his final retiring at the end of his next four years. The long game needs to be started now because what Trump causes in terms of swamp draining, criminal purges of DC will be carried over well beyond his Presidency. Its only a start and if a little leaven is left we all know it’ll affect the rest over time. soooo….

We also all know GOP doesn’t win elections, they barely try. IMO, choosing a career political would be bad news and signal a return to the ‘good ol days’. UNLESS, that political has the track record of actually getting things done, accountability, performance, making demoncrap heads explode. Challenge the celebrities and elitists who threaten to leave, to ACTUALLY leave.

Now is the time to watch the future players for who may be qualified to continue the MAGA resurgence, and NOT in year three of Trumps final four. Myopic politics is WHY the communists have been able to gain so much territory, that and completely feckless politicals in the GOP.


My great grandparents on my fathers side emigrated from Sweden in 1881 (legally). I have a Swedish last name and live in Stuart, Fl. so viola. Charles Momsen was Swedish, so they called him “Swede”, but I didn’t choose the nickname for him, although he was a brilliant contributor to submarine survive-ability by inventing the Momsen lung.


Me too! 1959 was a very good year.

I just wish some more people born since 1979 -2000 would find this site and comment intelligently on it.

Regarding MA going red. I’d love it, but it would be sweeter and probably more realistic if Buford’s Delaware were to go red.


Once again the reply to Jumper Bones and Stuartswede (does you nickname with swede have anything to do with Charles “Swede” Momsen?) posted at the bottom.


So true Dave,

Our feckless good old boy nice guy outsider governor has essentially punted the CV-19 schiff “guidelines” / mask mandates to the local fiefdoms of the country mayors and their health department’s “experts”. Now TN has a new round of “highest outbreaks of cases” since the summer in Nashville and elsewhere. So far, my county has not reissued its mask mandate, but other rural and semi rural counties have. Hell, TN even came out with a new CV-19 information website to ‘clarify’ the plandemic this week.

And the US Surgeon General’s ridiculous PSA’s pleading “Begging” all Americans to follow state and local mask wearing mandates so we can all get back to “work worship, and other activities as soon as possible. If that is the extent of the surgeon general’s contribution to the administration’s CV-19 response, I can see why President Trump didn’t put him in charge of the taskforce. As far as I’m concerned the position of surgeon general – supposedly the nation’s Top ‘Doc.’ – is another BS fluff position that can be eliminated.

Who needs a surgeon general who can obviously be bought off to lend his name and position to the mask-‘malarkey’ when every doctor worth his or her salt knows that masks, like anti-biotics, are worthless against microscopic viruses! When we have “experts” like DNCNN’s “Doctors” Gupta and the CDC’s Fluki, who needs this clown making BS PSA’s signifying nothing.

We all know this plandemic will miraculously go away on Nov 4 if Buford T. btfsplk were to somehow win. When Trump wins, CV-19 “cases”, like the riots – mostly peaceful protestors, will spike for a couple of days and President [re]elect Trump will end it and them within days. Then we can return to normal because, and if for no other reason, the vast majority of Americas WILL NOT PUT UP WITH THE CDC’s CV-19 “guidelines” and state and local (blue or red) mandate BULLSCHIFF.

We don’t need a vaccine, but we do need a national cure for (political) cancer that has metastasized over the last three decades at least. We’re at stage four right now! And we need to be inoculated. The best cure would be inoculations containing lead and or copper administered to the cancerous growths that are centered in DC and every other Dem stronghold (and some GOP ones too). And they need to be administered yearly from hear on out.


So true Gregg, after re-election the masks and gloves can come off of this President. He will undoubtedly pull no punches in words or deeds. He will finally be able to expose the plandemic for what it was, just like all the other arrows used in attempts to bleed him to death.

Jumper Bones

Still hardly any Biden/Harris signs on front yards in the wooded suburbs in my little corner of Merrimack Valley in Massachusetts: Andover, Lawrence, Methuen, Tewksbury, Lowell, Tyngsborough. Plenty of Trump/Pence signs, and lots of US flags. Curious how this is going to play out, since this has been a blue state for all my life (late boomer born 1959).


Jumper, would be so nice if Mass went red. You are my brother from a different mother, I was born in 1959 as well, seems like yesterday.


The flu is the last arrow in their quiver. The man behind the curtain is showing maximum new cases, however, deaths and real flu hospitalizations continue to fall, fall ironically in line with normal yearly flu deaths and cases, go figure.

And more censorship of a huge Danish study on masks, obviously being suppressed because it must deviate from the experts “science”.


The real issue is what the left accuses Trump of… voter suppression. Facts be damned…

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