Wray’s FBI Now Interfering With Senate Business on Behalf of the Biden Campaign

Tony Bobulinski, the former business partner of Hunter Biden who has declared Joe Biden was an active player in the Biden family’s mob-style influence racket and provided all sorts of documentary evidence to prove it, was scheduled to be interviewed by Ron Johnson, Chuck Grassley and members of the Senate Homeland Security Committee Friday morning. But then, the FBI dumpster fire decided to intervene.

Despite having gained possession of Hunter Biden’s laptop late in 2019 and done nothing with it, the dumpster fire FBI suddenly decided to show an interest in the case, insisting that Bobulinski meet with its agents instead of keeping his appointment with Sen. Johnson’s Committee. In response to this highly suspicious interruption in his Committee’s efforts to get at the truth the FBI has made no effort to discern for the last 11 months, Sen. Johnson issued the following statement:


Why the raging dumpster fire that was once a respected law enforcement agency has decided now, after having held the laptop for 11 months and done nothing, is the time to actually show an interest in its contents is a mystery, one we can be certain that its apparatchik director, Christopher Wray, will not be bothered to explain. One thing we can predict with great confidence, though, is that if you are expecting anything real to come of today’s interview, you are destined to be one extremely disappointed human being.

That is all.

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Hit me with your best shot, c’mon hit me with your best shot, hit me with your best shot, fire a wray.



Is there NO END to FBI/DOJ corruption!? And that includes Barr…not just Wray…and ALL the rank-and-file who bide this nonsense.


Yeah, but they’ll call it “protective custody” and it wouldn’t be surprising to hear of him being Epsteined, or Delacided either in or out of “protective custody”..

Where is Bagpipe (Session’s brother) Barr? Fire him too! The day after Trump wins. I saw somewhere the president just signed an order to get rid of hold-overs and/or inefficient bureaucrats. That should have happened in Jan 2017. Better late then never I guess.


Barr won’t intervene in this, he’s part of the whole smarmy swamp. Pink slips coming up for him and Wray?


Its like a ball of snakes, its tough to tell which head belongs to which tail. They are all interconnected, haspel, wray, the coup cabal heads and soldiers and the slimy dirtballs buried like ticks into the bureaucracy. If one can be brought down it may well start a chain reaction as all the rats turn on each other.

Its possible that Hunter may find a shallow grave and ‘pops’ ends up conveniently stroking out. I’d bet my eye teeth haspel and company already have something in play, shes a communist as well and gate keeping the china/iran/ukraine doorways.

As for Bubulinski… They’ll wrap him up and try to bury him legally first. Then if that doesn’t work he might get a front flat tire on the freeway that causes a single car crash that unfortunately kills the lone occupant.

Barr… rotflmao… laser focused… stake’n out a statue in Colorado for possible spray painters.

I think Trump should qualify for another term if not for his accomplishments then absolutely for the entertainment. He’s killing them with their own guns.


I’d be totally amazed if Bobulinski ever makes it to any hearing of any kind, except in a closed court somewhere inside the Feebee building. Or, maybe, persuaded to agree that he really didn’t see nor hear anything at all.
Way past time pull the plug on Wray and other top Feebies before they do more harm to this Republic.


As I said earlier, cooperating with the fbi was a no-go, down the rabbit hole effort. He’d have been better off just giving it all to Johnson and releasing a copy of everything to the conservative press and let them run with it.

Now who the hell knows what will happen. Pray for Mr Bobulinksi’s safety and health. the intelligence agencies are in the tank and all bets are off the table.

Trump needs to flush them all out in his second term. Fire every damn high level agent, director, White House staffer and bureaucrat that’s been there since Obama. Every effing one of them.


Look for the FBI to arrest Bobulinski before he is able to meet with the Committee(s)… He will be locked up in order to stop the train before it reaches the precipice.


I’m about to go full on leftist insane and start screaming at the sky.
Where’s Barr?? Who the fuck is letting this happen?? Why did the FIB (not a typo) sit on this for 10 months and now take an interest??
I’m going back to my basement. Wake me when it’s over.


Wut!?!? Just when its getting exciting… Just make some more popcorn, sit and get cozy because the plot thickens…

Jimmy MacAfee

It is clear that they’re going to do to him what they did to Romney: give him classified information in order to muddy the water and keep him from testifying to the Senate in any real depth. Likely they’ll also threaten him with whatever they have on him – just as they did K.T. McFarland, even though they had nothing on her, and General Flynn, even though what they had on his son was false and defamatory.

William Barr, if he has any balls left at all, will intervene – this is his moment to intervene, and Ratcliffe as well, because Intelligence is a matter of concern here and so is the Justice Department. (Barr, you need some extra T? I think they have it in prescription form these days.)

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, certain para-intel organizations were using Hunter Biden for their own purposes, allowing him to exceed normal levels of expected corruption. There is such a thing, you know: expected levels of corruption.

Besides, much of the Intel community is self-funded, much of it involving blackmail schemes (see: J. Edgar Hoover)

Wray is a rat, and he is leaving a trail of rat turds, and he needs to be removed immediately. Same with whomever he answers to – don’t for a minute believe that he’s the head honcho, just as Mueller answered to one (or more) of his dirtiest investigators. Wray is a lily that gilds the parapet, and is unable to even answer as to why Roger Stone and Manafort were treated as if they were dangerous terrorists.

The FBI informants – professional radicalizers – that stimulated some disturbed Anarchist punks to plan to kidnap Whitmer the Witless prove that PATCON is alive and unwell. I’ve seen some of that type of radicalizer, but they stop when I tell them how little regard I have for cowardly Confidential Informants. They’re so damn obvious, you’d have to be an idiot to fall for their shit these days.

One other thing: Wray is pissed beyond the pot for Ratcliffe interfering with the narrative he was trying to paint. Fire Wray, or put a minder on him, expose his Svengali and deal with HIM/HER with extreme prejudice.

That’s all I got.


Great to see the resistance works 2nd shift! Welcome to the fray my friends!!


Fray against Wray!!!


He is ineffective because China controls his wray gun. Senate committees were supposed to be grilling twitter hinee today too.

Jimmy MacAfee

Wray is somebody’s stooge or butt-boy – whichever expression you prefer to use.

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