Trump Won the Final Debate; Now, He Must Win the Election

How damaging was Joe Biden’s statement that he would destroy the U.S. oil and gas industry in last night’s debate? So damaging that at least one Democrat congressional candidate in New Mexico was disavowing him and her Party in real time:

Biden’s latest promise to destroy an industry that provides more than 2 million direct jobs and supports another 8-9 million nationally will have major ramifications down the ballot in close races, not just in New Mexico, but also in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, California, Alaska and the crucial swing states of Ohio, Michigan and most of all, Pennsylvania, the hub of the giant Marcellus Shale natural gas resource.

The irony is that Biden’s promise to “transition away from the oil industry, yes” came mere moments after he had outright lied to his national TV audience, claiming that he had “never” promised to ban hydraulic fracturing, a lie that Trump pretty much immediately disproved by tweeting out the same video he showed at this week’s big rally in Eerie, PA. That video shows both Biden and Kamala Harris promising to eliminate fracking on at least a dozen different occasions:

The President responded to Biden’s latest fracking lie by looking directly into the camera and telling the truth: “Basically, what he’s saying is that he is going to destroy the oil industry. Will you remember that, Texas? Will you remember that, Pennsylvania? Will you remember that, Oklahoma?”

Joe Biden can’t win this election without carrying Pennsylvania. He has no road to the White House without it going through the Keystone State. By promising one more time to eliminate the oil industry, the Democrats’ Unfrozen Caveman Nominee essentially told PA’s tens of thousands of workers who rely on the industry to support their families  that they need to “learn to code,” to quote Barack Obama’s infamous advice to coal workers.

In 2016, Donald Trump basically secured the election with a win over the Pantsuit Princess in their final debate. Last night, I believe he essentially did the same thing with a clear dominance of Biden, who became increasingly confused and fatigued as the debate progressed and even made the George HW Bush mistake of getting caught looking longingly at his watch about 2/3rds of the way through.


Despite the incessant interruptions and typically slanted “questions” coming from hack moderator Kristen Welker, Trump also got in the two most memorable zingers of the evening.

At one point, when Biden said “I don’t know where he comes from…”, Trump interrupted by quickly saying, “Queens.” Hilarious.

Then, when Biden rolled out the despicable Democrat lie that the border facility holding cages were an invention of the Trump Administration, the President responded with “Who built those cages, Joe?”


Then there was this exchange:

President Trump:  “He thought I shouldn’t close the border to China.”

Moderator to Biden: “Do you want to respond to that?”

Biden: “No…”

China Joe’s campaign staff must’ve screamed in unison at that one.

The whole night went that way, with Biden stammering through obviously-scripted non-answers and the President directly taking the issues head-on, displaying the genuineness that got him elected in the first place in 2016. Biden “won” in the snap polls that several outlets put out immediately following the debates, but that has always been the case with Trump’s debates. What matters is what people will remember from the debate over the next several days.

After the first debate, all anyone remembered was Chris Wallace’s horrific moderation and the President’s anger, and it damaged Trump. It was in fact the only presidential debate Trump ever lost.

From this debate, people are going to remember the visual of Biden looking at his watch, Biden being confused and artificial, Biden’s negativity and Trump’s zingers and positive outlook.

That positive outlook, Trump’s obvious love of this country and everyone and every business in it, will end up being the overriding key. Biden lost this debate – and in my opinion, the election – when he said at one point that “we are about to go into dark winter.”

Trump’s response? “I don’t think we’re going to have a dark winter at all.”

So, that’s it; that’s the choice America now sees before it: A “dark winter” with a clearly-addled, mean-spirited old career politician who has been on the take for decades, or a bright future with the guy who created the greatest economy we had ever seen before China sent its viral plague to our shores.

As one anti-Trump network correspondent was overheard saying to colleagues in the press room before the debate: “It’s going to be a long 2nd term.”

For the corrupt news media, it sure will be. For America, happy days are here again.

That is all.

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JK Brown

Do those 8-9 million secondary jobs in the oil and gas industry include all those whose job uses non-energy petroleum products? First, they’ll still need those feedstocks, but also, the price of those feedstocks will rise since the economies of scale decline if you aren’t producing fuel constituents from the crude oil. Not to mention, you need to find some use for those parts of the crude oil now not being consumed in the energy sector.


sshhhhhh… you’re gonna confuse the zombie communista demoncrap supporters…

We’re sorry but we interrupt this commentary to reduce the emotional stress levels of the zombie crowd by clearly stating the acceptable mantra..

” oil bad, orange man bad”

repeat until your feelings have returned to the normal state of hate for conservatives, Christians and country. Thank you… /s

Jimmy MacAfee

I take your well-made point: food producing areas, which also have much of the oil and gas, will feed Americans, not Leftists. Fill ‘er up!


Great debate performance by President Donald Trump. He actually let Biden speak and bury himself. A lot of the country remembers that once Obamacare was shoved down our throats, millions of Americans lost their healthcare plan, and the ones that didn’t lose theirs had to pay more for them.

I don’t think either candidate won the first debate. It was terrible, what with CW interrupting the whole time, Beijing Biden calling the President a clown and telling him to shutup, then Trump having to debate 2 people at once and would not let Biden dig his own hole.

This debate was much better, and Beijing Biden saying he would kill the oil industry. That alone ended his campaign. You could tell the drugs lasted almost long enough, just not quite. The last 20 minutes he was having a hard time. If a President does not have the energy to go at negotiations for hours, what good is he? If he can’t compete with the worlds best leaders, what good is he?


And Sloppy Joe wants to transition us out of our 2nd amendment too. Lying bustard.

jack johnson

We had a drinking game during the debate, every time Slo Joe said…”Come on man!” you did a shot….I got so hammered I missed the end of the debate.

Stick a fork in Biden`s campaign.


Good thing the debate commision disallowed towels at the debate. Otherwise creepy criminal joe might have gotten buried.

Old Laughing Lady

I hear Joe’s staff in the background at one point yell ‘Get off the stage’

stick a fork in it indeed!


It would be great if President Trump would hold a rally at Dover Downs racetrack in Delaware and win btfsplk’s state.


Glad you were able to watch a bit without you blood pressure blowing out.

My son posited Biden kept looking at his “smart watch”, that someone might be helping with questions and answers.

Old Laughing Lady

You’re the reason I ran, Joe.


“his “smart watch”, that someone might be helping with questions and answers.”

Never seen a Mickey Mouse watch have that capability. Usually the big hands gets in the way.

Jimmy MacAfee

If he has a smartwatch, it quadruples his IQ.

Jimmy MacAfee

“Transitioning” means killing.

It’s like when Terri Schiavo was “transitioned” out of life as she was slowly and painfully starved of food and water until she died. That’s what BleatingBiden wants to do with oil and gas; that’s what “transitioning” means

Jimmy MacAfee

Dave, just to quibble a bit: Trump didn’t “lose” the previous debate – he just looked awful winning.

This time? BS-Biden lost the debate. Healthcare was another big issue that people will be wondering about, as many have had this experience:

“WTF? Biden says I didn’t lose my insurance under Obamacare? Damn, somebody should have told me that: I thought my policy was cancelled, the ‘new’ policy premiums were way more expensive and the deductibles were through the roof! And Biden says that didn’t happen?”

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