Friday News Roundup: Pelosi Toadies for Iran and the Media Toadying for Biden is Nothing New

Here is the genius of President Donald Trump and his administration: They now have the Democrats sticking up for Iran. – No kidding, take a look at what San Fran Nan had to say yesterday in response to the joint press conference by DNI John Ratcliffe and worthless FBI Director Christopher Wray that both Iran and Russia are trying to interfere in this election:

“Iran is a bad actor, but in no way equivalent [to Russia].”

How pathetically un-American is that? But that is where the Democrats feel they need to go in order to keep pushing their “Russia Russia Russia” attack narrative against the President of the United States.


And speaking of pathetic Democrats… – In case you missed it due to the media blackout, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett yesterday in a vote that was both along party lines and unanimous. That’s because the petulant Democrat members of the committee all boycotted the committee meeting.

It just don’t get any more pathetic than that, folks.

And now, a bit of wonderful trivia from our “HO-LEE-CRAP” file… – Rasmussen reports tweets out the fact that Black voters’ approval of President Trump rose to…wait for it… 46%[!!!!] in its latest daily survey:

My goodness. Obviously, job approval doesn’t necessarily translate into outright votes, but if the President’s share of the Black vote amounts to 1/3rd of that in this election, it will produce an unprecedented Red Wave election on November 3.

Hey, maybe this has something to do with it. – The Washington Examiner reports this morning that the rate of imprisonment for the Black community under Donald Trump’s presidency is the lowest it has been in 31 years. Equally as compelling, the rate of Hispanic incarceration is down by 24%.

Here’s an excerpt from that story:

America’s imprisonment rate has dropped to its lowest level since 1995, led by a dive in the percentage of blacks and Hispanics sent to jail during the Trump administration, according to a new Justice tally.

For minorities, the focus of President Trump’s First Step Act prison and criminal reform plan, the rate is the lowest in years.

For blacks, the imprisonment rate in state and federal prisons is the lowest in 31 years and for Hispanics it is down 24%.

“Across the decade from 2009 to 2019, the imprisonment rate fell 29% among black residents, 24% among Hispanic residents and 12% among white residents. In 2019, the imprisonment rate of black residents was the lowest it has been in 30 years, since 1989,” said the report.

Screen Shot 2020-10-23 at 8.10.45 AM.png

Bureau of Justice Statistics


Explaining the rate, Justice said, “At year-end 2019, there were 1,096 sentenced black prisoners per 100,000 black residents, 525 sentenced Hispanic prisoners per 100,000 Hispanic residents and 214 sentenced white prisoners per 100,000 white residents in the U.S. Among sentenced state prisoners at year-end 2018 (the most recent data available), a larger percentage of black (62%) and Hispanic (62%) prisoners than white prisoners (48%) were serving time for a violent offense.”


Oh. That’s some news you will never, never, ever see reported on CNN or MSNBC.

What if you give a press conference and the “press” refuses to show? – Former Hunter Biden/Joe Biden “business” partner Tony Bobulinski found out the hard way when he held a presser right before last night’s debate. Very predictably, almost nobody other than OANN and Fox News showed up.

Here is Ted Cruz excoriating the corrupt news media for its latest bit of malfeasance:

“It’s part of a pattern that we saw last week when the New York Post broke this story, and Big Tech – Twitter and Facebook – censored it, and essentially determined that the American people could not even hear the facts. I think the degree to which the media and Big Tech are shilling for Joe Biden, are protecting him, are covering him up and not even asking these questions, I think it’s really shameful.”

Yep, it really is, Senator.

But, while this current episode of the media shilling for the Democrats seems fresh and new to us in real-time, we should all remember that this really is not new behavior by our corrupt, worthless national news media. They’ve been doing this stuff for Democrats forever.

Go back to October 1919, and Woodrow Wilson’s stroke that left him incapacitated. Wilson’s wife essentially ran the government from then all the way through early 1921, and the pubic didn’t find out the truth for decades. Same with Franklin Roosevelt and his wheelchair. The media covered up that disability for decades. Same with John F. Kennedy’s massive drug abuse and affairs with the girlfriends of mob bosses and Russian spies, not to mention Marilyn Monroe. We didn’t find out about any of that stuff until 20-30 years later.

Remember how the Washington Post and Newsweek sat on the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky story for months, and would have buried it altogether were it not for the fact that Matt Drudge decided to run with it on his then-fledgling website. And let’s not forget the solid wall of Omerta the media put up on behalf of the utterly despicable John Edwards and his fathering of an illegitimate child during the early phase 2008 presidential campaign.

This has been going on forever, folks. Our national news media has been rank, smelly, lying garbage for decades. It just seems new now because the fresh layer of rank, smelly garbage consisting of Twitter and Facebook has been layered over the top of it.

Look who thought President Trump won the debate last night:

Megyn Kelly is right: Trump won the debate handily. I explain my reasoning fully in another piece this morning. Go read it. Now.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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This is personal, Hunter orchestrates sale of dual use (military and civilian) American company to communist China. This is helping our worst enemy. The names Biden and Kerry keep showing up along with Obuma connected to completely anti American shenanigans.

Jimmy MacAfee

It may be personal, but it is also treason.

I’d like to see HunterofChinaGirls standing next to a long rope, right next to some former Intel/LE officials. I pray that he will ask forgiveness from our Lord, just before the door opens below him. Treason is treason.


The article below was from over a week ago, and says Dorksey was going to be subpoenaed to appear next Friday (today). Did he twatter to the senate today?


The article was written after the hallway grand standing from Graham cracker and Cruz condemning the Twit.


Also under the Pathetic Demoncrat header

And our senior Senator from Oregon is one of them. He maintains a “residence” here but lives in NYC because his wifey just can’t abide living with us hicks on the west coast.


Megyn who? Was she the one in need of a band-aid?

Jimmy MacAfee

As I recall, both her eyes were bleeding.

But hey, I’m not opposed to her complimenting the President. It’s a welcome surprise, and it’s how Christianity – (if she knows what it is) involves repentance and forgiveness.
Only the devil wants people to be held responsible for childish mistakes forever, and wants people to feel guilty perpetually and forever.

Let’s hope that this represents actual repentance, for her sake (not that her criticism of Trump was a sin, but it represented something sinister) Lot of liberals are so dismayed at their Demonicrat Party, they’re jumping off like fleas after a flea bath.

Hope Kelly keeps on the right path.


Thanks Jimmy for the correction in righteousness. You are so right, we should be the first to forgive because we have already been forgiven.

And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake HATH (past tense) forgiven you. Eph. 4:32

And I welcome a compliment for our President too.

Jimmy MacAfee

Good Scripture – and note “to one another.”

That’s a message for Repenters to other Repenters. While we should forgive “others,” it is most pertinent to those who know the Way, the Light and the Truth.

(I am in need of some cleansing myself, for some of the slime I’ve been “sharing.”)

Jimmy MacAfee

“Substantive” and “well-tempered” and “on point.” I’d add: disciplined.

Some of the crap BasementBiden threw out would have caused me to step over and relieve him of his fake horse-teeth. I suspect that is another reason for the rise in a number of polls for the President: the more unfair Creepy Joe was, to communities who have a sensitivity to unfairness, the more Creepy Joe slimed himself.


How is it that the Democrat party can subsist on hating America, maligning Americans, and aligning themselves with America’s enemies as a rule? It’s astounding that enough Americans feel negatively enough about themselves and their country to support such a movement.


Misery loves company… they subsist on blind hatred. Then the Party of hate, the communists, fuel the hatred which their zombies act upon… very sad


So MeAgain Kelly weighed in and says Trump won. Methinks she is just trying to resurrect her career as she tries to regain traction with conservatives.

Won’t work in any meaningful way. Most conservatives are becoming increasingly “woke” and intolerant of people who betray our side.


It took the forceful personality of President Trump and his laser-focus to finally expose the MSM (D) for what they were and are. Dorsey’s Twitter, just like the rest of the MSM (D) tried their best to marginalize candidate Trump and then did their best to remove President Trump in their coup collusion with the the DNC and the Deep State. In that effort they have been a day late and a dollar short and worse (for them) exposed themselves for what they are to a majority of Americans.


Honestly I find Ted Cruz to be a lot like AllHat lindsey or trey goudy… a lot of talk and no action. Worse is I find Cruz trying hard to model himself after Trumps very successful media presence, why”” Because he’s gunning for a 2024 run which will, imo, be a return to the career political swamp run government.

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