Discussion Post – 10.23.2020

President Donald Trump basically secured a second term with a pummeling of hapless Joe Biden in last night’s final presidential debate. Just one more way in which Campaign 2020 is almost an instant replay of Campaign 2016.

Discuss away.

That is all.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Not to instigate any wrongdoing, but…let’s make a movie, kind of a Rambo-type movie:

Someone loses their parent – like this woman – and they’re a SEAL or Ranger or other Special Operator? Maybe with a trace of hyper-alertness, some PTSD? They’d read Cuomo’s self-congratulating book, while their mom or pop died a miserable death in a COVID-infested New York Nursing Home?


Just a movie script, made from a book, based upon potential events…just fiction, just sayin’.


I’ll be the cameraman!

Jimmy MacAfee

Anybody write a book about a William Colby prototype, but a pre-event fictional account? That would be our author for this fictional novel about a fictional opinionator who inspired a fiction writer to write a fictional event.

Jimmy MacAfee

Not that Colby was a bad type – not saying that at all. He just had enemies.


William E. Colby: A Highly Suspicious Death
By Zalin Grant


He likely wouldn’t want to write such a story, but he might know people who did. Another layer added: a writer who writes about a writer who writes about an opinionator who writes about a fictional scenario that another fiction writer picks up, and someone makes a movie and then..Pelican Brief?

Jimmy MacAfee

It would be a fun project! Get Randall Wallace to do the screenplay, after we find an author.

Jimmy MacAfee

Kind of like the Vince Flynn book “Term Limits.”

Someone needs to write such a book, make such a movie. (I suspect that a version of this book actually happened with a former CIA Director who had a canoe accident, but that’s sheer speculation, with no proof.)

What are fiction writers for, anyway?

Or maybe I’ll write a book myself, about a stupid opinionater who inspires a novel about such an event, which inspires a follow-up movie, which inspires the real thing? Wouldn’t that be an interesting novel? A different kind of movie, but like the “Fisher King?” A loudmouth radio jock causes a terrible event with harsh, rage-inspiring words in that story.

But maybe I won’t write the book. Maybe the idea is just too unbelievable and even obscene, even if the actions of officials themselves reach the level we might consider “obscenity?”

Always wanted to be a writer, but I think I’ll sit this one out. Fiction has a nasty habit of becoming reality.

Jimmy MacAfee

Or like the movie “Delirious,” with John Candy. Fiction. Just fiction. Fiction about fiction.

Jimmy MacAfee

Add to that the movie “FX.” The ending was kinda neat.


Instead of giving the incompetent fbi all of his evidence Bobulinski should just turn it over to DNI Ratcliffe and let him oversee its dissemination to the fbi, so we all know it doesn’t get rabbit holed like the laptop was prior to the NY Post article.


I’d venture that see’n its public now there’s no way it can be disappeared. To many know about it including Ratcliffe. Question is whats Barr going to do??? Special council or slooow walk.


Someone fittingly called him “Sloppy Joe”. Glorious as Dave would say. And Don Surber called Hunter an SOB (Son of Biden) Ha!


Watched a few minutes too. The glaringly obvious bias, mike cut, immediate joe response but not Trump and the ‘moderator’ interrupting Trump to move onto another question so Trump couldn’t challenge criminal joe, was over shadowed by Trump civility. IMO, his composure,from what I saw, and criminal joes non-answers, were likely a mind changer for many who previously complained Trump wasn’t ‘Presidential’.

The only critic I’d have is Trumps speaking style. He tends to repeat himself three or four times without adding depth to him arguments. All moot now anyway. Judging by the ‘news’ I’d say Trump won the debate. When the ‘news’ says focus groups are ‘undecided’, you KNOW trump won the debate.

Its a war… stay on target until delivered.


He will turn the women voters back to his side if he keeps acting civil. He also made gains with the people of color. I really liked it when he stated a few times that he is the least racist person on the stage, because he probably was. I believe he scored with women and people of color more than other groups.

I think Trump’s upbringing and style make it difficult for some (self included) to comprehend what he is saying. I’m left coast, POTUS is right coast. I have met extremely intelligent people throughout my life and some haven’t been very good at the spoken word while they were savant like on math for instance. I think POTUS is actually that sharp even at his age. His mind is like a steel trap and it is marvelous.

Jimmy MacAfee

Although old horse-teeth Biden kept insisting, to me one of the biggest lies was his lies about fossil fuels and fracking.

The damage to Old Horse Teeth was already done, with the Trump rally video of Horseteeth and Camelface’s previous statements. The Trump campaign pre-empted them.

Note to Republicans: you guys had ammunition running out your back door, and you failed to use it against Obeelzebub. Are you going to go back to your losing ways after the end of the second Trump administration?

PS: (Note to Secret Service: any of you guys want your wives to go to a GropeyJoeBiden party?)

Jimmy MacAfee

An extension of the “Lie of the Year:”
Blowhard Biden claimed that no one lost their insurance under Obimbocare.


Oh, right: I still had my catastrophic insurance policy, but it really wasn’t the same policy: what HAD been an affordable catastrophic policy became both unaffordable and was no longer a catastrophic policy. It was filled with shit I did not want nor need.

That’s the kind of thing that makes me want to send Joe’s teeth skittering down the back of Joe’s throat. Lying bastard.

Just Me

Sounds like your catastrophic policy became a catastrophe.

Jimmy MacAfee

Lyin’Biden (from link above)

“Biden’s claim is demonstrably false. After the Affordable Care Act took effect in 2013, more than 5 million Americans received cancellation letters from their insurance companies, informing them that the health insurance plans they had did not meet the standards of Obamacare.

President Obama’s promise that “if you like your health care pan, you can keep your health care plan” was rated as PolitiFact’s Lie of the Year in 2013.”

Jimmy MacAfee

For the ignorant and uneducated voters who know nothing, read nothing, and depend upon the corrupt media for their version of the truth, Trump didn’t deliver any knockout blows. What he did, however, was to act civil, and that was sufficient to take away the bad taste some people had in their mouths from the last debate.

I could only stomach a few minutes of Basement’s lying, smirking bullshit. Had the Secret Service heard what I was thinking, I’d be under investigation. I’m guessing that Blowhard Biden angered and pissed off a lot of people, particularly anyone who has been awake for any length of time and has been paying attention. Blowhard made no case for a BlowhardBiden presidency, only saying that he’d do a better job with COVID (fact checkers may wish to note: Blowhard’s recommendations were mostly exactly what President Trump had already done, a month or more earlier.) President Trump did mention this, but Blowhard doesn’t listen. He clearly was reciting.

If “fact” checkers do their jobs, Blowhard’s lies will be blown to smithers. Don’t expect much from a lying press, though – just more lying, like Blowhard.

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