Trump Tweets Full 60 Minutes Video, CBS Whines

Trump just keeps on keeping his promises. – True to his promise made yesterday, President Donald Trump tweeted out the full, unedited version of his interview with old “60 Minutes” hack Lesley Stahl earlier today.

This is a very wise move by the President, given that he know “60 Minutes'” habit of heavily editing its interviews of not just Trump, but any Republican in order to portray them as negatively as possible. CBS also edits these interviews to cover up the sorry behavior of their own fake journalists, so Stahl is seen live and unedited in all her vicious, rude glory.

Here’s the President’s tweet:

No telling how long it will take for Twitter to censor it, so view it while you can.

CBS News hilariously reacted by posting a whiney complaint about the White House violating its agreement with the corrupt media outlet.

Note the network also promises to provide its “full, fair and contextual reporting” on the interview, code for “we’re going to hack this tape up so as  to make it unrecognizable like we always do to Republicans.”

You can be certain that CBS’s “context” and “reporting” will not make mention of the fact that Stahl imperiously insisted on parading around the White House while refusing to wear a mask, a requirement now of all visitors. Nor will it provide any of the “context” on the Trump administration’s enormous successes in reducing medical premiums and prescription medication costs for the first time in half a century provided to Stahl by Kayleigh McEnany. Because that is not what Stahl and “60 Minutes” view their role to be.

CBS News is a Nazi-style propaganda outlet, no different than CNN and the New York Times, and this interview was designed to damage the President. Simple.

CBS and Stahl are angry for the simple fact that the President decided to show Stahl for who and what she really is – a hack Democrat activist pretending to be a journalist.


That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Its great that the president is doing stuff like this…the media hates him, and he doesn’t avoid them, he takes them head on and exposes them. CBS is upset because he’s exposing how they edit this stuff to cover their ass and try to make him look bad.

I remember during DC vs Heller years ago how Katie Couric got busted editing her special to make gun owners look bad in her push for the gun control lobby. They’ve been doing this for years.


“No telling how long it will take for Twitter to censor it, so view it while you can.”

I’m sure the president got on the ding-wa with both Jeff Schmuckerberg and Jackoff Dorsey and told them in no uncertain terms if they censor or ban this in any way… – well let’s just say the senate has called these two anti free speech communist clowns on the carpet and their monopoly could really be busted up bigly.

After all the “source” is a “trusted” media source: SeeBS, unlike the NY Post.

Good to see the president is channeling his inner James O’Keefe and Project Veritas.

It really is amazing, Trump has been a candidate and President for over five years now and he still runs rings around them and all the wizards of smart at all the DC think-thimbles. Yet he is the stupid dolt who was never going to be president. He apparently has a “magic wand” who keeps covering these people in their own schiff.

What a beautiful sight to behold.

Jimmy MacAfee

It’d be interesting to see ALL of 60 Minutes interviews in-full, compared to the edited versions. The end of rabble-rousing, almost overnight. Stahl et al will retire, having had their power usurped. A Stahl without power is a stable without horse manure – and since she’s full of it…

Note to potential interviewees: bring your own cameras; establish the right to tape your own interviews, put it in the contract, have a lawyer sign of on it.

Jimmy MacAfee

Lesley Stahl is an empty stable, no horse, all crap – or rather, she’s the pretend-horse who fills the stable with offal. Even a river rerouted by Hercules could not get rid of her stench.

Lady Jane

I’m listening to the video right now. I can’t understand why President Trump didn’t remind her that they didn’t ask the democrats to condemn the rioters for not wearing masks. So sorry, I meant the peaceful marchers.


You don’t need to be on fakebook to view it. Just click on the link in the tweet Dave posted and it’ll bring up the page. Then just click on the video button.


Is Facebook the only place you can view it? I don’t do Facebook. Thanks


Dave, you must have read my mind. I had just posted about this on the Discussion Post.
I had hoped he would do it and he did. Nobody who cares will watch the 60 Minutes version now. It will be troll porn, for all those poor souls who just can’t enough hate Trump soup.


The reply button seems to be working now.

I hope even more people watch the SeeBS “60 Minutes” piece this week after they watched the real and full Trump interview. The dolts who regularly watch the “… widely respected for bringing its hallmark fairness, deep reporting and informative context to viewers each week.” crap that the Dan Rather (not) network puts out will be mighty surprised if they are at all openminded.

SeeBS schiff-canned their “NEWS” credibility with the Dandy Rather (and Klondike protegee) fraud hit piece of Bush Jr. just prior to his reelection. Now their “60 Seconds” (of real news) show has crapped the bed with President Trump.

Amazing how it only happens and such stories/programs only come out in Octobers when GOP president’s are seeking reelection. Where was the (legitimate) report in October 2012 when ‘the One’ had the Benghazi disaster under his SOS Walking Eagle and the Rice lies? Guess I missed that episode, or SeeBS felt it was more important to do another hatchet job on Audi or some other victim of their “hallmark fairness, deep reporting and informative context”.

I can’t wait until they interview btfsplk with the same ” hallmark fairness, deep reporting and informative context”.

Once again these thin-skinned dingbats who run what pretends to be our “hallmark fairness, deep reporting and informative context” media don’t seem to be aware of the “Streisand effect” which goes hand in hand with the keep quiet and be thought a fool… admonishment.

As Ron White says: “You can’t fix stupid”.


If I were Pence, I’d skip the “60 Seconds” interview or demand that it not be aired, or demand editing rights or approval.

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