Trump Bringing Tony Bobulinski to Debate as Audience Guest

This is getting very real. Fox’s John Roberts just tweeted this out:

Apparently Bobulinski is planning to hold a press conference at 5:00 CT. My goodness. What fun.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Could not watch the debate – 5 minutes in, I was in a wild rage, wanting to see CorruptJoe put in front of a firing squad. Call it BDS (Biden Derangement Syndrone) if you like, but that smarmy, nasty mother-effer deserves to be put in jail along with his corrupt son.

I was against the debate to begin with, mostly because it was stacked against the President. The only takeaway I got in the short time I watched is that BasementJoe lied, lied, lied, and Trump acted Presidential. That’s all Trump had to do, was to be civil in order to win.

I’m anxious to see the “fact” checkers this morning – the corrupt ones will back BlowfartBiden’s prevarications, but the real ones will tell the story: Blowfart’s lies didn’t require Trump to put a dagger in them.

Fracking lies
COVID lies
HuntingGirls lies

The first two are as far as I got. The Secret Service would have paid me a visit if they could have read my mind before I shut the tv off and read an old Doc Savage book.


The Left could have accepted their loss to President Trump gracefully, schiff-canned the Clinton albatross around their party and moved on. They could have been adult and worked with President on some common ground issues like infrastructure and really helped America recover form the Bush 43 and the Obama years. They could have recruited some decent candidates rather than leftist wackos, and groomed a decent governor to run against Trump this year, and maybe even won, and then revert to the their “managed decline” of America.

But no, they were just a bunch of petulant punks throwing a never-ending four year TDS fueled temper-tantrum, and supplanted their last blank slate/empty suit president (with no record to speak of), after they tried to segue from him to the full of schiff pantsuit princess, and now are running a career hack corruptrocrat with an empty head.

Some people thought BJ Clinton’s popularity came from his ‘regular-guy’ foibles in that many of us have done some dubious thing in our past, so somehow BJ’s WH BJs were ok, and for whatever reason, the soccer-mommies loved them some Billy Jeff. Now they are or were trying the ‘regular-guy’ approach again with “lunch-bucket-Joe” from small-town USA. This Walking Eagle won’t fly and just like the last Walking Eagle he will crash and burn too.

I only hope and pray I am writing this same post mortem on the 2020 election in less than two weeks.


Unfortunately, Joe is not answering any question tonight. He has uninterrupted time, and he will use it to just call the accusations a smear and debunked conspiracy theories without answering the question on whether he is claiming the emails are inauthentic. Also, that Welker broad has been training all week to interrupt Trump when he brings up the topic (or actually, to interrupt him on almost every topic). She will certainly declare that the Hunter laptop emails and the Bevan Cooney emails have been debunked and there is no evidence to support any accusation of wrong doing, and that we must not waste time dwelling on conspiracy theories, and that we are moving on to the next segment. If Trump insists on talking about the Biden Crime Family emails, they will potentially cut his mic.


One Of Mel Brook’s greatest movies. Another great SF spoof is Ice Pirates. It never got the attention of Space Balls, but I enjoyed just as much.


Trump just needs to ask creepy criminal joe one thing… Ask the criminal to explain to the ‘audience’ (pointing to his guest) his role in the Burisma affairs. Then sit back and watch the criminal give the BJClinton look for a few minutes before stammering into an incoherent rambling drool… Rinse and repeat…

If you have a DVR… record it. Worth keeping and reviewing periodically.

Like the iconic SpaceBalls line… Trump goes level LUDICROUS while joe goes blithering idiot…

Jimmy MacAfee

I bet they’re gonna need an extra layer of adult diaper for Quid Pro tonight.


a shovel too…


Greta idea! This is going to blow up in Sleepy Joe’s face!


Trump Troll Level: EPIC!!!! :<D

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