Discussion Post – 10.22.2020

I’ll just leave this right here:

Discuss away.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Excellent Jimmy,

And yes I did know Brown died in the Balkans of lead poisoning, and Rich was Arkancided in DC. Delacides can happen anywhere.


Cleverly well done Man!

Jimmy MacAfee

Who is now H. Rotten Clinton’s favorite person? (Or people?)

Likely the Bidens. She can settle down to cockroach life, now that the spotlight is on the other cockroaches.

Jimmy MacAfee

New Clinton/Biden fight song (with apologies to the brave and honorable US Marines):

From Benghazi to Burisma

“From the Walls of Benghazi’s CIA
To the shores of the dark Black Sea;
We steal our country’s foreign aid
On the land as on the sea;
First to fight for wealth and bank accounts
And to keep dishonor hid;
We are proud to claim the title
Of Corrupted Po-lic-y.

Our pallets unloaded every day
From dawn to setting sun;
We have thieved in ev’ry clime and place
Where we always have our fun;
In the parlors of far-off Asian lands
And in sunny tropic climes;
You will find us stealing all the time
The United States gov slimes

Here’s a note to you and to our bank
Which we are proud to fill;
In many a port we’ve used our snort
To never lose our perve;
If the House and Senate and DOJ
Ever look at these crime scenes;
They will find the streets well guarded
By Intelligence Machines.”


#me-too, you called it yesterday


Stuartswede, Not sure who you are referring to, but if it was me – Thank you.


I had to laugh with glee


True to his word again. The folks at c bs must be having fits right about now. “Do we still go ahead with the broadcast? We can’t edit it to our likes now. WTF do we do?” lmao


So now President Trump is taking a page out of James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas.

Bravo Zulu to you Mr. President, and just in time for the “debate”.


The tax free deduction this year is $15,000 per person and it can be anybody, as it doesn’t need to be a relative. You can gift as many people as you want to each year without limitation. A person can also do a once in a lifetime gift to anybody that was $125,000 in 2005. Following the money is what will get Quid Pro Joe. If he lives the lifestyle described on the web, he couldn’t possibly have made that much money in his lifetime. It will be a simple investigation, trial and conviction if someone can get the DOJ to do their job.


“It will be a simple investigation, trial and conviction if someone can get the DOJ to do their job.”

LOL… thats funny…

The problem is once started there would be an avalanche of criminal investigations… so its better to just not do anything except go after a few people spray painting statues.


I think the narrative that Jr did a “leave-behind” on purpose with the laptop as a way out of the family crime ring is giving Jr way too much credit. He’s, he’s a junkie, and junkies aren’t that smart. Additionally, could he survive on his own without Dad’s influence? Maybe he has enough money squirreled away somewhere, but I doubt the parasite can separate from host and survive for long on its own. Thanksgiving dinner is going to be really awkward this year.


Sorry for the frequent posts, but I’m on a roll today.

About this four-year quest by the MSM (D) to see President Trump’s tax returns which mean nothing and divulging them will do nothing to improve anyone’s life:

I want to see Buford T. btfsplk’s and his whole family’s taxes for the following reason:

I have always been told that a family member cannot gift to another family member more than 10 K per year without declaring it as income. If Buford had this deal where he got all these sinecures for his family by selling the influence of his offices, and demanded a 50% kickback on those ‘earnings’, that money trail should show up on banking and tax documentation somewhere, to include off-shore accounts – right? After all, post 9-11, we supposedly have the means to “follow the (shady) money” trail anywhere in the world. Don’t we?

Another fishy part of this: Why would a sitting senator making close to $200,000.00 per year need ‘gifts’ from his kid and others in his orbit? And how did a lifelong poll making that little money afford his numerous mansions and lifestyle?

Inquiring minds want to know – BEFORE THE ELECTION.


Just saw a book at Walmart “by” Andrew the Cuomo touting his “leadership” during the CV-19 scamdemic.

Boy, the cohones these people have is breathtaking. I’m surprised he didn’t co-author it with da Bozo even though they supposedly hate each other… They are birds of a feather flocking New Yorkers, America and Trump together. da Bozo is supposedly term limited in 2021 (though Mini-Mike got around that in 2009) and Gov Fredo is up in 2022 – no wonder he is on btfsplk’s’ list for AG. They should both be toast in their next election, but it is NY/NYC after all – we’ll see if New Yorkers wise up of if they collectively want to continue to be cucks for the Democratic party who keeps screwing them.

It is a shame to see so many CO2 reducing trees being sacrificed to spew the Left’s propaganda.

Fredo et al, couldn’t ‘lead’ me out of a burning building.


Another thought:

If Walking Eagle, Buford T. btfsplk, Ace McLame and many other prominent polls are known as such mean spirited and nasty people, how is it they have so many “friends” on the other side of the aisle and in the media?


They are friends as long as it suits their needs. The minute they step out of line……


I was somewhat wrong in my piece on Sunday in that I didn’t think Jill btfsplk would “put a lid’ on her nominal husband’s campaign for FOUR (4) straight days. The excuse is Buford T. needs to ‘prep’ for the debate. Yeah, he is prepping for the debate all right. Who is his tutor? Where is Kristen Welker these past four days?

Just sayin’, it is not beyond the realm the Dems are pulling another Donna Brazile/Walking Eagle debate coaching collusion; is it? How hard would be for Ali Wakins, I mean Welker, to give the debate questions to a Trump practice stand in like Alec Baldwin or Michael Moore, pump btfsplk full of ‘up me’ drugs and his empty head full of the “debate prep”?

Yesterday Rush and others have speculated that btfsplk Jr. may have wanted to get caught through ‘losing’ his laptop. He saw ‘losing it’ as a way to get out of the btfsplk/DNC crime family/syndicate.

I don’t buy it. They have can have Delacides disguised as robberies gone bad as in Seth Rich, and accidents just like Ron Brown in Wilmington too. Buford T. btfsplk has stated he supposedly doesn’t speak to Jr. about ‘business’, so how close can they be? As in the move “Catch 22” what is good for the syndicate is good for the overall cause. In (at least) certain segments of the DNC, when the donkey loses his value and his shelf life expires, they get sent off to the glue factory, they get disappeared just like Benjamin in “Animal Farm”.

If Jr. wanted to escape the political MOB that is his family, he could have just gone away to Ukraine, or China or Bangkok, or some other prime vacation spot in Asia. Assuming he has a couple of functioning brain cells, he could have chosen several other ways to leave the DNC/btfsplk Titanic. If he wanted to leave, why would he leave self-incriminating evidence on the laptop that would put any of us peons in jail for a long time? Why would he count on some random computer guy to: A) search the computer; B) make a copy(ies) of the hard drive; C) turn it over to the FBI; D) then to a Utah Senator; E) then to Giuliani via a lawyer; F) yet be scared for his life; G) count on Rudy to blow up the story via the NY Post; and H) have it all happen over the course of nearly a year to create an “October Surprise” just in time to scuttle his dad’s presidential campaign? A ‘scared for his life’ computer tech is going to do all this without guidance and/or compensation? Sure. This is all too coincidental, too surreal if you ask me. If I was in his place, I would have turned it over to the Delaware authorities (DSP or local law enforcement) and be done with it.

I believe these people are so ruthless in their quest for power that an ’untimely’ death in the ‘family’ would be an opportunity for the elder btfsplk and his stepmom to garner a sympathy vote – perhaps a 5% boost in the polls, if not the election, `a la LBJ capitalizing on JFK’s death – and give the Karma roundheels Headboard/Buford T. btfsplk ticket a boost. It is not beyond the realm for just such a terrible terrible tragedy to happen (another “October Surprise”) in the next week or so. When one becomes a liability in certain circles, one becomes gone from certain circles.

Judging by the way they and their allies are trying to resuscitate the dead horse of RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA! election interference, I put nothing past these people.

Jimmy MacAfee

Ron Brown died in the Balkans, but I’m sure you know that. He is rumored to have survived the crash, but not the bullet to the back of his head.

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