Christopher Wray Must Go

Just one more reason to thank John Ratcliffe. – The FBI did everything it could to influence both the 2016 and 2018 election cycles in favor of the Democrats with largely exaggerated claims about Russian interference, and completely fabricated claims that they made those efforts in coordination with the 2016 Trump Campaign and 2018 Trump Administration. That is a matter of historical fact.

Given that history, can anyone doubt that Christopher Wray, who led the raging dumpster fire agency’s 2018 Russia collusion smear effort, was about to do it all over again yesterday, just 12 days prior to Election Day? Unfortunately for Wray, though, Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe is not on board with the program. He’s what the DC Swamp denizens like to call an outlier, a wholly inconvenient person of power who isn’t going along with the program.

When news circulated late Wednesday afternoon that the FBI was going to hold an important press event to discuss election interference by foreign enemies, those of us who have followed this stuff for the past four years had a single expectation: Wray was about to scream Russia collusion all over again.

But when we tuned into the event, the first guy we saw was not Wray but DNI Ratcliffe, who calmly laid out the case that, yes, Russians were interfering in the election as they have done in every cycle for the last 100 years, but Iran was also doing it and was in fact taking the most blatant actions of the two. There was no claim that either country was doing this on behalf of the Trump campaign, and in fact the Iranian scheme was designed to smear a right-wing group called the Proud Boys.

From a report at NPR:

Iranian influence specialists are behind threatening emails sent to voters in Alaska and Florida, U.S. officials said on Wednesday evening and suggested that more such interference could be in store from Russia.

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said the U.S. intelligence community believes Iranian and Russian operatives obtained voter-record information, which enabled Iran to target some people with intimidating emails based on party registration about how they’d better vote for President Trump “or else.”

The senders posed as members of the white supremacist Proud Boys and claimed they had voter data that revealed for whom their targets voted — but that was a false flag, the U.S. says.

Ratcliffe sought to reassure Americans about the integrity of their votes and the processes by which elections are run.

“These actions are desperate attempts by desperate adversaries,” Ratcliffe said, but pledged confidence in American elections and said, “You can be confident your votes are secured.”

Notice follows months of warnings

Russian influence specialists don’t appear to have used their voter data in a similar scheme, Ratcliffe said, but they may.


History tells us that were it not for the intervention by DNI Ratcliffe, Wray most certainly would have made every effort to pretend this was all a plot to help the Trump campaign in order to try to influence the outcome, in which he and his dumpster fire agency have a very vested interest in seeing Joe Biden win.

We know Wray came into possession of the Hunter Biden laptop right in the middle of the Democrats’ impeachment hoax late last Fall and decided to withhold it from the public. We know he did that despite the fact that it apparently contains all sorts of exculpatory evidence that proves it was Biden, not Trump, who engaged in “quid pro quo” efforts related to the Ukrainian government.

We know Wray allowed his dumpster fire agency to be used as Robert Mueller’s de facto American Gestapo, knocking down doors in middle-of-the-night raids, ransacking homes and offices and generally abusing the rights of American citizens during the Special Counsel coup d’etat attempt.  We  know that Wray allowed his agents to continue with the outright framing of an American hero, General Mike Flynn, that had begun under the watch of his predecessor James Comey. We know that Wray has steadfastly roadblocked efforts by congress, the President and the DNI to declassify hundreds of pages of key documents related to his dumpster fire agency’s actions over the past four years, roadblocks that continue to this day.

In fact, all you need to know about Wray is that bug-eyed Adam Schiff was all over CNN Wednesday night endorsing his credibility and slamming Ratcliffe. Talk about the kiss of death.

Due to all of his malfeasance in office and his utter failure to improve the agency’s dismal performance in other areas, it is very likely that Wray stands to be fired shortly after President Trump is re-elected on November 3. In fact, the Washington Post ran another story based on rumors flying around the DC Swamp yesterday indicating exactly that.

Wray knows that a Biden win is job security for him. After all, why would Biden or any Democrat fire a guy who has done so much to destroy the nation’s “premier law enforcement agency”?

Be thankful for John Ratcliffe, and for President Trump.

That is all.

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Wray has “dragged his feet when he took over, and after nearly two years or more, he brought NO DOCUMENTS that were requested by the committee members to get to the bottom of many of the issues that were done AGAINST POTUS Trump. It took Ric Grenell ONLY THREE WEEKS TO GET THE NECESSARY PAPERS TO THOSE WHO HAD ‘BEEN REQUESTING THEM AND IGNORED BY FBI’S WRAY. He is “Part of the Deep State and it is Obvious….

The President should fire Wray NOW, and replace him w/Ric Grenell, a True American Patriot, why wait, he will win the 2020, so JUST DO IT NOW, Election or Not! Keep Draining that Deep State Swamp, as the whole of D.C is a Cesspool of Corruption with Many Still Left from Obama, the “Real Corrupter and Divider of Americans, with HIS RACISM, Scandals which are MANY”


The press conference was originally billed as an FBI press conference, that morphed into a DNI press conference. It appeared to me that Ratcliffe nay have cut Wray off before he could poison the well some more. If this is not punished to the full extent of the law, we will be done as a Nation.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’m guessing that Wray didn’t invite the DNI director. Could be wrong.

Wray’s hectoring about “white nationalists” being such a threat in the recent past shows that he’s either surrounded hermetically in bubble-wrap, with only sparse information let through, or he’s just that disingenuous.

“FBI Director Christopher Wray warned lawmakers on Thursday that Russian election interference and violent white supremacist groups rank among the top threats to U.S. national security…”
NYDaily News

No word from Wray about the danger China poses – internationally and to our security – but it appears Wray is one of those RussiaRussiaRussia guys who sees a Russian behind every bush, while in reality there is a CCP/PLA operative behind every Bush.

And behind the Chamberpot of Commies (which was once known as the US Chamber of Commerce.).

As far as Wray goes: those are the nicest things I can say about him.


Right now Wray is sweating bullets. He now knows that Ratcliffe is watching him like a hawk. He doesn’t know what Ratcliffe is up to and who’s co-operating with him. How many others like Wray are feeling the same I wonder.

Jimmy MacAfee

Very perceptive point. They don’t know where the next volley is coming from, or where the mines have been laid. Boom.

Jimmy MacAfee

Delicious! Betting Wray will skulk around fuming after that. Probably blew a couple of blood vessels on one end of his anatomy or another. (Seems like the hemorrhoid type, if you don’t mind the expression.)

I imagine Ratcliffe is still snickering, too.

Ben Colder

Wray ought to be fired today but that aint gonna happen If President Trump wins the election he will be gone.I hope that Trump fires a bunch of these back stabbing bastards including AG Barr what a swamp snake he is he is not a friend of Trumps thats for damned sure .I would like to see him fire the head of the CIA she is not a Trumpster about half the people working fot him are back stabbing SOBs.Just think what Trump could have gotten done if he had had people that were really working for him and he had his hands tied for if he had fired all that need fired the dem/communists would have been screaming like raped apes or would have tried to impeach him again.If the dem/communists get in this country is done for and that is no bull.


Ben, I agree with what you are saying except I, and I suppose most posters here, don’t really want Trump “Wingmen” kissing his butt. I just want real and fair justice, not the vast majority of the administration working against our president. We need honest competent apolitical people running the DOJ and all government institutions.

One thing we have going for us: wray, comey, crapper, brennan, mueller, wiseman, haspel, hochstetter (schiff), burkhalter (nadler), malignancy klink cryin’ chuck and Buford T. btfsplk and roundheels are just not that smart. They have built their careers on graft and intimidation and their empires on a house of cards, which, GOD willing, will come crashing down.

It is time for bagpipe Barr and Durham to get on the right side of history and do their jobs. When Trump wins I suspect there will be a deadline for real action by year’s end or they will be fired. If somehow the President were to lose, he would be justified to fire the bagpiper and his ‘prosecutor’ forthwith.


Wray was part of the failed coup. It’s astounding that he still has a badge let alone LEADERSHIP of the FBI! But that’s today’s America, I guess. Barr really screwed us over and Trump seems to by unwilling to replace him…I just don’t get it.

gordon yen

one could see the pain in wrays face after following dni ratcliff


The Hunter Biden laptop also contains evidence of child porn and abuse, about which Wray also did nothing. In that sense, Wray has committed crimes for his failure to take action.


My own opinion is that Wray is guilty of being an accessory after the fact of a conspiracy to commit Treason. He may actually have played a part during the coup, however at a minimum, he is guilty as an accessory.

Jimmy MacAfee

I completely agree; he has gone from being an indolent fool to a collaborating partner in obstruction of justice – the only other alternative being that he was ALWAYS a collaborating partner.

He thought he could get me off his ass when the wannabee Whitehouse bomber from Georgia was exposed, and Wray thanked those who caused his apprehension. (I was not the only one who helped stop the plot, but I was the only Mordecai.) Unlike his friends, I’m not one to get all giddy from praise – I expect people to think I’m crazy, and I don’t give a crap. So praise or condemnation by men, it’s all the same to me.

I measured him then, and continued to measure him:

mene mene tekel upharsim

numbered numbered weighed and divided

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