Wednesday News Roundup: The Biden Influence Racket Toothpaste Oozes Out of the Tube

Another game-changer from the Trump Campaign. – At a massive rally in Eerie, PA last night, the Trump Campaign rolled out a big surprise for the Quid Pro China Joe Biden campaign: A huge video screen on which the President played a compilation of all the times Biden and his designated successor-in-waiting, Kamala Harris, promised to ban fracking in the United States.


It was a pretty long video clip, and those were just the times they promised to kill America’s oil and gas industry while on live TV. Think of all the times they’ve made the same promise in private, at big fundraisers, meetings with Ukrainian and Russian oil and gas company oligarchs and Chinese money men.


This, of course, is a very big deal in Pennsylvania, home to the giant Marcellus Shale and Utica Shale formations, and the hub of a region that has become the largest natural gas producer in the world. With real polls now showing the state dead-even – which means that Trump is 2-4 points ahead because even the real polls can’t fully account for the shy Trump vote phenomenon – learning the truth about the Biden/Harris Harris/Biden campaign’s true intent to destroy millions of oil and gas-supported jobs in the U.S. could be a death knell for the Democrat effort.

And trust me, there are plenty of death knells flying around already for the Campaign That Never Was while Sleepy Creepy Uncle McNastyFinger remains holed up in his basement hooked up to his trusty IV all week.

Take this one, for instance: Rudy Giuliani confirmed on NewsMax TV last night that he has taken a copy of the laptop’s hard drive to local Wilmington, Delaware law enforcement officials and filed a complaint of child endangerment against Hunter Biden based on the contents of the drive. Giuliani, supported by ex-New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik, says the content show Hunter Biden engaging with an inappropriate relationship with a 14 year-old girl who may be his own cousin.

Here’s an excerpt from the NewsMax TV story:

Rudy Giuliani is blowing the lid off the fast-growing Hunter Biden scandal, telling Newsmax TV‘s Greg Kelly on Tuesday night that he met with Delaware State Police this week over shocking materials found on the alleged hard drive of Hunter Biden.

Giuliani said his discoveries go well beyond influence peddling with foreign powers and alleged kickbacks he has accused former Vice President Joe Biden of engaging in.

“This is a really very, very sensitive one,” Giuliani told “Greg Kelly Reports,” referring to a text conversation he claims took place between Hunter and his father Joe Biden.

“There’s a sexual depravity to this that’s disgusting,” he said.

Giuliani alleges the text message and photos involve an unnamed 14-year-old girl.

The former New York City mayor provided Newsmax TV with a photo image of the text message which he said shows Hunter Biden’s message to his father, discussing claims he had acted inappropriately around a younger female.

The purported message stated:

“She she told my therapist that I was sexually inappropriate with [redacted] when she says that I face time naked with her and the reason I can’t have her out to see me is because I’ll walk around naked … When she was pressed she said that [redacted] never said anything like that but the bottom line is that I create and caused

“A very unsafe environment for the kids

“If it stopped there I would let it go”

Giuliani also claimed there were numerous pictures of underage girls on the Hunter Biden hard drive.


Oh. A crackhead who preyed on his dead brother’s wife and fathered an illegitimate child with a stripper in an “inappropriate relationship” with a 14 year-old girl? So hard to believe, right?

Certainly, it’s hard for the corrupt mainstream news media to believe, although Newsweek did carry a slanted report on the matter last night.

But here is a death knell even some in the corrupt mainstream media can’t ignore. – After the FBI and Justice Department confirmed DNI John Ratcliffe’s statement that the Hunter Biden laptop is real and not in any way related to a “Russian disinformation” operation, as the media has uniformly tried to claim based on zero evidence, both Catherine Herridge and Major Garrett at CBS News actually decided to summon up the integrity to report on the matter:

Thus, the corrupt mainstream media’s wall of Omerta on the subject has been breached. Only time will tell whether this hole in the dike will eventually turn into a flood of fake reporting from the likes of the New York Times and Washington Post, but it doesn’t really matter. Probably well over half of the U.S. voting-age public is now aware of Hunter Biden’s laptop  and the very real, bombshell information it contains about the lucrative, mob-like influence racket he ran while Dear Ol’ Dad was Barack Hussein Obama’s vice president.

Sean Hannity Attacks Joe Biden With 'Crime Family' Graphic

The question now becomes whether NBC’s Kristen Welker, the fake reporter Democrat operative who will “moderate” Thursday’s fake debate, will summon a rare moment of journalistic ethics and intellectual curiosity and force Uncle Joe McWifeMolester to field an actual question about all of this. Given Welker’s history, you should not hold your breath waiting for that to happen.

Many are thinking that President Trump will have all sorts of opportunity during his own speaking time tomorrow night to hit Biden with this stuff, but that is not correct. You can bet your bottom dollar that Welker will be fully prepared to interrupt the President, talk over him, shift the subject and even hit the mute button anytime he starts down that road. In these sham debates, the Republican candidate never has uninterrupted time to speak.

Now, that in and of itself will certainly create bad optics for both Welker and Biden, but the tactic will allow Biden to avoid giving anything resembling a real answer to the core question: Did he sell his office in order to become fabulously wealthy?

Clearly the answer to that question is a resounding ‘yes,’ but if you’re expecting the debate to serve as the vehicle for getting to that answer, you are going to come away disappointed.

But in the end it won’t matter: This gooey, nasty toothpaste is now out of the tube, and nothing the Biden/Harris Harris/Biden campaign does to avoid it or shift the subject is going to jam it back in.

And that, friends and enemies, is absolutely glorious.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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As my Dad says: “Ed Zachary”


I replied to Jimmy above but posted at the bottom again. PFT

Meant to follow “And what Brian said”


I think Show me’s heart was in the right place saying the swamp has become a kleptocracy. However, correct to point out that we were never a democracy, that is what the founders wisely knew would only lead to mob rule. That is also the reason for the electoral college. We are a constitutional republic.


Won’t allow me to respond to Silas’s comment. My short comment gets shorter, trying this one

These enemies are going to try every long shot they can to try and sew discord, chaos, fear into the hearts and minds of the electorate.

2 Timothy 1:7

7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.


I don’t know Jimmy, this is what I am concerned about. And where it can possibly lead.

Jimmy MacAfee

You mean a “mass mobilization,” like Bitin’ rally?

Those states and cities that wish to continue to shat inside their own nests, let them continue to do so; the rest of us are well-armed and not in the mood.

Have you seen what happens when ANTIFA goes into unfamiliar territory? Like a biker’s rally? Mmmmm. Not so good for them.

If they want to set Dem cities on fire, where they’re already rioting daily? Good. Maybe invite them to Whitmer’s house for a bit of tea and crumpets with Nurse Ratched. She will begin to feel what an insurrection feels like when she tries to hose down the state when President Trump is re-elected. Won’t be a bunch of FBI Confidential Informants (so much for “confidential”) next time, and they won’t be attempting to kidnap the moron. She just won’t be able to come or go, just like she’s promised to do to everyone else in her state.

Remember when Portland stopped rioting? Yes, I do: that’s when they all rushed to another venue. They’re stretched thinner and the Nazi lines in Western Russia in the winter.

No. Not worried. Paper tigers. Maybe a few paper cuts, but mostly paper airplanes that kids set on fire. Threaten all they want, they can’t do shat, more than a pigeon on a park bench.

And what Brian said.

Bad Bart

Constitutional Republic. Even Wikipedia gets that right.


And yet the demoncrats constantly speak of our “democracy” and the socialist echo chamber media regurgitate it knowing it for the lie that it is, and the educational system avoids teaching something we used to call citizenship that taught the Constitution and our real history.


The communists and Nazis were also successful in deceiving the majority into believing that they were actually a small minority, so no one spoke out. Trump is making it loud an clear that this election is a choice between liberty and tyranny. He will have the country behind him when he squashes the insurrections. I believe the reason he has not done this sooner would have given fuel to his critics calling him a dictator, and maybe would have lost critical votes. Most people are seeing the revolutionaries and radicals for what they are, look at the hoop ratings collapse et. al. I agree with Jimmy, small percentage chance for a shooting war, but yes, be ready. It is a very good thing too that all the sheriffs and police chiefs are endorsing our president, they are on our side. I know the military rank and file will have the Presidents back as well. Chin up as they are saying.

Jimmy MacAfee

Yep, and the Nazis used Brownshirts – who became very dispensable, and who were dispatched during Night of the Long Knives. Sorass won’t have much use for these losers at that point – they’ll be massacred. And that’s if they succeed.

If they fail – and they will – no Sorass money is coming to rescue them and bail them out. Little Mikey the China Asset has found out that he’s got some potential problems with his paid-voter schemes.

Let me put it another way: it cost trillions to bail out the average family, not billions. And that’s $1200 per adult. Now if there are, say, a hundred thousand criminals, each requiring a hundred thousand to keep them out of jail…that’s 10 billion. Make it a million criminals, instead. And bail set on the federal level at a million each. Sorass doesn’t have the cash for that, and if he did, it will be locked up by Executive Order. The entire billionaire class can’t bail them out for the potential liabililty.

Which is why those people who want to tax billionaires to pay the national debt are so ridiculous: they don’t have it. The money is just not there. And neither are the paid rioters.


What you state, Silas, was Stalins and all communists plans. To rule there must be civil war first. When those around him stated there was blood in the streets, Stalins response was ‘good’ The rest is history. Be afraid?? no… be prepared… yes

its a war… and communists aren’t playing around, they open;y state their plans… believe them

First rout them at the polls, then what comes next is on them…


We aren’t going to just get to go back to work and get on with our lives. When Trump wins, antifa will become Brownshirts on steroids. Trump supporters are being assaulted and shot at right now. People are getting letters in the mail threatening their homes with arson if Trump loses and won’t accept the election results. They are blaming us for starting a civil war.

The left has lost its mind and whatever shred of decency it had with the election of Trump. Their political leaders are pushing it. They would rather rule over cities of rubble and ashes and see us in chains or dead.

I keep praying we won’t see a civil war, but they are going to push the US into one, rather than accept the results of Trump winning. I keep praying I’m wrong, but I fear the worst.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’m guessing that there will be a change in some cabinet level officials after the election, and that the President will have a lot more elbow room with which to operate. I’m guessing that a few soreasses will have their bank accounts frozen, and there are pre-existing (2017) Executive Orders in place with which to mandate these freezes.

I also believe that the Left is like a small mammal: it raises its tail and makes a stink; it puffs itself up to look much larger than it is; it growls a deep growl (but it’s only a growl) and the evidence against the Left will be so obvious that even a Deep State prosecutor won’t be able to avoid winning convictions. (Maybe Rudy Giuliani should replace Barr if Barr isn’t willing? Somehow, I think Barr will be willing – and able.)

I’m not worried about a civil war. Less than 5% chance now.

A lot depends upon the House and Senate races, too. With Republicans controlling both, there are some members who may end up losing all power. No influence, and their bogus intel (lies and fabrications) can be used as a legitimate reason to censure them, if not expel them. All those SCIF notes? Open – and thus open-season.


Show me

When corruption became the norm, we went from democratic republic to kleptocracy.


So a couple of points here. This is definitely big. But so was Hildabeast’s emails and her grifter foundation. So was the campaign spying and Russia collusion narrative. Several other honorable mentions I’m not mentioning. Some or most of that is “under investigation”, with no apparent accountability in sight, So we now have evidence the Bidens are crooked. And??? Rudy G is stuck on Newsmax because no one else will give him air time. The FBI has had the laptop right under Barr’s nose and nothing has happened. Rudy gave it to the Delaware state police – wow, let me hold my breath for a bit. Folks, justice is not coming unless Barr and the DOJ get off their asses.

The only impact this is going to have in the next 2 weeks is with the voters. Maybe it will sway some folks, or maybe this isn’t revving high enough given the crazy year we’ve had, and folks just want to go back to normal. If Trump wins and Joe slinks back to the basement, political capital expended, and lives out his few remaining years in the background, is anyone going to care about the money for access scams? All of this will pass into the rear view mirror. I don’t think this country has enough fortitude to do the right thing. 1/2 of the left is actively trying to overthrow the government in favor of socialism, the other 1/2 of the left is busy creating genders and abolishing religion and the family. Most of the right just want to go back to work and live their lives, Republicans in congress are good at writing letters and subpoenas, feigning outrage. Its all busywork, nothing happens past another report. Not enough people (and in high places) have stood up and said “Enough!” Maybe its just too hard, or risks dividing the country further. Who knows….


Fourth time a charm?!?

I’m going to agree with Gregg’s assessment to say that its 2020 and likely a very real threat. Site won’t let me post more.


I meant to put the Surber link on this thread, check out Item 12

Ben Colder

Can you imagine what it would be like if this was the other way around? what a double standard.In the old days when there really was a press they would be all over this instead of trying to cover it all up or claiming the Russians done it the dem/communists must think the American people are really stupid .Some are most are not. As for the debate if I were President Trump the first time the so called moderator cut him off I would get up and walk out why the Republicans agreed to this one way debate is beyond my pay grade.

Carlos Dangler

Wow, Gregg!
Thanks for making my head swim so early in the morning. Since it’s not covered in the Constitution, I guess you could call it a constitutional crisis (as opposed to all the fake ones that the fake media always crows about).

Robosaurus Rex

Gregg, I can’t fathom this type of constitutional crisis is what the Democrats were planning. We have watched them over and over the years invoke some ridiculous Congressional rules to jam through garbage legislation only to have those things massively back fire years down the road in a bigger way than they could have anticipated (nuclear option – need I say more?). Sure, they’ll try to exploit the situation, but there’s too many moving parts by their unintentional design. There backs have been against the wall since the Mueller report and ever since all things have been out of desperation and have only made themselves look and act incompetent. The cards are all held by Trump. I mean, all of them and I expect we’ll see more republican defections here soon. Not because they are bi-partison, though that will be the excuse, but because they in just as deep as the “friends” across the aisle. The real Constitutional crisis is 60 – 80% of our elected officials are completely corrupt and 70 – 90% of appointed bureaucrats are corrupt and they don’t even know it.

Jimmy MacAfee

Seems like the Biden apples rot from the same tree, even before they hit the ground. Pervs, prostitutes and pimps – and that’s without mentioning the corruption.

Credible accusers of Pervy Joe and pictures of Huntin’girls! Wow, who’da thunk?


Dave is using the toothpaste analogy because he is professional; I prefer the can’t shove the Schiff back into the (Dem) Donkey analogy.

Ponder this:

What would happen if the btfsplk war room (led by Jackal Jill) and the DNC, decided to punt and resign btfsplk (and have them leave the country while the getting is good) from the ticket?

They could cite “health concerns” and have that be a legitimate claim. If that were to happen what would happen with the race? I don’t have any idea. If the institutionalized and systemic NJ corruption (see the 2002 NJ senate race) is any guide and the SC remains 4-4 which effectively leaves the decision in the hands of some Leftist appellate court, the Dems will have the opportunity to anoint btfsplk’s replacement – doubt it would be Karma Harris at this point seeing how horrible she is, how unappealing a candidate she is, which will create another internal crisis within the DNC – which would be great! However, this would effectively defuse all of Trump’s anti-btfsplk message and flush all of their stench from the campaign. The Dems will effectively get a do-over with a fresh face. Who might that ‘fresh’ face be? Walking Eagle? Big Mike? Tank Abrams? The Oprah? Bernie? Who knows?

The problem this year would be all the early/mail-in votes already cast for btfsplk. Do they automatically default to his replacement? The media has consistently accused President Trump of creating one phony constitutional crisis after another all the while the Dems and the MSM (D) are actively fomenting a genuine constitutional crisis. This may well be their design: muck up the election to the point where no one understands or cares what happens.

That is why McConnell and Graham should have voted ACB out of committee as soon as the ‘hearing’ ended and called for the senate floor vote the next day. I trust no one in DC and the Republicans penchant for intercoursing things up knows no bounds. What was the reason for and the purpose of the delay? Is there nothing more important than having a fully staffed supreme court? No monolithic thinking/voting Dem Senator is going change his/her mind and vote to confirm ACB in the week. Nothing but “chicanery” can happen in the next week. How many GOP senators can come down with COVID, the political excuse de jour for the last eight months? Right now, I give the confirmation vote a 50-50 chance of happening before the election.

That is a scary thought and I welcome comments on my speculation.

Jimmy MacAfee

Oddsmakers are saying 60% H. Rotten, far less for others.

I don’t think they can switch at this point. Gropey’s corpse will have to be on the ticket.


PS: Maybe Alabama’s Dem senator Doug Jones can be this year’s Joe Manchin and be leveraged to vote to confirm ACB, but that would only happen if the confirmation was a fait accompli and would be for optics only – an cavalier attempt to fool the ‘hicks’ in AL. Everything the Dems do is for optics with no substance and should be dismissed as such.


They’ve been biden their time so far, but now it’s truth or consequences.

Jimmy MacAfee

Dave, I’ll have a hard time looking at my toothpaste for awhile without nausea. Biden-paste is as disgusting – or worse – than Toobin-paste.

Jimmy MacAfee

New tell-all, show-all, feel-all book:

“A Toobin of Toothpaste”
by HuntingLittleGirls Biden.

Jimmy MacAfee

What’s funny is that Hysterical Jenny Brennan is – along with about “50 other” corrupt former Intelligence officials, are claiming “Russian disinformation” again. What’s good about this, and funny, is that the knots they’re tying themselves into may one day become nooses – self-tied. And they don’t even see the danger.

President Trump should demand a second person from his/our side to have a mute button. As it is, there is a one-way button, held by and used by partisan fingers.

Another reason not to have the debate. Two buttons, or none at all.

Jimmy MacAfee

This is that story about Hissy the Commie Islamist:

( – More than 50 former intelligence officials, including some harsh public critics of President Trump, have signed a statement expressing their view that the Hunter Biden email revelations published by the New York Post and casting Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in a dim light have “all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”

“Let me be clear,” Ratcliffe told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo, “[The] intelligence community doesn’t believe that, because there’s no intelligence that supports that. And we have shared no intelligence with [House Intelligence Committee] Chairman Schiff or any other member of Congress that Hunter Biden’s laptop is part of some Russian disinformation campaign. It’s simply not true.”

Sorry, Jenny, you’re not in charge anymore, and your credibility – such as it was – is lower than the excrement of a bowel parasite. Same with you, Crapper. Go Toobin yourselves.

Jimmy MacAfee

Ratcliffe pre-empted Hissyfit Brennan, proving that Hissy is not in charge any more – though he thinks he is. Next step is to put an end to Hissy’s para-intelligence operations, which no longer guide, control nor manipulate legitimate Intelligence.

Doesn’t stop A. Dam Shitt from putting out lies, but he’s like a kid on a sailboard blown out to sea, with sharks circling. No pity for the kid, who was part of the January 2019 plot to kill the President with an anti-tank missile. Feed the hungry sharks!

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