Discussion Post – 10.21.2020

The Department of Justice filed an anti-trust lawsuit against Google yesterday. So, we got that going for us, but I can’t help wondering why Twitter and Facebook get a pass?

Discuss away.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Does anyone think that Chris Wray wasn’t gonna use HuntingGirls pictures to squeeze Corn Pop, and to use the payoffs Poppa Biden received in order to keep him in line? Others have said the same thing, and Cameltoe has just as much in her dirty little pantry to hide. Trouble is, what’s in her pantry has a horrible smell, not so easy to hide. Closets were never made to hide skeletons and rotting flesh.

Jimmy MacAfee

Wonder why the netwits are so easily manipulated by the Left? A lot of top-level pervs have already left, but there’s more where those came from.

You don’t think John Brennan was using his position at the CIA and elsewhere to protect our country, did you? Hmmm?

Jimmy MacAfee

I want to see the Chamberpot of Commies audited, to see where the main source of funding comes from. I suspect that there is a lot of Yuan in there, hidden in the stash of other currencies.

They’d sell us out in a jiffy (and have) so it’s a good idea to begin looking at their records, too. Not just HuntingLittleGirls and PervPop. Follow the blackmail money.

Question: how many pictures does it take to scare a member of the Chamberpot or a member of SCOTUS? Or anyone else in a position of power for that matter?

The End of Blackmail is upon us!


I agree, just do it!


I was replying to Silas about the corrupt 60 minutes.


Probably the only time Slime’n Biden has been honest in his life…


Notice at the end of the clip he states openly that he was ready to ‘prostitute’ himself to the corruption.. Seems he’s made good on that promise… Trump should take notice…


Whitmere is now threatening to lock down Michigan unless slojo wins. I may be mistaken, but that seems like extortion and election interference under color of law.


President Trump should just go ahead and release it prior to the airing on 60 minutes.


Let them be exposed for who they are every chance he gets.


And some folks finally got smart


While they effectively suing themselves, as long as the mayor and city council are all named as defendants and held personally liable, they can take their money as well. Here’s hoping and praying they win.

Jimmy MacAfee



On both of my comments today I clicked to notify me of new comments via email, and I see there have been many posts post mine, but I got zero emails. Anyone else have this happen?

Peter H Ferris

My thought is that it is more difficult to go after all these mega companies at the same time. Instead, take small bites out of the elephant.


Maybe they figure it is easier to stomp one prostitute cock roach at a time, you only have two feet as you know, and would need at least 3 feet to get the other two simultaneously. And maybe the other 2 companies might clean up their act if Google is assessed some significant penalties. But agree with Gregg, will believe it when I see it.


How many thousands of lawyers/prosecutors does the DOJ have? Multiply that by two to get the number of feet to kick the cockroaches. So far, when it comes to ‘investigating’ government/deep state corruption, the DOJ is proving it can’t or won’t walk and chew gum at the same time.


IMO… Its definitely a won’t.

Theres no way the swamp will investigate the swamp for the purposes of bringing justice to the swamp. Ain’t gonna happen.

Which is why I agree with your earlier statements Gregg that these government agencies all need to be moved out of the DC swamp and placed well outside of swamp territory. Effectively diluting the swamps ability to grow and control.

I also agree that nada will happen with Google too. Like Microcrap did, Google will thumb their nose at the court and carry on with business as usual. Its all designed to placate the patriots into thinking that those politicals are actually seeking justice on behalf of the citizenry.

Its a war… sunlight exposes the enemy.


The Democratic Party along with the media are in disarray and losing much creditability with the people. But, before President Trump came on the scene, these two entities were seen by many as brilliant. They often ran circles around most of the hapless GOP which shows how dumb or how in the tank much of the GOP were and many still are willing losers (as long as the leaders like Ace don’t personally lose their seats). Many GOP ‘leaders’ still are willing to play second fiddle to the Left’s Globalist agenda. One can’t be blamed for a disaster if one is not seen as being in charge of or orchestrating that disaster.

It just reaffirms the saying: “Politics is the last refuge for the incompetent”. However, many in the GOP are not incompetent, they are willing co-conspirators to their master’s (lobbyist’s) agenda – one might even say they are COLLUDING with them.

President Trump is busting up most of their world too; which is why there are so many loud Never-Trumpers. President Trump won’t paly the Bushes’ game so these people have come out of the woodwork, their ivory towers, to beat Trump at all costs.


About Google getting hit and Facebook and Twitter getting a pass (for now): that just shows me one of two things, or maybe both:

1) The Google K street lobbyists haven’t paid enough into the till of government corruption to inoculate them from legal action.
2) Google – like Microsoft during the BJ Clinton administration with his hack AG Janet Reno getting called called on the carpet for anti-trust practices – is big enough to ensure nothing really significant happens to them/it. Think about the case against Microsoft: what really happened to Microsoft in the 1990s? Nothing! In other words, this action against Google is just another dog and donkey show like the current DOJ BARR and DURHM ‘Obamagate/coup “investigation”.

Unless and until something significant happens to reign in or jail the big players and their monopolies, this DOJ action is a meaningless distraction designed to placate the masses. Google, rather than Facebook/Twitter is just this year’s designated target which will be shot at with legal blanks that will amount to bupkis, just a bunch of noise, signifying nothing.

Jimmy MacAfee

If the recent reports are correct, Bushie was playing footsies with the Insanian regime, too – vis a vis Usama bin Laden, AKA Usama bin Wasted. The level of collusion there would have to be stunning if those reports are true.

Ummm, wanna guess why Never Trumpers – mostly Neocons – are against President Trump? Fear. Down-to-the-core fear. It ain’t just collaborating with the US Chamberpot of Communists.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’m hoping, since Youtube is a Google “enterprise” (monopoly,) that they’ll face dismantling for anti-competitive activities (read “de-monetarization.”)

They don’t abide by their own agreements – (much as Fakebook just demonetized Babylon Bee for posting a satirical piece from an old Monty Python movie.)

Babylon Bee editors have said that they can hardly keep up the satire, since the absurdities seem to be catching up with them – by the time they produce something, the Left has nearly reached that point. That’s been the case in Great Britain for awhile, and in Australia – both of which are no longer free nations, and where Australia has its people in chains and can’t leave. Because of “COVID.”

Eff tyrants everywhere, but especially those in 5 Eyes, who are taking tyranny to the point of a Chinese labor camp.

Break up Big Tech and the government toadies who use them to steal our Freedom!

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