Thursday’s Debate Will Now Have a Mute Button to Help Addled Joe Biden Compete

At mid-afternoon on Monday, Trump Campaign Manager Bill Stepien sent a letter over to the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) complaining about the fact that what was supposed to be a debate over foreign policy suddenly shifted focus after the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop began to come out into the public domain:

As you can see, the letter accurately renames the CPD the “Biden Debate Commission,” and also warns the CPD that the Trump Campaign is greatly concerned about rumors that it was about to add a mute button to the proceedings that would effectively work in Biden’s favor.

Less than an hour after Stepien sent this letter, the CPD announced it was indeed going to allow someone behind the scenes to mute the microphone of either candidate when they are off the “clock.”

From a report at Fox News:

The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) will mute President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden during the two-minute response times allotted to their opponents for commenting on topics during Thursday’s debate in Nashville.

The commission said in a statement that it “had determined that it is appropriate to adopt measures intended to promote adherence to agreed-upon rules and inappropriate to make changes to those rules.”

Also included in the debate will be an open discussion forum that won’t include the mute option. Thursday’s debate will consist of six 15-minute segments, totaling 90 minutes in all as in the first debate.


Hell, why not just put a shock collar on the President?

Again, this is yet another reason why, as I urged yesterday, President Trump should not participate in this final debate. If he participates, then he legitimizes this process yet again, and every rule the CPD wants to implement on Thursday, including the mute button.

A debate with a mute button is not a debate at all – it is a forum. A debate is by definition supposed to be a free exchange of ideas between the candidates, with both participants able to directly question and rebut their opponent.

And let’s be honest about this mute button: It’s only being implemented because everyone knows about Biden’s advancing dementia and his utter inability to keep up with Donald Trump in a free exchange.

Think of it in boxing terms: Joe Biden is an aged ex-champion Floyd Patterson in 1965, and Donald Trump is Muhammed Ali. Everyone knew leading up to that fight that Patterson had lost his edge and had no chance to truly be competitive with Ali. The result was 12 long rounds of Ali toying with Patterson, peppering him with jab after jab and the occasional uppercut as the aging ex-champ flailed away and tried to cover up, before Ali finally, mercifully knocked him out with a devastating flurry in the 12th round.

On This Day: Muhammad Ali defeats Floyd Patterson again - Boxing News

The only way Patterson could have possibly been competitive in that fight would have been for the World Boxing Congress to have one of Patterson’s trainers as the referee and to tie one of Ali’s hands behind his back. Ali would have still won, but Patterson might have been able to land some blows in the process of losing.

By the same token, the Trump-hating swamp snakes at the CPD know that Biden has zero ability to compete with Trump, and are doing everything they can to tilt the ring in Biden’s favor. The moderator is a corrupt Democrat activist, the subject matter reads like the Democrat Party manifesto, and now they want to give the TV producers the ability to completely cut the President off whenever things turn sour for their guy.

That is what is happening here, and it is an utter and complete travesty that should not be given any legitimacy by the President’s participation in it. The Trump campaign should announce today that it will not participate in any debate process in which the rules are fundamentally changed at the last minute to benefit the Democrats. It should notify the Commission that the President will not participate unless the obviously-biased moderator is replaced, the mute button is removed and the subject matter of the debate is returned to its original intent. This is not the debate the Campaign and RNC agreed to, and it should not be held.

More than that, Ronna Romney McDaniel and the RNC should also send a formal letter to the CPD notifying them that, unless the President’s demands are met, the Republican Party will no longer allow its presidential candidates to participate in any future debates organized by this entity, due to this year’s utter and complete tilting of the playing field.

Enough of this fraud. President Trump has all the momentum going in his direction in this campaign right now. Thursday’s debate would do nothing to help that, but could do it harm with a bad Presidential performance. There is no advantage for the Trump campaign to legitimize the process anymore.

Boycott it, schedule a campaign rally in a key swing state during the same time slot and be done with it.


That is all.

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Jimmy MacAfee

The whole debate needs a mute button. No need to do this one, though I suspect if President Trump does it, he’ll sneak in some “foreign policy” quips and make QuidPro wet his pants.


What happens when the President is muted and continues to talk? The optics of that won’t look good.
This is insane.


Just can’t wait until Jan 20, 2021 until President Trump again takes the Presidential Oath of Office; then much of this election “malarkey” and “chicanery” and Buford T. btfsplk and most of the rest will fade away into the dustbin of history.


I disagree. I believe the commission has done this mute thing along with changing the topics of the debate twofold as a way to help Biden in the debate but also get Trump to back out. The guys I listen to on Redeye Radio made the point last night that the mute option gives Trump the benefit here. Imagine him taking a question, dodging it and bringing up Where’s Hunter and holding Biden to the flame. The commission is playing with fire if they cut Trump’s microphone because it will cause concern of the americsn people on why he wasnt able to talk about something. We saw the results of Twitter and Facebook blocking the NY Post story and it actually getting more attention on those forums because of the hush hush. This would be the medias equivalent if they mute his mic.

Trump should do the debate because it’s the only way Biden will get pressure on the story. We already see the guy calling lids for practically a week and his VP conveniently using covid exposure as a reason to stay in. This is the opportunity, and if Trump cancels it gives the Biden camp exactly what they want.

Additionally the point was made this morning on that show, that foreign policy was the reason Biden was VP on the 2008 ticket. For the commission to take that part out of the debate is a joke. But reading the Trump camps note to the commission they understand the topics here have already been covered. So Trump can use that to his advantage and just redirect to topics he wants to hit. Just say “we already answered that in the first debate if you want to know, this debate was supposed to be about foreign policy and xyz before the biden commission changed it and that’s what we agreed to talk about so that’s what I will. Let’s talk about my 4 Nobel nominations.” Redirect at each chance. If the commission mutes him it makes the bias even more crystal clear than it already was because you know Biden wont get a mute.


One way Trump can control the narrative in a **cough** debate. Is to ignore the ‘moderator’ and ask criminal braindead biden all about the ukaraine emails and payoffs. Then allow braindead to respond. If Trump asks these questions and controls the narrative it’;; be an easy win. Everyone will see WHO the real leader is… imo


The plan is for the “moderator” to be able to mute the President at any time, but still constantly interrupt and badger him and not let him answer a question. Biden will have his full uninterrupted 2 minutes to assert any unchallenged lies he wishes.


The only downside to opting out of the debate is it gives the Biden camp a talking point against Trump. And the Biden campaign doesn’t want to do the debate anyways…every time he speaks is a chance for a screw up. Even if the questions are design to give him the advantage. They’d rather stay in the basement until November 3rd.

I’d rather see Trump doing some improv here and still find a way to beat Biden on live TV.


I disagree. I don’t think the mute button in the first two minutes of each segment is going to make that big of an impact. In fact, it might just give Biden enough time to ramble into incoherency. The bigger deal is the subject matter change. We have already heard either debates or townhalls from the candidates on these subject matters but nothing on foreign policy. Were I Trump I would agree to the mute button but refuse to show up until the subject matter was returned to the original agreement.

Jimmy MacAfee

The mute button, as you indicate, is meant to keep President Trump from interfering with Biden’s earpiece messaging.

That’s the best reason to opt out of all.

Jimmy MacAfee

President Trump is going to have a live Townhall on Sinclair Wednesday, according to reports.

That should allow him to opt out of the Thursday charade.

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