Discussion Post – 10.20.2020

The Commission on Presidential Debates gave President Donald Trump (I still never tire of typing those three glorious words) yet another reason to boycott the final debate, changing the rules at the last minute to give someone off-stage a button with which to mute the contestants’ microphones when they are not on the “clock.”

Enough of this farce. The President should not legitimize this process any longer by participating.

Discuss away.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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When I post and nothing happens and then repost and get the duplicate post message, I just add or change a sentenance and repost. It then gets posted.

This usually happens when I get the warning “Slow Down you are posting too frequently” And then dumps my comment. Fortuantely I have learned to save my work before submitting.


My posts are acting weird too. It mostly won’t post my comments. Multiple tries needed. Doesn’t reply to person as you stated. When I post and nothing appears, the second post from a paste ends with the message I’ve already posted that and doesn’t post yet again anything. Seems to be a few gremlins left in the back room


I had some weird posting issues today too, guess “we’re all in this together”. Barfola, my head explodes every time I hear that term.


For some reason when I post a reply it goes to the bottom of the comments as if I was making a new comment. From here on out I’ll address the person to whom I’m replying so that context is maintained.



Wouldn’t surprise me if true, but can’t worry about that now. Hopefully when he starts his second term President Trump will really flush the DC cesspool and make all this Schiff go away.


Yeah, I remember the do-over and ‘the One’ had to give btfsplk an admonishment to do it again.

Mister Roberts and Doctor Fluki are the two biggest threats to America today. Notice how neither neither are elected and have lifetime appointments/government positions?

Jimmy MacAfee

I believe it, particularly the “trophy kill” part. He was gonna be taken out just prior to the election in 2012, or just before the Republican convention. At that point, before Muttsie Romney allowed himself to be read into the intel reports, there was a worry that Obama might lose, or that SCYTL
was not going to sufficiently rig the election (SCYL, now bankrupt, had some big money behind it – chiefly Sorass.)

UBL was taken early, because of a certain “news media report” that exposed Abbotabad as his location, which the government had known about for about a year. I surmise that Iran was his residence prior to that, according to the new information.

I believe some of these reports are accurate, some parts fabricated. Intel does that, to make things look unreliable and discredited, when you parse what is real and what is not. Just like an ellipsis…leaves out the parts of a quote that aren’t useful or pertinent, redactions are often just an ellipsis – (a distraction, to get people looking at the redactions and not the actual information.)

That’s why the press often misses good information, because it can’t read between the lines. I would call parts of the story high probability.

My “press release” was scrubbed, by the way. A month later…another ellipsis, with no additional information.

Just Me

My position: Withdraw from the farce citing the switch on debate topics and the mute function; both favoring Biden. Otherwise, it may prove to be a frustrating night once you add interruptions by the entirely biased moderator during the President’s allotted time to speak.


I am equally upset with censoring of Scott Atlas as that of the NY post article. This is war.



Magically in the last 3 days we had 2 of the highest daily positive cases since peak in July. Looks like the last gasp before this hoax dies on Nov. 3. They neglect to tell you that have tested over 127,000,000 people and of our 8.5 million cases, 5.5 million have recovered, and very few actually died from this flu.



Stuartswede and Brian,

I am no IT expert but I don’t have any problems with quick postings and have somehow learned how to get my posts out or wordpress censorship. Especially since Dave got the issues with his site fixed.

Spellcheck however has gone away in Chrome, but seems to be working on the Microsoft /bing browser.

Wish I could be of more help.

The Xfinity/Walmart crap has thankfully gone away too.


I was just poking at you and Jimmy, as Brian was complaining he could only get short lines to post, and yours are usually longer and much more in depth. All in fun.

Jimmy MacAfee

I laughed when I read your post!


And speaking of Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell is still alive. I quit counting the days.


Does anybody here remember after bamalama was first elected how the chief Justice had to do a second swearing in at the White House due to purported “irregularities” in the first one?
I suspect it was more a chance for the One to let know what they had on Roberts, and he best toe the line if he didn’t want it exposed.

A John Roberts was supposedly on the Epstein Lolita Express manifests.


Speaking of fear porn, here is some more, such garbage. If she was an hour from death, how was she let on the plane?? Another “with” not “from”. And remember the PCR test is garbage to begin with.



Site not gonna let me post…


Seems it’ll let me post very short comments, like above.


Seek advice from Jimmy or Gregg. 🙂


It is now October 20.

I noticed our government has not shut down so I guess the federal budget passed with no problems.

Isn’t it strange how there has been virtually no news about what the budget for FY 2021 is?

If I missed it, pleases someone tell me what passed.


Heard a couple of seminar calls on Rush yesterday lamenting that while they ‘support’ Trump they are dismayed that he is not “Presidential” and hasn’t comported himself or grown into the “leadership role/position” during his four years in office.

To all the people supposedly upset or complaining about Trump not being “presidential”:


The same old saw was used to keep both Bushes muted and they and their advisors like Carl Rove allowed the Left to beat them silly; allowed them to be a political punching-bag.

I don’t remember hearing any complaints about Democratic Presidents ever not being “Presidential”

I could go back over a hundred years, but I’ll stick with the last two Democratic Disasters.

NO ONE had a problem with BJ Clinton getting Lewinskies in the Oval Office or any of his other non-presidential behavior like perjuring himself under oath or trading missile launch technology to China for campaign contributions, or bombing Tylenol factories in Sudan in a Wag-the-Dog attempt to change the narrative when his justified impeachment/trial was percolating.

NO ONE had any problem with ‘the One’ bowing to and kissing the a$$es of all kinds of foreign leaders and despots at home and abroad and denigrating his/our country every chance he got; NO ONE had any problem with him calling ISIS a “JV team” just before they terrorized Paris.

Trump only tweets and says and does what he does because the collective Left has never given him a fair shake. He is a fighter and frights back and if you milquetoast moderates don’t like it – TOO BAD. Real Americans appreciate a promise-keeper and a President who stands up from them and our country.

As the old Merle Haggard song “Rainbow Stew” goes: “…when a president goes through the White House doors and does what he says he’ll do, we’ll all be drinking that free Bubble-Up and eating that Rainbow Stew.”

President Trump in 2017 tried in good faith to work with Chuck and Nancy and was kicked in the Toobin for his efforts to negotiate and work to a common goal. All he is doing is saying enough to their bullschiff and making his case and keeping his promises to America and its citizens.

Jimmy MacAfee

Excellent post!


There is absolutely no reason for President Trump showing up at a lopsided debate. It would be akin to bringing a knife to a gun fight. I wouldn’t be surprised if POTUS is planning on bringing a bazooka to the gun fight. He certainly has a uncanny way of making lemonade out of the lemons they throw at him.


The fear porn for the fake virus is back, with US “cases” on the rise again. One more jab before the election. Even though deaths and hospitalizations continue to decline, they are still stoking the fire.

What really gripes my butt more than this is the censorship of one of Trumps commission leaders, Dr Atlas. How dare them shut down his comments just because they disagree? This should enrage any red-blooded American!


Jimmy MacAfee

Speaking of porn, the odious CNN head-piece Jefrey Toooobin must have gotten a copy of the pictures on Hunter. S. (Thompson) Biden’s laptop. Just sayin’.



The 4-4 SC deadlock which let the lower court decision stand on the PA mail in voting corruption just shows why we need ACB confirmed and why we need Mister Roberts to be investigated and removed or forced to resign. Then, and only then, will America have a 6-3 conservative court.


We should have confirmed ACB already, the SC failed to block an unconstitutional ruling by a lower court that extends vote counting 3 days past election day in Pennsylvania. It was 4-4, Roberts siding with the libtards.


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