Schweikart: Dem Plan to Steal the Presidency Runs Into a Solid Wall of Harsh Reality

Frequent contributor and America’s history teacher, Larry Schweikart, put up a long thread on Twitter last night that is so good that I ask for and got his permission to share it here. I would give you a summary, but it’s self-explanatory and laid out in a style that only Larry can deliver, so why waste the time?

Just read it – you’ll be glad you did.

Here is the text from the rest of the 22 tweets:

2) They probably thought, “OK, we’ll squirrel him away, keep him out of public sight, and let Kampuchea handle the load.”

Mistake #1. She was an instant bomb, and was actually worse than Demented Perv Biteme.

3) At the same time, they thought they could use the Vote By Mail (VBM) scheme to extend voting way past Nov. 3.

While I don’t think they seriously believed this, some of them no doubt thought they could drag it past Dec. 13.

I think some lawyers finally did some ‘splainin.

4) So initially (again, I’m guessing April/May) their plan was to VBM the hell out of the system then string it along with the complicity of the Blue Govs.

5) Enter the GOP and the courts.

6) This was squashed faster than a Milli Vanilli reunion tour.

7) Moreover, the wizards of smart in the DNC failed to grasp that if they scare the oldsters to death and have them VBM, they won’t have anyone voting on election day.

8) But wait! It gets even better!

Because they have “pre-voted” (like pre-boarding an airplane. As George Carlin says, how do you “pre-board?”), ALL OF THEIR VOTES ARE TALLIED EARLY. They will be the first ones on the board on election day.

9) Moreover, people have been watching these come in for months. Nate Cohnhole has been breathlessly watching the numbers rise, failing to understand it’s like a 440 meter race with staggered starts. The GOP “lane” is mostly on ED. Yeah, it “looks” like the outside lane is ahead.


The DemoKKKrats have no hats from which to pull rabbits on election day.

11) This nullifies another of their poorly thought-out strategy of VBM, namely to claim fraud.

12) Even for their most disingenuous hacks, it will be pretty hard to claim fraud when only 3% of the DemoKKKrat ballots are still outstanding and they are losing by 5%.

13) It will be a case of, “Even if we say ALL the outstanding ballots are for Biteme, he still loses.”

14) So whatever quidspickel genius in the DNC dreamed up this particular scam, he should be Robespierred.

15) And, perhaps juciest of all, the very nature of reporting, even by the punkpidgels at CNN, MSNBC, and Faux, will be to report what is HAPPENING.

16) You know what’s going to be happening on election day?

Republicans are going to be voting.

Pretty much ONLY Republicans are going to be voting. Overwhelmingly Republicans are going to be voting.

17) It will be near impossible for any Hoax News org NOT to report that, no matter how they spin it. The momentum is going to build on election day that the GOP tidal wave has come. “We never expected this!”

18) It will be made manifest in so many states, in so many races, that it will be impossible NOT to call these states for Trump.

They can look forlornly at 1/2% outstanding absentee ballots that amount to 5,000 or to Trump’s 180,000 lead, or 400,000 lead.

19) This is so delicious. They not only screwed their candidate with a moronic strategy that makes Minion’s “ORCA” look like a good idea, but they screwed their post-election day strategy AND their media election day strategy.

20) As per 10/11 court cases so far, they have to stop counting no later than Nov. 6. They gave the Rs time to mount court challenges and, equally important,


21) Amy Coney Barrett.

Why? Cuz she is going to be confirmed and they can’t stop it, and ANY of these cases that gets to the USSC after Nov. 3 on an expedited basis will get squashed faster than Cubans in Grenada.

22) I’m telling you, if they thought Cankles’ campaign was a cluster you-know-what, the post-mortems on this one will see DemoKKKrat strategists exiled to horror spots . . .

like Macon, Georgia, or Bullhead City, Arizona.

23) It’s a beautiful thing.
A beautiful thing, indeed. Glorious, even.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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You have to love any thread that contains words such as “quidspickel” and “punkpidgels”.


As Gregg has pointed out, this would have been better a whole pie instead of pieces, yet it drives home the point that the demoncrats have shot themselves in the foot. Big time.

My only beef with it that he is saying this is going to be a GOP tidal wave. i think it more likely to be a cross-sectional tsunami of the citizens of this great country. I suspect we will see a large number of democrats and former democrats voting for Trump. Black, Hispanic, Asian
and so on.

The internet has broken the big media monopoly. The technocrats have exposed themselves.
The average citizen is not buying their song and dance. Trump delivered on just about everything he said he would do if elected. Nobody with two brain cells to rub together believes slojo is going to do anything but be deposed and replaced by a harridan almost as bad as shrillery.

Kitchen table issues will destroy the dems at the ballot. Nobody wants to go back to the Obama years on steroids.

Tyrone o'Sorus

#21) Amy Coney Barrett

I’m sorry, but something about her screams “Chief Justice Roberts/David Souter”. Counting on her will be a fool’s errand.


I really don’t care for the snippets of clips of either written or video twitter. They are nothing more than bullet points without context.

I’m old school in that in that I like to read a real story and not travel through a bunch of road bumps. One can’t really develop a story in 22 packets.

To me, if I have to read bullet points there should be a structured story around them – I do it all time here, but they support my thesis, not go off on different tangents. That is what proper paragraphs are for.

This is another big reason why I don’t do Twitter. And I especially don’t care for out of context tweets in replies to columns or stories; many of which I have to wonder what the hell are you talking about or referring to? But I guess bumper-sticker campaigns work for the masses so the twittersphere will continue.

I like what Trump does – not what he tweets, but most of his tweets are clear and make sense.

I hope and pray Larry is right however he chooses to present his thoughts, but his regular posts are so much better.


Yes. That would also explain why Joe isn’t running a vigorous campaign. If you can get enough postal workers to “misplace” mail in ballots and have Soros’ voting machine software switch Trump votes to Biden in real time on election night, then you own the republic. His voting machine companies are based out of corrupt communist VENEZUELA and Spain. His companies have been warned by national intelligence agencies that their software is very basic and prone to hacking by even low skilled hackers. The voting machines are used in both the EU and the USA. What could go wrong?!


That just reinforces my sometimes-hesitant optimism. I try to be realistic, because the dems will do/try anything, but the tweets above give some much needed reassurance.


This “pundit” writes like a 14 year old 4chan blowhard. He’s also been predicting Republican landslides every election of the last two decades. Might as well flip a coin flip — it’s more accurate.


One very real corrupt item not mentioned is that George Soros owns the voting machine and software companies.


have you seen the vid where votes switch up in real time?


Thanks Larry and Dave, neither rainy days nor Mondays ever get me down. Ever since I read in the Constitution that only state legislatures could alter the date, manner, or way that state voting took place, no judge had the power to authorize extending counting etc, I knew their plan would not succeed. Thanks for the great tweet.

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