Monday News Roundup: President Trump Must Boycott the Final Debate

At 9:00 a.m. Sunday morning, Joe Biden’s elder-abusing handlers called a “lid.” So, what’s new, you ask? Well, the “lid” is going to last until the final debate, scheduled for Thursday, October 22.

That’s right: The Democrat Party’s Unfrozen Caveman Candidate, plagued by dementia and scandal, is currently in the midst of a four-day “lid” just two weeks away from Election Day.

It’s the campaign that never was.

Meanwhile, while Creepy Uncle McWifeMolester was holed up in his basement hooked up to his handy IV, President Donald Trump campaigned in Nevada and California, where he drew massive crowds like this one just for driving down the street:

That’s in California, folks, the state in which Biden supposedly leads President Trump by 34 points in the media-sponsored polls. But you’re expected to believe without critical thought or comment that the man who draws crowds like this one everywhere he goes in this country is losing to the guy who regularly speaks to empty parking lots and junior high gymnasiums.

Yeah, that’s not happening.

Meanwhile, this is the caliber of person Quid Pro China Joe is sending out to represent him on the airwaves. – Watch as Fox News’s Leland Vittert, a rank Trump-hating liberal, eviscerates Biden surrogate Jenna Arnold about the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop on Sunday:

And there you have the real reason why Biden is going to spend the next four days hiding in his basement: His campaign has no earthly idea what to say about the graft and corruption already reported by the New York Post and Fox News, and Biden’s people know there is much, much more to come from that apparent treasure trove of depravity and crime.

Even worse, Biden’s corrupt toadies in the mainstream news media are also at a loss about how to defend their man on this, and have now decided to simply try to change the subject back to fear porn about the China Virus. Yes, friends, we are back to all China Virus all the time in our national and local news casts, with the focus being on a rising level of new “cases” because the death rate just keeps dropping, a fact that most Americans would applaud but the media hates because it is inconvenient to their preferred narrative.

If you believe that sudden, coordinated shift in focus by every media outlet in America is just the natural result of good news work, you may be extremely naïve. Perhaps fatally so.

All of which finally brings me to the point of this piece, which is that the President must boycott Thursday’s last debate. He must do this for several reasons:

First, the playing field for this debate is stacked against him to the point of abject absurdity. The “moderator,” NBC White House fake reporter Kristen Welker, is a lifelong Democrat whose parents have given tens of thousands of dollars to the Biden/Obama campaigns. She is one of the most ridiculously hostile and vapid members of the White House press corps, and the President should not legitimize her as a professional by allowing her to interrogate him and constantly interrupt him on Thursday.

The White House press corps should be abandoned and banned from the White House grounds as the enemies of the people that they are, not treated as if they were actual journalists.

Second, Welker’s chosen topics for this debate read like they were written for her by the Biden/Harris Harris/Biden campaign, which they probably were, come to think of it. Not a single question about the economy? Nothing on immigration? Nothing on the historic outbreak of Trump-brokered Middle East peace deals that have now seen him receive three Nobel Peace Prize nominations?

But Welker does plan to spend 10-15 minutes on “Climate Change” so she can pontificate about ‘science’ and stuff. Even worse, you know she will not spend one second demanding that Biden explain the influence racket he and his son were running out of the U.S. Naval Observatory while serving as Vice President.

Again, this approach is not something President Trump or any Republican should spend a single moment legitimizing with his presence.

Finally, the Commission on Presidential Debates needs to be blown up into a million pieces and scattered to the winds, and that has never been more obvious than it has become this year. The uniformly anti-Trump, anti-conservative, anti-Republican selections of “moderators” for this year’s debates is not really anything new, but the intensity of their obvious bias and hatred has risen to new heights.

Think about it: the Commission was so focused on tilting the playing field against the sitting POTUS that it selected one moderator who is actually a former intern for Biden. That moderator, C-Span’s Steve Scully, was so biased and dishonest that he literally disqualified himself and was suspended from his job for publicly lying to the country about his efforts to tilt the second debate.

Chris Wallace was so openly hostile to the President during the first debate that he actually spent more time debating Trump than Biden did. And now, President Trump is expected to just show up on Thursday and pretend that the Commission’s third selected Democrat activist, Welker, is somehow legitimate?

No. No, Mr. President, you must not do this. This farce, this DC Swamp Kabuki Theater pretense must come to an end. The feckless, useless Republican National Committee has allowed it to exist and demean its candidates for far, far too long.

This process must be destroyed for the good of this country, and if Donald Trump won’t do what is needed to achieve that goal, then who ever will?

The Commission on Presidential Debates must be destroyed. The time to do it is now. Just schedule a rally in Minnesota or Wisconsin or Pennsylvania for Thursday night and stop pretending any of this is legitimate.

Enough of this nonsense.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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marty lopez

You don’t publish my comments. I guess we’re done. Yo uno different than Twitter


I honestly don’t think Trump can lose on this one. Everyone, even several of the dem shill MSM, admitted how obviously biased and ridiculous the last two “debates” were. The only thing these debates are doing is completely reinforcing to anyone with half a brain how utterly corrupt and despicable the Dems are. They’ll just be cutting their own throats even more. This isn’t 1960. Debates don’t do what they used to do. But most of all, the dems simply can’t bring themselves to accept that they no longer have the monopoly control of mass electronic communications that they’ve come to take for granted for the last century. The internet has ultimately revealed them for the frauds they’ve always been. Yet they continue to stand at their panel, feverishly turning dials, pulling levers and shouting into their microphone “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!” as we laughingly look at them in plain view. And now their TDS is so off the charts they just further reveal their complete insanity and desperation.

marty lopez

The media of course, represents the globalists who are the enemy trying to sell America to the Chinese. All questions concerning the climate turn to China, the world’s largest polluter and then to crooked Biden’s dealings with China. Trump will handle a bully moderator.


You’re right on Trump not leaving the stage. But he should ask the ‘moderator’ if she is running for president or, am I running against you or this guy over here?


An old vid but one that portrays Trumps whole campaign and media presence.


10 to the 99,999,999 Gazzillionth power upvotes for that one! Sooo fitting, still laughing out loud


“…the President should not legitimize her as a professional by allowing her to interrogate him and constantly interrupt him on Thursday.”

In a normal year with a normal GOP designated loser, I would agree with your statement. But not this year, and not with Trump.

What I would do if I were Trump is establish first and foremost that I am not debating the moderator and give a bio of the ‘moderator’. He should also state if the ‘moderator’ interrupts me on my time I will leave the debate since I am not going to debate her. If she wants to debate me she should have run for and won the Democratic nomination.

And I would follow the advice of several of the commentators above, Rockgod28 in particular.

The president and vice president can and they have used the first three ‘debates’ to further expose the childish and unfair bias of the ‘impartial’ ‘moderators’ which further reinforces his “fake news” message.

I look at it this way: If Trump were to back out now, he would come across as a wimp and it would give btfsplk a great win and give the media a whole new talking point or narrative to mask the Hunter scandal. No, the president needs to do this. I can’t imagine it could be any worse than the last three, and he and Pence arguably won them, or at worst broke even. He can’t quit now and give btfsplk and his toadies a cheap win. And there is always a chance he could get btfsplk to blow up by getting into the court packing non answer and Hunter’s laptop. He needs to get the “dog-faced pony-soldier” to “lose it”.

However, in the future, the RNC led by people like RINO- Romney’s niece, and the Debate Commission needs to be blown up. Perhaps after he leaves office in 2025, Trump could become the new RNC Chairman.

As much as the DNC and their whole party needs to be blown up, the National Republican Party also desperately needs major reform.


The only thing I disagree with you on would be Trump leaving the stage if he gets interrupted. In the ring of the media Trump is the top billed prize fighter. He knows he’s not there to debate sleepy gropey joe but the moderator, which btw, any questions can be turned back onto both of the communists.

The real warrior won’t leave the field until the battle is done. 2 Samuel 23:8 – 12

So when Trump gets into the ring the only thing that will allow him to leave is the timer or their surrender. They’re to stupid to surrender so they’ll use the timer in increasing obfuscation, potty breaks for pedo joe. IMO… it’ll be great. Zombies will never vote different but people will see what a real leader is like and will fall behind Trump because he’s a brawler.

Its a war… It takes soldiers to face the enemy, and fight.

jack johnson

I go back to this point and people loose their mud. Trump had 1 shot at Biden….there was only going to be 1 debate and Trump blew it. He didn`t prepare and Biden came off as “competent” because he could form a sentence and stand for an hour.

A debate will not change anyone`s mind but it would give Trump a chance to pound Biden about his corruption and his degenerate drug addled pedo son.

Question….Climate change? “When and where were the videos of Hunter torturing underage Chinese girls made….were they made in China, the worst polluter in the world”….and so on.

alice peterson

for a Never Trumper Leland really took this biden moutpiece apart….good for him


Lion’s Den or Fiery Furnace…

The prudent and wise thing to do in the face of such obvious bias and corruption is to withdraw.

As we know that isn’t President Trump’s style or usual operating procedures.

He is going to spring the trap.

The question isn’t is he going to punch back. It is how is he going to fight knowing, knowing, he is going into the debate that is 3 plus to 1.

Questions about climate change:
Did you know China is the biggest polluter in the world? Speaking of China we now know Joe here sold out our country to the Chinese government. We have the emails and proof from his son’s own laptop. So how are you going to reign in China Joe when the Chinese own you?

Question on COVID:
China unleashed this virus upon the American people. We are doing everything we can to fight it and hold the Chinese government accountable for this disaster. Speaking of disasters we know know through Joe’s son and other sources that he has built a criminal empire of selling American influence as Vice President to the highest bidder?

Hammer meets nail. Turn every Democrat talking point into a spotlight on Joe Biden’s corruption and crime family.

RED – Remove Every Democrat

End the Democratic Party Now!


BOOM… Fully agree… To assume Trump doesn’t know its a setup would be stupid. So the question arises which would be the better option, should Trump back away from the ‘debate’ or step into it.

Well for one, if he backs away the media will scream Trumps ‘afraid’ to debate sleepy joe. So, imo and your’s, its better to step into the ring and turn every talking point right back onto themselves. Then the communists will be forced to defend their positions and expose them for who they are… liars and criminal communists.

Go for it Mr President. It’ll be like the stickman 145lb sjw swatting at the 250lb linebacker doorman.

Jumper Bones

Love reading your posts. I bounce between here and the posters on to get “actual news”.

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