Discussion Post – 10.19.2020

On Sunday, Joe Biden’s handlers notified the media at 9:00 am ET that their elderly, fading, scandal-plagued candidate would not be seen again in public until Thursday night’s debate.

That’s right: They called a 4-day lid.

You could never, never, ever in a million years make this stuff up.

Discuss away.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Looks like Jeffrey Toooobin got a little too excited when he heard what was on Hunter Biden’s laptop.


Oh this will work for slojo bigly


Somebody must be asleep at the Biden campaign and missed the news about the nfl ratings debacle. Money down the rathole joey my boy.


Came across this from my pastor delivered on the last Sunday before the election 2016. No preaching, just his take on the 2016 election, and his observations. Really interesting parallels, and he makes many great observations. Only 30 minutes.



Biden really can’t keep up with any kind of campaign schedule. The debate is his Alamo and he has to give it everything he’s got left (which ain’t much). And as brian notes, there is additional trump support that has been creaking out into the open. Same where I am at….I see more and more signs for Trump than I do Biden. The scope of fraud on and around election day is going to be the wildcard, but Trump has all the momentum to win.


A comment from another article in todays news.

“Christina Larissa Douglas • 8 hours ago
My husband and I are truck drivers, we own our own rig… we have been working the west coast the last few weeks and all along I -5 from maybe 100 miles N of LA to damn near the border of CA and OR are so many Trump signs be them home made or bought. I even saw some that said “ Democrats fir Trump “.
Brought tears to my eyes! God Bless President Trump and his family!!”

Try as the communists might, patriots are coming out in droves. This is the only way to devistate the communists, vote their comrades out of every political office there is. Relegate their voices back to the dark reaches from where they came.

Its a war… The enemy needs to be completely vanquished.


Did I call it in my piece yesterday or what? Yesterday I wrote btfsplk’s campaign would be shut down (lided) by 0900. My error was I didn’t think it would be shut down FOR FOUR (4) DAYS until the ‘debate’ on Thursday which is in Nashville.

I guess he is ‘prepping’ for the debate, and Jill is waiting for their shipment of a two cocktail mix of brains in a bottle and debate in a jar.

Even if one is a moderate or a reasonable Democrat leaning towards btfsplk, they have to realize America cannot have a part-time president. Regardless of what anyone thinks of Trump, you know he is ALWAYS ENGAGED and IN CHARGE.

Even if you don’t want to acknowledge all the other disqualifying Schiff (supposedly 63 million votes were cast by people who didn’t care about Walking Eagle’s well documented history of shady deals and outright corruption) that he has accumulated and pulled over the last 47 years in gubmint and 51 years total, his inability or unwillingness to campaign consistently should render him ineligible. Anyone with advanced age with advanced dementia should not be president.

I ask all the reasonable btfsplk supporters and all the establishment anti/never-Trumpers (who like to portray themselves as being among the smartest people in the world – What has Buford T. btfsplk ever done to or accomplished that would qualify him for president of a local union hall let alone the leader of America and the ‘free world’? What is he likely to do in the next four years to make anyone feel confident that he can or will lead competently?

Answer: Absolutely Nothing.

328,000,000 million people being led by this guy? Scary thought indeed.


Yeah, I miss Karen Carpenter too. Music back then was great unlike most of today’s garbage.

Rays and Dodgers in the WS. Are you a Rays fan? I am, but I think the Dodgers are just a tic better.

My prediction: a Classic WS, Dodgers in 7.


I will root for the Rays just because a friend from high school made it to the big leagues, and just retired as a coach for them, his name is Tom Foley. He was one of those gifted kids.

I didn’t realize but the President went to Commifornia yesterday, he must feel that it may be in play?



Commenting on the American Thinker link:

If by some miracle President Trump were to win CA, it would be a 45-48 state landslide. Doubt that will happen. He lost CA by a 65-35% margin and about 2.5 million votes. However, It is interesting to compare the numbers of 2016 with 2012 and 2008:

From the World Almanac, Rand McNally, Wikipedia and a Google search:
2016; Eagle: 5,476,131, Trump: 2,963,999 (35.12%) = 8,440,130
2012; ‘The One’: 7,854,286, Mutt: 4,839,958 (38.13%) = 12,694,244
2008; ‘The One’: 8,274,473, Ace: 5,011,781 (44.71%) = 13,286,254

The population of CA in 2009 was 36.13 million; in 2015 was 37.25; in 2019 it was 39.51 million. This shows there are a whole lot of people in CA who simply don’t vote – legally or otherwise. The data shows that there were about 32 million eligible voters in 2016 and LESS THAN 9 million voted!

Look at the trends, they show a distinct decline in voter enthusiasm since ‘the One’s’ “historic” election. Clearly voter apathy over the last decade is on full display in CA. If Trump were to get what Ace got in 2008 and btfsplk gets what Walking Eagle got in 2016, CA could well be in play. The caveat is that most of the people who left CA were probably conservative voters, but libs move out too to avoid oppressive taxes. My theory is the liberal/conservative out migration is close to a wash. And remember, there was and is massive voter fraud in CA with a lot of illegals getting drivers licenses and ballot harvesting.

In ’08 there wasn’t much enthusiasm for ACE; in 2012 there was even less for Mutt; in 2016 Trump was an unknown entity, but there was even less enthusiasm for Walking Eagle. Judging by the rallies this year, there is NO enthusiasm for the Roundheels-Headboard/btfsplk ticket, so maybe Trump can flip CA in a fair election. And don’t forget, neither Ace or Mutt or Trump, or any Democrat campaigned in CA and other non-competitive states. Trump might well be changing that dynamic. We will know if he goes to OR, WA, IL, or NY or CA again in the next fifteen days.

I suspect the president went to Orange County, CA for a couple of reasons:

1) Campaign for and regain the four or so GOP congressional seats that were lost in 2018 through ballot harvesting fraud
2) Get some low hanging fruit in the form of campaign donations from the conservative areas in the state
3) Maybe he feels he has a legitimate shot at flipping CA, although I think he has a better chance of a major upset in NY or IL

Judging from the above data, and the current state of affairs in CA and overall dissatisfaction with the Democratic Dictatorship for the last twenty or more years (The Arnold was not a GOP governor), there might be a big surprise especially if the voter fraud is greatly reduced. So, maybe Trump can force the DNC to have to defend CA’s 55 Electoral College Votes at the cost of focusing on the battleground states. He might also force the election officials to take greater fraud risks and further expose themselves.

If the Democrats want to make this election a mess, Trump, unlike EVER OTHER REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE, is more than willing to stir the pot and kick the beehive; he fights fire with fire and turns up the heat.

Go for it, Mr. President.


Great detective work, thank you, interesting stuff for sure. It would be glorious to get a 45-48 state sweep.


It’s a rainy day, and a Monday, but I’m not down because I have Dave and his ducklings to cheer me up! I do still miss Karen Carpenter though. She had a 5 octave range.
Here is another good piece from Selwyn Duke



It’s pretty obvious that Captain Squint doesn’t want to answer any questions. His “nice guy” facade is crumbling, revealing the hideous creature that is the true Joe. Too bad that by the time justice comes, he won’t even be aware of it.

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