Sunday News Roundup: The Media’s Odd QAnon Obsession and Chris Wray Gets Another Letter

I’m old enough to remember when Saturday Night Live and Jim Carrey were both funny. It doesn’t seem like that long ago. Oh, well.

CNN continues the media’s weird obsession with QAnon. – This has been the strangest part of the entire year in 2020, and that’s saying a ton. The media’s obsession with QAnon, a web-based loose association of people who believe in a bunch of stuff that no one can really describe and that only a tiny fraction of 1% of Americans have even heard of, is truly stunning and frankly inexplicable by any real journalistic practice.

Literally every major mainstream media outlet has done multiple major expose’s on this topic, attempting to portray the completely peaceful group as some sort of existential threat to America. As I noted on Thursday, Savannah Guthrie is so consumed by QAnon that she actually led off President Trump’s townhall on NBC Wednesday night with a demand that he condemn the group. 99% of viewers no doubt looked at their spouses and said, “what in the hell is a QAnon?” when Guthrie went into her vicious diatribe on the subject.

The only way to rationalize all of this attention on such a “nobody in the country gives a damn” subject is that it must be an enormous topic of discussion at all the right DC Swamp and Upper East Side dinner parties. Because virtually no one outside of the Washington DC/New York City media/Democrat propaganda bubble knows anything about it.

Think about it: Has the clerk at your local grocery store or barista at your favorite coffee shop ever struck up a conversation with you by asking, “So, what do you think about that whole QAnon deal, huh?” Yeah, that’s not happening. Not at all. Not anywhere.

Anyway, CNN has yet another long, tedious story about the group today, and maybe you should go read it if you have any interest in it. I really don’t, but it is just extraordinary how this media obsession with such a non-issue continues. I made it down to the sub-header that reads “QAnon only hurts people; it has helped nobody,” and realized I just couldn’t stomach the rest.

Bottom line here: CNN and the rest of the news media must be terribly worried about the pro-Trump, anti-pedophilia message coming from QAnon; otherwise, it is impossible to explain the level of uniformly negative attention they have given to this obscure group throughout 2020.

Director Wray! Paging Director Christopher Wray! – Senator Ron Johnson, Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, lobbed a new letter into the Hoover Building, which serves as the headquarters for America’s dumpster fire FBI. The letter, co-signed by Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, demands that Wray stop withholding key materials from the committee that are in his possession.

Coming as it does barely two weeks prior to Election Day, when Wray is praying Joe Biden will win and thus emancipate him from having to follow the law in any way, shape or form, I’m guessing the new missive from these two senators was immediately filed away in Wray’s enormous dumpster for the next round of burning.

And now we know why Facebook’s “policy” is very simple: Protect Joe Biden. – From our “you could never make this stuff up, folks” file comes the news that Joe Biden’s former “special policy advisor” for the Ukraine, a woman named Anna Makanju, is now a senior executive at Facebook who leads the social media monopoly’s efforts to “ensure election integrity on the platform.”


See? I told you. You just could never make this stuff up.

Does this seem weird to you? Because it seems weird to me. – Thousands of women gathered in Washington DC on Saturday for another depraved “Women’s March.” The reason for their event? Why, to protest the elevation of a … wait for it … WOMAN, Amy Coney Barrett, to the Supreme Court.

Again, you could never make this stuff up.

By the way, here’s a photo of the event:

Hundreds protest nomination of Amy Coney Barrett in Washington DC

Oddly, no one in the corrupt news media who invariably complain about the lack of “social distancing” at Trump rallies uttered a peep in protest of this event. Nor did our little societal menace, Anthony Fauci, have any negative words to say about it, although he will tell you you can’t have your kids go trick or treating or have your family over for Thanksgiving this year.

But hey, Fauci’s just another Democrat, and thus a lying hypocrite, something we’ve known all along.

Speaking of lying hypocrites, how about the folks at the World Health Organization? – The chart below shows the WHO’s alleged count of seasonal flu cases from the first of April through the end of September during both 2019 and 2020:

Do you see anything that strikes you as just a bit odd about that 2020 chart, as compared to 2019, which was a pretty normal year for influenza? I mean, if you aren’t Anthony Fauci trying to be a menace to American society, that is.

Doesn’t it strike you as odd that the WHO is claiming that the entire world has seen virtually ZERO cases of seasonal flu since last April? I mean, the bars are barely visible there.

Do you really believe that this year, the seasonal flu has gone pretty much completely dormant? Or do you suppose that it is far more likely that that all of the seasonal flu cases are suddenly being classified as “COVID-19” for political reasons?

This really isn’t hard, folks. You are being brainwashed to continue to accept Fauci’s edicts into perpetuity. If you think this is all going just go away once we have a vaccine available, you haven’t been paying attention to what has been happening thus far related to this virus and the media/Democrat propaganda surrounding it.

Pay attention. Let your kids go trick or treating, for gosh sakes. Have your family over for Thanksgiving. Give Fauci the finger and live your lives like Americans.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Carlos Dangler

Jimmy, there’s a third laptop the FBI has (or had) in their custody – which belonged to Seth Rich.
It probably no longer exists.


In TN we are getting some flu shot PSAs with kids wearing TN bandages where they were wounded by the flu shot. But overall, very quiet this year.


Another thing to consider….we’ve practically drowned ourselves in hand sanitizer this year, and hand washing has gone up considerably. Probably not as big a contributor to the numbers manipulation, but definitely a factor.


I was just commenting to my sister-in-law how funny it was that we have literally heard or seen anything about this year’s flu season. And also how the infection and death reports for covid that we were bombarded with seemingly every minute of the day have suddenly become muted to the point that it’s like the seasonal cold report.


As Buford T. btfsplk would say: “Think about it…” Why would China, of all countries, open a consulate in Houston, of all places? I could see a consulate in SF or NYC.

And when exactly did this ‘consulate’ open up? I’m betting during ‘the One’s’ and btfsplk’s administration.

We are going to need dozens of those 1’000 foot diameter green energy bird killing windmills on the Potomic to push the smell of the schiff when it hits the other fans in DC next year. The only difference is the turbines will have to be reversed to move air rather than be moved by it. Maybe we needed those fans after all.

Jame Thurber

If Biden wins, China wins. Then America loses.

China opened their first U.S. consulate in Houston, TX. Recently, I read it was discovered that at that facility, China was attempting to assemble a database of ID info for EVERY AMERICAN. This included IP addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers, SS#, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, etc.

Don’t believe me? About a month ago they were caught doing the same thing in the UK in a more widely-publicized bust, perhaps the same intel operation, that China was unable to suppress as well in terms of it being publicized.

Are you ready to give your private info over to the Chinese?
I’m not.

When Trump found out about this, he kicked them out and closed down that Houston consulate.


Thank you! That’s what struck me immediately–2019 went from 0 to 25,000; 2020 went from 0 to 4,000. Hmm.


After the Trump victory is confirmed whether it is on Nov 3 or 4 in the early AM , or In Dec when the electors vote, we probably all need a rest from this daily mess. Recharge our batteries and resume our efforts in earnist on Jan 20, 2021.

President’s Trump’s stamina and energy is amazing.

Jimmy MacAfee

I think I’d better take a short vacation for a day or two. Health reasons. Keep up the great work!

Jimmy MacAfee

Stanley McChrystal didn’t think Qanon was a LARP (Live Action Role Player) and also is using intelligence to undermine public support for President Trump:

An anti-Trump Democratic-aligned political action committee advised by retired Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal is planning to deploy an information warfare tool that reportedly received initial funding from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the Pentagon’s secretive research arm — transforming technology originally envisioned as a way to fight ISIS propaganda into a campaign platform to benefit Joe Biden.

While this article didn’t specifically mention Q, other articles did – and I don’t have the time to find and post these. Fact is, McChrystal is using DARPA politically, and should be held accountable for this total breach of protocol (if not treason.)

Flynn knows about Q (or what passed for Q in the beginning) and tweeted about it/him/them.

If you want to see further issues regarding Intelligence being used against the President, and a warning from a person high in intel that probably saved Trump: Mike Rogers (USCYBERCOM and NSA head) warned President-elect Trump not to use his headquarters at the end of the Obumbler administration because the location was bugged; He had to wait until they set up a SCIF in order to make the warning, and Trump immediately changed locations.

This was acknowledged when Q was real.

The press is in a hissy fit because President Trump seems to anticipate all of their moves (maybe because they telegraph everything, and because they’re predictable as poo in a pig lot?)

So the “obsession” comes from the fact that Q was a very-much real entity, and HW Bush’s funeral was a clear message – Dubya was shocked, and Jebba the Hut almost crapped himself when Bushie the Lesser showed him what was on the program. H. Rotten was also given a message, and Jill and Corrupt Joe got one too, and the shock on their faces was like “WTF?” her mouth dropped open. I reviewed the tapes many times. That was a Q operation.

So Q is (or was) real, but has since been replaced. I have many complaints about Q, but since intelligence had been politicized against the President, it’s only fair that some form of intelligence should help protect him.

What Q is not:

President Trump often posted as Q+ right after a “Q-drop,” before 4 Chan was compromised. At this point, if Q is working hard to protect the President, then more power to him! But he/they/it are not posting anything of significance these days for the most part, and this could be for security reasons (See: McChrystal.)

If dopes like Stanley McChrystal attack Q, and the press does too, there must have been something there. I am not anti-Q, but I am personally pissed that he/she/it threatened me on a post in February 2019, and accused me of being a CIA stooge.

The only thing between us and not having four good years with a great President was Mike Rogers. I don’t agree with everything he says or proposes, but he singlehandedly saved America. As far as how much Q was involved? Real Intel doesn’t blabber, like Hysterical Johnny the Commie-Islamist who used to head the CIA. His blabbering is unprofessional.

And quite frankly, if I were a member of any Intel group, I’d be thrown out for too many self-congratulations (January 13, 2019 issues, for one.)

As far as Q’s identity? I suspect that Michael Aquino, PhD was one of them, but was kicked out or sent to hell where he belongs (as he was a Satanist.) I really don’t think Q is s single person. And I’m not enamored of rah-rah bullshit and calls to “trust in the plan.”

There’s more, but I simply do not have time.
If there’s an obsession by the press, it’s because there is a fire behind the smoke, but the press has its head so far up its ass that it wouldn’t know a Q-Drop from a gumdrop.

That is all.

Ben Colder

I really like the idea of giving Fauci the bird.As for the flu I would bet money that it is being called the Chink flu whether it is or not just to make Trump look bad old Biteme communist Joe thinks he has Trump by the balls on the chink flu thing and maybe he does.I just cant really believe that people blame Trump for this .I blame the dem/communists about as much as the Chinese they were po-hoing it until the so called dr Fauci started going after Trump then the dem/communists changed their tune and went after Trump they thought they could get him on that .The pure hate the dem/communists have for President Trump is something one has to see to believe it beats anything I have ever seen.


I think that Rudy Giuliani eluded to the reason why the left is preoccupied with Qanon. In his Daily Caller interview as well as his Common Sense presentation, Rudy said that there are videos on the laptop of Hunter Biden showing him smoking crack and diddling prostitutes. He later said that there are videos that are so disgusting that he can’t discuss it publicly. Now if you consider that Josh Wilson, chief FBI investigator into child porn, signed the subpoena to sieze the laptop months ago, where do Rudy’s statements, video on Bidens laptop and the FBI child porn investigator being involved intersect?

The media already knows the answer and they are trying to package a smear by association of Qanon and anyone who reveals the rest of what is on the laptop that is so heinous that Rudy Giuliani won’t discuss the actions.

The question is this – will there be enough courage in our elected officials to prosecute those involved?

Jimmy MacAfee

As Michael Flynn’s attorney said: longtime investigators who looked at Weiner’s laptop “threw up” because of the awful – terrible – things that were on it. This contained images that I will not try to describe, but let’s just say they are horrendous.

I’ve spoken with people who saw these images on the Dark Web (a place I don’t go) and they say that everything people said about these images is true.

Now we are coming to another laptop, Hunter Biden’s. This is the SECOND laptop that the FBI has deliberately hidden from public view. Weiner’s is the first. Comey claimed they looked at al the files (in a period of several days) and said there was nothing there. There was so much stuff, it would take months to parse it all.

What Q was talking about was the fact that if all this was made public, there would be such a great outcry against so many people the Deep State itself would collapse. (I agree with that assessment.) If you look at the number of human trafficking cases now being prosecuted vs. the number prosecuted in previous cases, the contrast is stunning. That’s where Barr et al are doing a great job, and continue to do a great job.

Largely, Intelligence owns the politicians and the powerful, and doesn’t want to give away what they have. And they have a lot – as Giuliani stated that the stuff on Hunter Biden’s laptop was surely known by US intelligence, and if we have it, the Chinese have it.

And that is where it goes back, in a sliver or segment of proof of this, to Epstein island: ZTE, a Chinese operation, had the contract for data transfer and communication from the island. It is this, and only this, where I sympathize with the US intel community about revealing sources and codes that make all of this very difficult to untangle and therefore prosecute. Epstein was said by Labor Secretary Costa to be “intelligence,” which is why he was not really prosecuted.

Perhaps with Hunter Biden being so low-IQ or drug-addled, the doors to all the stables are going to be blown off for all the shit that is stored there.

One can hope.

Dune Dog

“Do you see anything that strikes you as just a bit odd about the 2020 chart, as compared to 2019?…” You might think, well duh, it’s pretty obvious at first glance. Less obvious is the fact that the vertical axis of the 2020 data is at a scale one-fifth of that for the 2019 data. The comparison becomes outright obscene if you adjust the vertical axis to be equal in both charts. As presented, the 2020 data are plotted on a scale that “visually” expands the number of specimens by a factor of five when compared “visually” to the 2019 data. If the 2020 data were plotted with a vertical scale identical to that for the 2019 data, the 2020 data would basically disappear. Did someone at WHO make a mistake in constructing the graphs, or is it “slight-of-hand” chicanery? As Dave would say, “You just could never make this stuff up.”


Great point Dune Dog, thanks. And to Dave’s point, I thought the PCR test could not distinguish between the common cold, H1N1, or other coronas. Such a crock. I am so tired of being lied to, and I give the finger to Fauci every time I see his hideous face, sometimes the double barrel.


I double barrel him every time I see his face.

jack johnson

Trump had very little experience with the who`s who of the DC Swamp. When a appointments to positions were needed he deferred to fellow swampers for advise and consent. McConnell would also chime in as to who he could easily confirm. As long as the DC Swamp rats were in place to protect the cabal from Trump they all felt safe.

The DC Swamp is most fearful of a 2nd term of Trump, he knows the players now and with no re-election to hamper him it may be lights out for all of them. My opinion is that neither side except for a very few want Trump to win. What they are once again dismissing are the voters. The constant gaslighting of “Biden is ahead in all polls” is going to create such a vacuum when Trump wins there may be violence.

This truly is a fight for our country.


Selwyn Duke floats another possible reason why Wray is sitting on the laptop for so long. To take down Biden whenever the handlers desire.


Could well be the case Stuartswede.

If Buford T. btfsplk were to somehow become (p)RESIDENT, he would be the most compromised, the most blackmailable president in history. He would easily subplant the would be president Walking Eagle as the champion of corruption and blackmail.

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