Discussion Post – 10.18.2020

This is what is at the top of the Trending board on Twitter this morning:

“Joe Biden does not own or live in the DuPont Mansion, Snopes reports.”

The very fact that Twitter feels the need to send that message out to its perpetual outrage mob tells us just how panicked they are right now.

Discuss away.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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No worries! Just happy you found somebody who cares about getting things fixed,


And the most important news from yeaterday:

The New York Yankees are still the only baseball team in history to lose four straight games when up 3-0 in a championship series.



So the Rays are in the Stanley cup?

I tried 3 times unsuccessfully to post this when you mentioned the meme earlier. It was a tweet from our President!



No problem, at least you/we know the cause.


Don’t you just love technology? Glad you found the problem..


I saw a great meme recently. It showed Buford T. btfsplk on a scooter or wheelchair running for (p)RESIDENT – of a nursing home.

Let us all work very hard to ensure Buford T. btfsplk spends the rest of his days as a resident in a nursing home. Then the relatively youthful Jill can pursue other interests by hitching her wagon on some other powerful pol’s hitch.


Someone on this site is deleting my comments. I posted this (below the ***) yesterday and it is gone today as I review the comments of the last several days to check for any new responses.

Also, the spellcheck feature that was working since I’ve been posting here and then went away when Dave’s site went through its hack attack, came back for several days, and is again gone is proof positive that Dave and his fans are being CENSORED. What I do now is type my lengthy comments in a word doc to check for spelling and grammar and to archive my work. I suggest others do the same.

Maybe it is time for Dave to look into filing a class action lawsuit with a bunch of the other conservative Whatfinger posters? Surely it is happening their sites as well.

Looking at my comments from yesterday, it seems the fascists running the WWW are ok with me or anyone else ripping BJC and Walking Eagle (which shows how irrelevant they have become in the Left’s power structure). However, criticism of Buford T. btfsplk and Buford T. btfsplk Jr. – just like them NOT being prosecuted AT THIS TIME to avoid “influencing the election” – is OFF LIMITS.

Apparently according to Comey, Lynch and unfortunately Barr and Wray and others, it is ok for CRIMINALS TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT.


Here was what was deleted from yesterday (with some minor editing):

First it was a computer repair shop; now it is a pawn shop.

Who takes a laptop to a pawn shop?

If it were a pawn shop, why would anyone want it back when it can be sold to anyone else at any time?

Who leaves so much evidence on anything and then surrenders it?

Why is someone with the btfsplk’s family wealth dealing with pawn shops at all?

btfsplk and his kid don’t have any trusted IT guys in their orbit? Couldn’t they get some bleach bit from Walking Eagle? Or a hammer?

What is it with Democrats and computers, phones, servers, and classified data?

If btfsplk jr. was getting a laptop ‘repaired’, why did he abandon it? Drug addled?

Here is the funny part:

btfsplk, his dopey kid, and all his defenders denounce the laptop story as a fake NY Post hit piece (as if all the anti-Trump hit pieces don’t matter and hit pieces are somehow not allowed in political campaigns – PLEASE) and a bogus nothing-burger. Ok, so if that is the case, why does his lawyer want the nonexistent laptop back?

Sheriff Buford T. Justice and his dopey son Jr. remind me of these two clowns. The problem is the elder btfsplk has a serious chance of being elected president in 17 days whereas Jackie Gleason’s Buford T. Justice and his kid are just chasing a bimbo in a Trans AM and beer in a truck from Texas to Georgia.
btfsplk and his Jr make “Smokey and the Bandit[‘s]” Buford and his Jr look brilliant by comparison.


Speaking of blue check marks and the Biden crime family



Happy Alaska Day
Today, in 1867 Alaska was bought from Russia for 7.2 million dollars, or about 2 cents per acre. I remember my history that it was called Seward’s folly after the secretary of state who negotiated the art of the deal. Fitting in this time of cancel culture and scrapping our history that Bing quotes Micheal Crichton as saying:

If you don’t know history, then you don’t know anything. You are a leaf that doesn’t know it is part of a tree.


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