Saturday News Roundup: Why Christopher Wray Sat on Hunter Biden’s Laptop for 10 Months

Christopher Wray is not part of the solution for our country – he’s the problem. – 19 Republican members of the House of Representatives sent a letter to corrupt, worthless FBI Director Christopher Wray on Thursday, demanding he come clean on why his dumpster fire agency never revealed that it came into possession of the Hunter Biden laptop last December, while President Trump was being subjected to the Democrat Party’s impeachment hoax.

Here’s the letter:


We speculated here throughout that impeachment hoax that the real reason it was being mounted was as a massive effort by the Democrats and their media toadies to try to inoculate Joe Biden for his years of corruption related to Ukraine by projecting his crimes onto President Trump. The contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop prove conclusively that that speculation was in fact true.

That Wray and his fellow bureaucrats at the Hoover Building chose to withhold all of this key information from the public during a national crisis that was completely faked up by the Democrats is the height of corruption in public office, and a very blatant case of obstruction of justice. It isn’t just a crime against President Trump; it’s a crime against everyone in this country, and it simply must be punished.

Unfortunately, it has become crystal clear that we can’t count on Attorney General William Barr to do anything about it, as he has consistently made it obvious he is a big fan of Wray. Wray is one of the DC Swamp’s protected class, after all, and members of that class never have to worry about being held accountable.

What we also see in these revelations about the Biden family’s influence selling game is the very reason why Joe Biden has mounted this run for the presidency at such an advanced age. Winning this election, after all, is the only way he can ensure that all of his crimes against this country, the Ukraine, China, Russia and no doubt many more end up being buried and lost forever.

Think about it: Could Biden trust any of the 25 or so other Democrats running in the primaries to execute a 100% coverup of all of this wrongdoing were they to win the presidency? Could he trust them to do so without first exacting some patronage of their own out of the Biden family’s accumulated fortune? Of course he couldn’t.

Add to that the fact that it is not just the Bidens who are in jeopardy here. Members of families with names like Kerry and Pelosi and Feinstein and Clinton and even Romney have also snuggled up to corrupt foreign companies like Burisma in recent years and held similar positions like those Hunter was entangled in. Those families and many others we don’t know about yet are desperate to prevent a second Trump term in office.

I’ve asked this question often and it is completely relevant to this situation: How do you think these congressmen and senators, who spend their entire adult lives in public office, never making more than $200,000 per year in official salary, become so fabulously wealthy? Do you think it’s just because they contribute their $24,000 per year to their government retirement funds and then invest it wisely?

Joe Biden – or “middle class Joe” as he likes to be called – owns several multi-million dollar homes. Here’s a photo of one of them:

Joe purchased this property after his wife Neilia passed

Here’s an aerial shot of another one:

Biden and Jill's mansion in the Wilmington suburb

Here’s his “beach house”:

The Biden's beach property in Delaware

That’s at least $15 to $20 million worth of real estate right there, folks, and those are just the Biden-owned homes we know about. Do you really think he was able to pay for all of this on his senator/vice president salary?

Now, realize that we could go through pretty much the same exercise with most other senators who have served more than 1 or 2 terms in office and risen to key committee positions and other positions of influence. If you’re looking for a Republican, do a little research on the McCain family and see the tens of millions of dollars worth of assets he managed to somehow accumulate over his 30+ years in the senate.

That’s what’s at stake here. It’s not just the millions of dollars – or probably billions of dollars all told – that’s at stake: It’s the personal reputations of all of these prominent members of the DC Swamp protected class that’s up for grabs in this election. It’s also the reputations of all of the corrupt media figures who have served as their willing co-conspirators for all of these decades, protecting them and their way of life every step of the way.

And then there are the K-Street lobbyists who wrote all the bills that made those senators famous. You think that class isn’t a part of the scam? Please.

Which is why you don’t see a single one of those people, Republican or Democrat, actively working for this President’s re-election.

Every bit of this, the reputations of  all of these powerful people who need protection, revolves around the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop. And now you know why Christopher Wray and his dumpster fire agency sat on that laptop for the last 10 months.

It’ really isn’t even complicated.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Nice meme about Gates, but it is false.
Example: India didn’t boot him, and thousands didn’t die. From 2000 to 2017, instead of 496,000 dying in India from Polio vaccine, the real number was 17 who died in a time frame near having taken the vaccine. (Hard to prove it was even the vaccine!)

I’m no Gates shill… but please do your own homework. Most memes are just made-up junk.


I guess snopes, politifact, and their ilk never lie huh? I can easily prove otherwise. I posted no numbers in my comment, and would lean towards believing Robert F. Kennedy Jr. over the rest of the media proven liars. I do my homework sir.


I agree the Right is at a disadvantage in terms of organization and being censored and or monitored and targeted by big tech. This is why it is not going to be pretty if we don’t win every election cycle from here on out.


This was supposed to be a reply to Gregg above.


One issue with CW and the carbon foot print reductions you discuss…I guess with really any CW scenario with “us” against “them” (marxists/socialists, etc), is the the folks that comprise “us” is very multifaceted. We have everything from moderates to constitutionalists to the extreme right. Getting everyone rowing in the same direction and aligned on objectives could be harder than one might think.

Oh, and your mention of the left’s 90% reduction target? That is also the projected loss here in the US after 1 year if we were hit by an EMP.

Diane Lumsden

What I would like to know is where are the whistleblowers in the FBI? Seems like the Biden laptop would be the talk of the agency and yet no one wondered about why it wasn’t presented to Barr, the White House, ANYONE who could do something about it? The arm twisting and threats must abound there. When Trump wins again, he will have a clean slate to decapitate all the alphabet agencies and put people in there like Ric Grenelle and others of his fortitude. I hope it isn’t too late.

bob brainiac





Francisco Machado

“I don’t get why Willy stuck with her.” Granted that Hillary is the poster girl for borderline personality dysfunction and looks like a large sack of potatoes from the 2016 crop, but we can safely assume that the two of them know too much about each other for either of them to be trusted. That may also explain why the Progressives sequentially run candidates like Hillary and Joe who have more baggage than the Twentieth Century Limited on Thanksgiving holiday.

Nabi Rasch

An excellent summary of what should be obvious to devotees of stainess steel logic.


Wray has GOT TO GO


Don’t leave out the Hawaii house being held for him in another name which neighbors are fighting to keep him from building a seawall that will erode their property!

Pilot Dave

There are four very simple facts these Lefty-Liberals will not acknowledge:

#1 This Earth can only sustain 2 billion people without burning fossil fuel – John Deere does not run on batteries… so, what to do with 5 billion dead bodies?

#2 The “deal” Trump wisely backed us out of would have taxed USA and sent this money to the #1 and #4 producers of CO2 – Chairman Mao’s China, and India…

#3 Every time you as a consumer purchase a product “Made in China” or Vietnam, you are supporting their Communist Government’s decision to move from a self sustaining food system that is mostly carbon neutral to urban factory workers (very high carbon footprint) who then have to buy food grown on commercial farms using millions of gallons of diesel fuel… plus, much of it has to be imported from USA (more heavy crude oil being burned in marine diesels)

#4, a 6th grader knows there is no price for a train ticket to Hawaii…. as AOC wants to replace air travel with trains…..hmmm

Killer Dane

Trump has set the standard for how to deal with media commies. No more cowering in fear to the commie propagandists, call them out and dont let them define you, which Bush 43 did.


Trump’s impeachment should be expunged from the record.

Jimmy MacAfee

And his second term should count as his first, his second term starting at the end of the next four years.


Bill Barr is trying to eradicate the corruption in the FBI/CIA without destroying the institutions themselves. It won’t work, and they will fall. Trust me on that one no matter what transpires in the broader picture.

Jimmy MacAfee

I like and agree with your interpretation of the schematics, though it would have been nice if the institutions could have been saved. The question will be: what will replace them?

Just a semi-educated opinion on this here: the OSS worked, until it was broken up into the CIA and NSA. The CIA immediately went rogue, with only some elements of value (and perhaps extreme value) Otherwise, it wall full of Gottlieb and other forms of crap. The NSA went rogue with tech, when they saw the immense power they could wield (often against the American people) and 9/11 was VERY useful to them to make legal all the illegal crap they’d been doing already. Am I right or wrong? Was the OSS a good thing?

The FBI has always had a checkered past, with a mixture of good and bad. The bad is so blatantly obvious (Waco, Ruby Ridge, OK City, the Bundy Ranch, Philadelphia and a whole pile of murders committed by their “Confidential Informants,” which would always go unpunished.

Then there are the FBI foul ups: agents warned about 9/11, clear evidence of multiple mass murders prior to the events (Florida, Parkland school, among other things) and Robert Hanssen, and now the entire 7th floor and the current dipshit running the Bureau.

Hard to see how they can insist upon remaining open. I used to hope you were wrong; now I hope you’re right.

Funny thing about all this: we don’t see anarchists and communists complaining about these organizations, do we? They’re all working for the same masters, maybe?

Jimmy MacAfee

I see all these “whitehats” that “Q’Anon” listed over the years, and most have either been a disappointment or the exact opposite, one being Chris Wray. Another being Little Miss Muffett.

Part of Barr’s history, as I’ve discovered, is his role in sweeping pedo crimes under the rug in the HW Bush administration. He’s acquitted himself well in that regard….somewhat. But he met with the “late” J. Epstein two weeks before he was transported/Arkancided, and that remains a troubling issue.

As for Q? All that shit about “trust the plan?” Yeah? And what makes him/it/they have a plan that’s any better than any Deep State plan. I don’t purchase pigs in pokes, and if we compare President Trump’s promises to Q’s? No comparison. Q had once said H. Rotten would be in jail in 2017. Among other things.

Barr has broken some of his promises, too, with the China Virus being his main excuse. As far as I’m concerned, the jury is still out on Barr, but Wray and Little Miss Muffett need to be sent packing. Wray first. The list of his transgressions is too long for this to even be a question, the latest being so extraordinary that the only question is whether or not he’s committed a crime in hiding such information. Obstruction of Justice, for one; conspiracy, for another. .


TRUMP 2020


Great responses to my question. Thanks

BJC and Walking Eagle act more like our Dec 1941 – May 1945 alliance of convenience with Stalin’s USSR against a common enemy than any sort of the loving committed couple they try to portray themselves as. They (Walking Eagle especially) apparently have a common enemy: the USA as founded. BJC let his little willie get in the way however which stopped or prevented the implementation (as his COS Stephy Stephanopoulos lamented about the wasted opportunity because of BCJ’s WH trysts creating a cloud of scandal) of much of the Left’s agenda. Walking Eagle blew Hillary-care, and cost the Dems the congress for the first time in forty-plus years, while Monica L. effectively neutered the rest of his initiatives

They must truly be miserable people deep down, having lived such shallow and deceitful lives,

btfsplk and his nominal wife and all the others too, which is why you never see any genuine happiness or positive feelings expressed by any of “our friends on the other side of the aisle”.

Jimmy MacAfee

They are genuinely unhappy people: one addicted to unbridled power and the other addicted to the fresh odor of amour.

Jimmy MacAfee

The headline is wrong – should read:

“Why Christopher Wray Sat on Hunter Biden’s Lap For 10 Months.”


You don’t think Hillary doesn’t know where some of BJC’s friends are buried? And vice-versa? They are stuck with each other because they know too much about the other’s business dealings, indiscretions, corruption, etc. Bet they both have a kill switch just in case they get Arkancided.

Jimmy MacAfee

There are two types of alliances: one where two parties have mutually agreeable goals and concerns, and the other, where both have their hands on the others’ junk, ready to pop if necessary. Gross, but an accurate depiction. Like our relationship with China these days.


Not to take anything away from your argument about politicians getting rich via graft, but some of these unindicted criminal hacks get wealthy the old fashion way: They marry, or inherit it.

I believe in many cases their trophy wives/bimbos are the power behind the throne. Thresa Hintz-Kerry of the Hintz ketchup fortune, Sindy McLame whit her AZ family wealth in beer distribution come to mind.

However, and far more common, pols like BJ Clinton and j. r. btfsplk create political empires to create their wealth and power. Others of a certain gender, use the oldest profession to get their way to or near the top by willingly being on the bottom.

A little bit of a rant and maybe OT, but perhaps someone here can give me an answer.

One of the political mysteries to me is how former president BJC stayed with his nominal wife all these years. I fully understand why Walking Eagle hitched her wagon to Willy’s willy, but I don’t get why Willy stuck with her. Without “Slick Willy” no one would have ever heard of Hillary Rodham. She never has brought anything to the table, in fact she arguably caused BJC’s only election defeat in 1980 when he lost his first gubernatorial reelection bid because of her name hyphenation along with an in your face “I AM WOMAN, Hear Me Roar” persona, which didn’t go over too well in conservative rural Arkansas forty years ago. She was told to feminize herself and otherwise shut-up to allow BJC to regain the AR governorship. Her supposed popularity goes in the Schiffer when she comes out and people hear her; then amazingly it rebounds when she clams up – not a good combination when trying to run for any office that is not handed to her on a silver platter. She is one of the most unaccomplished women in politics or any profession I have ever heard of, yet she for some unknown reason, still wields a large amount of power over a lot of big players in the Democratic Party. If she didn’t, we would have never head of her after 2016 – she would have become Mondale post 1984 or Dole post 1996, even more so since she was SUPPOSED to WIN whereas the others were designated losers. The fact that she is still relevant in Democratic Politics speaks volumes about that party.

As much as I despise BJC, I always felt he could have done better – there is always some Karma Roundheels/Headboard Harris type who would be much less abrasive and more pliable and willing to be used than Walking Eagle.

I just don’t get how Willy and his wonka think.


He probably stuck with her because she has all of the blackmail files in her safe deposit box, with orders to release all on him and all others if she goes the way of Seth Rich. And he simply remained married to her, but in no way remained faithful. He had his fun with her approval apparently.

Jimmy MacAfee

I think you answered Gregg’s question superbly. And your conclusion, too, is spot on.

As for one other reason why he stays: if he’s married, he can dip his magic wand wherever and whenever, and aside from the grasping, immature 21 year old M.L, no one wants a relationship. In other words, H. Rotten is his fence line: “we can play, but at the end of the day, I’ll go to my place and you go to yours.”

It won’t be long – as he’s aging badly – when someone might have a dead dipstick stuck in the oil pan.

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