Discussion Post – 10.17.2020

In case any of you still believe the media lie that the New York Post stories are based on falsified data and that the laptop in question wasn’t really Hunter Biden’s, here is a pic of the email Hunter Biden’s lawyer sent to the pawn shop owner, summarizing the phone conversation they had on Tuesday in which the lawyer asked for the laptop back.


If it wasn’t Hunter’s laptop, whose laptop was lawyer Mesires asking for?

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.


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Metal markets are still flat… Little movement. Its good news still…


I don’t think they trade over the weekend.


Nope… its Fridays closing. Gold was up $1.19, Silver up $0.08 Cad. Been that way for the last month… very little movement.


The Rudy G who HAS gotten convictions on RICO charges has openly stated that the evidence he has, and turned over to the DoJ, FBI would be the easiest RICO convictions he could prosecute.

So Barr, having hired a lawyer who is supposed to be a RICO ‘expert’ has been working for Barr for some time now, is doing what??? Barr stated publicly before there were no RICO investigations going on.

So this RICO expert is there to either mitigate the damage to the crime syndicate, slow walking with hopes of Trump lose or is waiting until after the election to drop the hammer. Given Barr history both with Bush and now Trump, I’d say its a mitigation effort and seriously hoping to be wrong. Odd that this RICO lawyer is operating under such strong radio silence too, even less than Durham.

I think either way in a few weeks time theres going to be a whole lotta excitement and panic with the criminals looking for a deep slime pool to hide in. In his final four years Trump doesn’t have to please anyone and I think will go all out. No fear… Clear away the over hang and let the sun expose the swamp fully… dry it out.

Praying for such a thing… judgement temporarily deferred.

Its a war

Jimmy MacAfee

“Mitigation” is a bitch, ain’t she? Damage control when the plane’s flying at a 45 degree angle – down – and the engines are all on fire, and the plane is breaking up. Can’t slow-walk an airplane destined to hit the ground nose-first!

There may be people who have the virtual version of a suicide belt. I suspect that’s how it’s gonna all end, with the press being taken down at the same time. Evil rotters. And not just in the US.

I’m praying what you prayed.


Effing musician hypocrites


As for white privilege, I sure would like to know what that is.

Jimmy MacAfee

Mesires a litter of abandoned kitties.

Jimmy MacAfee

Right now, there has been a bloodbath of You Tube providers who have been kicked off You Tube. Some were patently inoffensive – in fact, most were.

Many are now on Bitchute and other platforms. What is needed is for You Tube to be simultaneously sued and for people to stop watching. I disabled my app on my phone immediately upon hearing about the slaughter.

You Tube is owned by Google, and this SHOULD be brought up in the Senate hearing. Probably won’t be, because the old farts probably (mostly) have no idea what a You Tube actually is, thinking it’s the old-fashioned television innards, made especially for the viewer’s choices.

I hope I’m wrong..

Jimmy MacAfee

Hunter misread the message, and he thought it was someone who’d done a lap dance wanting his DNA for a paternity test. That’s why he ignored it. Crackhead.


Back to very slow connection times. Changed locations within the USA and didn’t get anything different in load times.

So either optimization didn’t ‘hold’ , further optimizations reversed previous settings or there is an active campaign against this site from actors not friendly to real conservatism. IMO the latter can’t be ruled out because the bigger the audience the greater the attention from enemies you attract.

As for the lawyer letter and the emails, pics etc etc coming out now. EXPOSING the inaction of barr and the criminal coverup by wray, haspel, meuler etc etc Trump will wait until after the inauguration and then have a sit down with some and ask for the reasons for the no-shows, and a you’re fired for some others.

IMO, there will be a change in House leadership and a stronger Senate. If these two governing bodies don’t get their act together and support Trump fully then there is a need for a civil war and every nonsupporting rino and demoncrap needs to be before a military justice tribunal and shot if/when they are convicted. Those communist ‘citizens’ actively involved in the overthrow, if convicted in ‘minor’ crimes, should be given the choice of which communist country they’d like to live in, and sent on their way. Stripped of citizenship and never allowed back in, under penalty of life in prison. The prison being run by China.

Its a war. All pleasantries are suspended.


Great question, whose would it be?
Here’s a nice graphic to go along with the laptop story, also a link showing that the senate commerce committee has invited all 3 CEOs in for a casual discussion.



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