Friday News Roundup: Steve Scully, Joe Biden, Facebook and Twitter – So Many Liars, So Little Time

You don’t sayyyyyyyyyy. – Former Biden intern Steve Scully, who was selected by the anti-Trump Commission on Presidential Debates was suspended “indefinitely” by his employer C-Span yesterday after he was forced to admit that his claim that his Twitter account had been “hacked” was exactly what we all knew it was: A very transparent lie.

From a report by the Associated Press:

C-SPAN suspended its political editor Steve Scully indefinitely Thursday after he admitted to lying about his Twitter feed being hacked when he was confronted about a questionable exchange with former Trump aide Anthony Scaramucci.

The news came on the day of what was supposed to be a career highlight for the 30-year C-SPAN veteran. Scully was to moderate the second debate between President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden, which was canceled after Trump would not agree to a virtual format because of his COVID-19 diagnosis.

A week ago, after Trump had criticized him as a “never Trumper,” Scully tweeted “@Scaramucci should I respond to Trump.” Scaramucci, a former Trump communications director and now a critic of the president, advised Scully to ignore him.

Scully said that when he saw his tweet had created a controversy, “I falsely claimed that my Twitter account had been hacked.”


Well, knock me over with a feather.

Oh, this’ll make it all better, y’all! – Twitter’s “lead” for policy and lots of other stuff, some SJW named Vijaya Gadde, put up a big long thread last night – after Twitter’s entire platform had gone down for a couple of hours – claiming that she and her company were changing their “hacked materials policy”:

There are 8 more tweets in that thread, but I’m not going to re-post them here.

Here is all you need to know about this: Nobody has alleged that the materials that form the basis for the bombshell New York Post reports on Joe and Hunter Biden’s influence scam related to Ukraine and China were “hacked.” The Biden Campaign does not even make that absurd, ridiculous, despicably false claim. The emails were obviously not “hacked,” and everyone knows it.

Twitter and Facebook are not enforcing any sort of real “policies” here. They are quite simply engaging in Big Brother censorship on behalf of the Biden/Harris Harris/Biden campaign. Period. And for that action, both platforms should immediately lose their protections under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, and the FCC and Justice Department should start taking actions under the nation’s communications and anti-trust laws to break them up. Period.

Interestingly, Twitter’s global “outage” took place right after it was announced that it would be getting a subpoena from the Senate Judiciary Committee demanding that its CEO, Jack Dorsey, show up and testify under oath next Friday about his company’s lurch into undisguised censorship and interference in a presidential election. That subpoena was demanded by GOP Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley. Why it does not also include Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s name is a real mystery.

Interestingly, pretty much all other GOP senators have remained studiously silent on the matter, conclusively proving how worthless they are in a real crisis for our Republic. Some things never change.

Writing at the Washington Examiner, Byron York reminds us that, while the social media censorship angle is crucial, it is also key to remember the essence of the corruption that the Biden family was engaged in:

Now, the Post has published an email, reported to be from a Burisma executive to Hunter Biden. The Post says it was sent on April 17, 2015, when Joe Biden was vice president and Hunter Biden was on Burisma’s board. “Dear Hunter,” the executive, Vadym Pozharskyi, wrote, “thank you for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spent [sic] some time together. It’s realty [sic] an honor and pleasure.”

Democrats and Biden’s partisans in the press pushed back ferociously. It’s Russian disinformation, they claimed, without any specific knowledge that it was Russian disinformation. Facebook limited the distribution of the Post story. Twitter banned it altogether. All of this was done before anyone made any serious attempt to confirm the allegation.

The Biden campaign denied it all. “The New York Post never asked the Biden campaign about the critical elements of this story,” spokesman Andrew Bates said. “They certainly never raised that Rudy Giuliani — whose discredited conspiracy theories and alliance with figures connected to Russian intelligence have been widely reported — claimed to have such materials. Moreover, we have reviewed Joe Biden’s official schedules from the time and no meeting, as alleged by the New York Post, ever took place.”

The last sentence is what matters. With it, the Biden campaign seemed to be flatly denying that Hunter Biden introduced Pozharskyi to Vice President Biden. Of course, one could parse the meaning. For example, the statement referred only to Biden’s “official schedules.” There could not have been some sort of unofficial introduction, could there? And the statement said that no meeting “as alleged by the New York Post” ever took place. There could not have been some sort of introduction that did not fit the allegation in the Post, could there? Certainly the Biden campaign would not make a lawyerly, evasive statement like that, would it?


Well, of course the Biden campaign would “make a lawyerly, evasive statement.” It’s all they got, because the Post stories are 100% true, and they are just the tip of a very large and disgusting iceberg.

Meanwhile, here is what New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has law enforcement officials in New York doing to the state’s Jewish community:

Just a reminder that our country is in so many ways right about where Germany was in early 1938, and if we return the Democrat Party to national power, we’ll be right at “invasion of Poland” time in a blink.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

As far as persecution of Jewish people and Christians in NYC; Christians are being persecuted all over the country, like John MacArthur of Grace church in Cal, and a Calvary Chapel in the same state. Totally unconstitutional, and I’m not surprised.

I remember a CC person once saying: “well, I guess it doesn’t matter who we vote for; G0D’s in control.” Yeah, then we got Obimbo. The Lord doesn’t honor cowardice and indolence; He gives us the power to speak and act in His Name through the Great Commission.

You see nothing but silence in most mainline churches, which have failed to be churches at all.


I remember hearing about how the churches are cowed by the IRS and other gubmint agencies where they would/could lose their tax exempt status if they became “political”. Although it was perfectly fine to pass the donation hat around for Jessie Jackson when he was running for president and to allow Algore speak to the flock in his phony southern dialect, I think Walking Eagle too. The church “leaders” also crapped out on prayer in school back in the sixties.

Jimmy MacAfee

Yeah, cowards – and Louise Lerner proved more of them to be more concerned with their tax exempt status than spreading the Gospel (which means talking about moral issues, which are sometimes called “political”)

It was only “political” when it was something the Left hated. But as you said, all sorts of phonies like “Reverend” Al Sharpton could keep the dough rolling without fear of losing THEIR exemptions.

One thing (in an aside here) that bothered me about Bushie: he allowed a truckload of Bibles that had been sent to Assghanistan to be burned. There was more religious freedom under the Taliban than there is today – (thanks, Dubya!) My support for the war was conditional upon religious freedom being universal, and he made it worse.
Didn’t help that the Pentagram was full of atheists and practiced dark arts in local parks in the DC area, from what I’ve been told. No joke.

If we are destroyed as a nation, it will be because we abandoned G0D, not that He abandoned us.

M. Crawford

Freedom of the Press is a Constitutional right. Dorsey and Zuck are working against our rights as citizens in a public forum. Public means those joining in have a platform to speak their minds. They are two, low life cowards regarding truth.


Every DemocRAT that stands up and swears to tell the truth and nothing but the truth is lying their ass off.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’ve never used Twatter, nor Fakebook (joined for 3 days on the latter, then though better about it.)

Recommend not doing the medical parts of the DNA sites available: 23 and me is a GOOGLE company, which is sobering: you want to give your DNA to effing GOOGLE? Military personnel are advised to avoid DNA sites altogether. (let that sink in!)

Social media masters must be starved or put on a chain, while the right to hold an opinion different from theirs must be maintained and encouraged.

Jimmy MacAfee

Two things: the Pogram in NY – an attempt to drive Jews out of NYC and NY state – is just beginning. My advice to my Jewish brethren in those areas is to organize, keep arms and ammo, and connect with actual Christians (avoid most mainline churches, as they are not real Believers.)

The second thing is that Poland is now a metaphor for the nation of Taiwan. Better prepare for a Chinese attack, because it is not far off on the horizon. This needs to be prevented at all costs, and not through appeasement.


Looks like you got much of the problems sorted out Mr Blackmon… well done. Site, for me, loads quick and I get posted on the first try. You win all the thumbs up I’ve saved for the last two years…

Jimmy MacAfee

Also so happy to have you back, it was worth the crap we were dealing with – (though doubtless it slowed down traffic to your site.) Good job getting it fixed!

Jimmy MacAfee

Agree with Brian: thank you! With all that is going on, it’s hard not to suspect sabotage.


Gotta say it like Curly, Ahh sabatoojee eh? Yah Yah Yah.


Well done sir… I think I speak for most, no need to apologize. Just glad to be here and have you healthier is more important and appreciated. Thank you again…


As Mr Blackmon pointed out why wasn’t the little puke fakebook zucker made to come in as well?? Why was the order to appear given for next friday??

I suspect its because the Republicans, like Cruz are all about theatrics and not really interested in actually doing what they were hired to do. That which is in the best interests of the People and the Country. Its a no brainer Why on Friday, we ALL know why… This is how they show just how little they, politicals, regard the electorates intelligence.

End career politics, term limits for ALL politicals. Certainly would go a LONG way towards eliminating the self enriching, corruption and internal communist threats.


I have a little theory about hunter/gatherer and the man/woman logical thought process I will share in the discussion post today, if time allows. We are on our way out the door to pick our newest household member. A bouncy little goldendoodle puppy.


So he’s not only a hunter, but also a gatherer! Sorry just wanted to see new posts on email.

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