Dueling Townhalls Put Classic Media Corruption on Display

All you need to know about last night’s dueling townhalls on ABC and NBC with Joe Biden and President Trump is that Biden was not asked a single question about the New York Post’s bombshell reporting on his and Hunter Biden’s blatant selling of his vice-presidential office to China and Ukraine, and that Savannah Guthrie came at the President of the United States like a screaming banshee who desperately needed a valium or three.

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No one should have expected anything else.

After all, Biden’s puffball hour was conducted by a former Clinton bagman, George Stephanopoulous, and Guthrie is just another Democrat activist employed by a mainstream media outlet. This of course makes them both logical choices to “moderate” presidential debates in the eyes of the Commission that governs those atrocities, which tells you all you need to know about the Commission. The fact that these competing events replaced what was to have been a second presidential debate moderated by a former intern for Biden was just perfect. The only real difference was the presence of two fake moderators in the tank for the Democrat instead of one.

The fact that Guthrie opened her Gestapo-like interrogation (the only thing missing from the scene was an uncovered light bulb hanging from a wire between the two) with a frenzied effort to force the President to denounce QAnon was also very telling. QAnon is something that maybe 1/10th of 1 percent of the U.S. population has even heard of, and only a tiny fraction of that tiny fraction have any understanding of what it actually is.

Yet, this is what is right at the top of Guthrie’s tiny mind, out-weighing all other issues of the day? Think about why that might be the case, especially in light of the President’s perfect answer that the group is “very much opposed to pedophilia.” You can imagine thousands of viewers hearing about the group for the first time listening to the President’s answer and thinking, “Oh.”

Meanwhile, as Biden was able to provide leisurely non-answers to Stephanopoulous without follow-up on ABC, Guthrie was interrupting the President dozens of times, not allowing him to complete a single answer to any of her questions. So, just like Chris Wallace’s tactic during the first presidential debate.

Here’s a supercut:

We have witnessed this kind of irrational behavior from media figures towards Republicans for decades now, and it remains a mystery what they believe in their own minds that it gains them, other than ensuring they continue to get invited to Jeff Zucker’s or Mike Bloomberg’s swanky parties. Guthrie’s obvious goal was to somehow damage the President, but the more likely consequence of her behavior last night will be that her morning show will continue to bleed viewership as anyone with a fair mind would have to conclude that she is untrustworthy and frankly irrational.

As for Stephanopoulous, the failure to ask about the Hunter Biden scandals and to press Biden for a real answer on packing the Supreme Court represent his usual failure to engage in anything approaching actual journalism. But then, he’s not a journalist in any sense of that word, so again, what else would we expect?

In the end, Buck Sexton summed it up perfectly on his Twitter feed:

“All you have to do is stop thinking of the media as “journalists” who “speak truth to power” and start thinking of them as pro bono lawyers working for the Biden campaign who will hide and destroy evidence for their client, and everything makes sense very quickly”.


That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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I think she feels as if she is throwing out little breadcrumbs that could become future perjury traps. One should ask her when she stopped beating her kids.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’d ask her: “At what point in your life did you decide to give up honor?”


Yeah Stuart, I heard the same call, and it kind of put the kibosh on Rush’s theory that the Left is going to drum up some student of hers that was gruntled until now and pay them to suddenly become disgruntled just in time to muck up the confirmation vote with some bogus complaint like Frankenfienstein pulled with Blasey-Fairlane on Kavanaugh.

Still, it makes you wonder why Crazy Hirono always ask these questions. They are asked for a reason.

What a quartet of foul mean women the Left has assembled for that committee: Karma Roundheels/Headboard Harris, the F hag from CA, Klodbuchar from MN, and Crazy Maize from HI. Mate them with their male (D) counterparts: Coons DE, Dick (in every sense of the word) Turbin IL, Spartacus NJ, Leaky Leahy Depends VT, DaNang Dick (again in every sense of the word) Blumenthal CT, and Sheldon Lightweight Whitehouse RI, and you get well, yuck. Not pretty people, that’s for sure.

Notice how they are all from deep blue states that ensures they will be senators for life and are immune from any voter backlash?

This is the classic reason why we need term limits NOW!

Jimmy MacAfee

She asks them because smearing a little crap on someone makes them carry an odor, even if it didn’t come from them. Has nothing to do with reality, it’s just a smear-job.

Unlike the “smears” on Adam Schiff, which are at least backed up by his continual lying, lying and lying. The three Ls of Adam Schiff: lying lying liar. He stinks all by himself. Like Dishonoro. A smell all to her own.


Long time reader first time commentor. Just wanted to throw out George’s last line of the Biden town hall. I am paraphrasing a bit but ‘you did the country a great service tonight, thank you’. I was sitting at my desk confused how rambling on and on and on about questions then having to say at the end “I hope I answered your question” was a service. The guy was all over the place and double spoke so much.

Wanting to have cops deescalate a situation by shooting a suspect in the leg. Claiming that you shouldnt question people on their motives when doing policy. Saying no to a mask mandate then saying he would get in the face of local jurisdictions via governors and mandate masks. Pretty sure he said yes to avaccine mandate too at som point. Saying something about using the feds to look in on local cops records to wash the bad ones out. Look I can go on but I acid washed my brain after that waste of time.


Half the people listening to groper joe are bald…

it comes from wondering what the smeg he just said or even meant.

The other half who aren’t bald… are either deaf, selectively deaf (survival mode ) or are demoncrap zombies.

Welcome to the free world.


Welcome aboard Brandon.

I didn’t watch the townhalls, so I appreciate the reviews from others who subject themselves to them and all the hearings on C-SPAN.

Who needs water-boarding? All we have to do is translate the above shows into Farsi, paste it to the various videos and subject our terrorist suspects to them for a couple of hours and we would get all the information we need.


Speaking of hearings, a Rush caller yesterday provided some insight into Lazy, I mean Mazie H’s questions to ACB. We thought it might be some clandestine harbinger of coming allegations.

“Since you became a legal adult, have you ever made unwanted requests for sexual favors or committed any verbal or physical harassment or assault of a sexual nature?” the Hawaii Democrat asked during the hearing on Tuesday.

“No, Sen. Hirono,” Barrett responded.

“Have you ever faced discipline or entered into a settlement related to this kind of conduct?” Hirono asked, eliciting another negative response from Barrett.”

The caller said that she asks this question to all nominees that she questions. Just for the record of course.

Jimmy MacAfee

For a group (or person) to be so dismissed and vilified by “major media” so often, Q must have (at one time) hit some real nerves. Unfortunately, Dave, Q is not prescient, nor awe-inspiring brilliant. Useful – at one time – but now is replaced by a milquetoast rah-rah tic toc poster of Twatter and other sites.

Paul Vallely has confirmed Q, but that is not essentially good news, since he was associated with a Satanist named Co. Michael Aquino, who co-wrote a psyops paper. I suspect that Q has some affiliation with Aquino, who some say is dead (and others say not.) Aquino was alleged to have been part of a pedo-ring, but charges didn’t stick. Projection about pedo-politicians may be part of the human trafficking issue may be like Obama secretly supporting (and funding) ISIS while they threw homosexuals off the rooftops. IN other words, we don’t know that Q isn’t projecting, if the associations I’ve described are true.

One would hope not. Trump was known as “Q+,” though he feigns no knowledge of him/them/it. But if Q is a LARP (Live Action Role Playing) then the mainstream media sure is paying a lot of attention to him/it/them.

I don’t trust Q, but I trust the Deep State even less.
For all we know, Q is a creation of Alphabet, meant to bring antagonists out in the open.

A Danish movie, Lemon and Flame (English subtitles) show how difficult it is to separate actual collaborators and disinformation.

Until I get an apology from whatever Q is, for stating that I got my information about the impending attack on the Whitehouse in January of 2019, I will regard Q with distrust and with a great loss of confidence.

Jimmy MacAfee

Should have read “Claiming that I got my warning about the impending attack on the Whitehouse of January of 2019 from the CIA (nope, not them.) To that particular insulting and derogatory claim, I say: “bite me, Q.”

Jimmy MacAfee

Just found this:

Aquino supposedly “left the physical realm” somewhere around June of 2020 (which means he went to hell, since he was an avowed and serious Satanist.)


There was a profound change in Q around that time, and my suspicions are more or less confirmed: Q is a psyop program, nothing more. Q is dead.


“…she’s probably patting herself on the back today.” And her bosses and media bubble hacks are probably kissing her a$$ too.

Jimmy MacAfee

I am tempted to reply with a deeply vulgar reply about the type of kiss, but will leave it to your imagination.


Savannah Guthrie should be ashamed of herself, but I know better…she’s probably patting herself on the back today. At one point I was wondering if anyone was going to get to ask a question, or if it was just another media interrogation.

QAnon…..the media is so desperate to hang something around his neck, they’re now asking him about this? And so what if they believe in a satanic conspiracy theory? They can believe whatever they want, because America Savannah. No one cares.

Jimmy MacAfee

By the way, I distinctly recall Q making references to his/it’s followers to “think for yourselves” (so far so good) but then denounced what he called “dogma” (a religious reference, perhaps?) and “revelation” (as in the Revelation of John, maybe?)

The “new” Q has taken a pro-Christian stance, which tells me that the Satanist who was Q is now gone, or is just pretending because he was outed (for looking like Eddie Munster) or he has died (a good start.)

Most people know nothing about Q, and most Christians who looked at Q (some Youtubers) as almost holy seem to have missed the parts about “dogma” and “revelation.”

I rest my case.


You really watch your P’s and Q’s. Whenever I read any Q stuff, it didn’t seem coherent, so I left it alone. I learned more Q stuff today than in the past year. Thanks Jimmy.

Jimmy MacAfee

I don’t believe the media’s view on Q, but I also don’t trust whatever Q is or was. I was personally attacked on the message boards by Q, and I am not forgiving that BS.

This is personal.


One thing I noticed during the Presidents town-hall, that I thought was a powerful image was the Latina-looking lady sitting behind the president that nodded when the President made good points and shook her head in disgust when Guthrie made stupid comments. Someone at NBC goofed putting her in such a strategic position. Her presence in my opinion offset the negative forces arrayed against our guy. And then the lady who told the President that he had a nice smile, that really stole the show. It was a lemons to lemonade moment. IMHO

The Texas Hammer

Savannah Guthrie…What a Bitch!

Jimmy MacAfee

You didn’t need to capitalize it. She’s a lower-case version.


Rudy’s take on the laptop info, and the “Biden crime family”, very interesting.



Was that Trump-Guthrie exchange in real time or was it a mashup of clips of her constantly interrupting the the President?

I would only suggest to the president that he would pause, let the communist interrogator vent their spleen, complete their rant, and then calmly say to the Chris “Chuck” Wallace/Guthrie/MSM Hack(s) are you going to let me answer the question or are you going to keep campaigning for btfsplk?


I am flabbergasted by the actions of the moderators in both cases, screaming banshee in need of a Valium was a great analogy, but I would add that her voice resembles the fingernails on a chalkboard quality to boot. And George Steponallofus, not mentioning the laptop is over the top. It is Ironic that we were discussing a laptop around this time 4 years ago, except there was a wiener attached to it then instead of a crack pipe, and influence peddling. Oh wait, Wiener was attached to mega influence peddling thru Huma to Clinton, they’re all rancid festering corrupt excuses for human beings and they all stink to high heaven. Have a nice day.

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